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a quiet saturday holiday weekend for me

24 Aug

london 7.06pm 27C sunny (seems it hit 32C briefly at 3pm today) saturday 2019

32C sounds like it is very hot, and if i were in malaysia, i would feel it too. but it is strange that it does not feel too bad here in london. maybe because it is not humid. and the wind is cooling, rather than hot.

i was out on the bus, and traffic appears to be very light. it is only my impression, i suspect because so many are not working , a lot of people will be taking the whole weekend off. and the schools are on holiday too.

or possibly they are all in nottinghill. where the festival will be starting. i am glad to be living far from that area. the noise and crowds must be horrendous.

there is a little festival in vauxhall park, near me, but it is a small affair, very quiet and sedate. it is a victorian fair, to mimic what it was during its heyday as the vauxhall pleasure gardens. from all accounts in those days, it was very popular and very crowded with everyone going there to be seen and to see.

now it seems if there is a festival, it all involves loud music, and parades, or live bands on a stage. no such thing as people going to be seen and to see and socialise with people there and making their own entertainment. nowadays you sit and be passively entertained.

but i imagine alcohol and the consumption thereof is the common denominator all down the ages. i have noticed that every civilisation have discovered alcohol drinks. they have all independantly discovered how to make alcoholic drinks. dont you think that is very strange?


thunderstorms are so cooling

28 May

london 6.48pm 24.8C sunny public holiday monday 2018

its a holiday today, but the shops are all open, esp the supermarkets. nowadays they dont shut shop just because it is a bank holiday. very convenient for us, the public, but the staff will have to work so cannot have a lazy day like most office workers. in fact, bus drivers and tube staff have to work today too. i would have stayed in all day if not for this 10x nectar points offer by sainsburys which make me go out and buy things there today, as it is the last dayof the offer.

i spent £15 today at the sainsburys, just because it is 10x the nectar points . it is the highest i spent in one shop for groceries. i have spent this much or more when buying bags of rice, though not in sainsburys because they dont have reduced price of rice for some reason. asda and tescos will reduce their rice price but not sainsburys.

i bought frozen uncooked jumbo prawns, at £3.75 for a pack of 225mg, i bought 2packs. prawns are my only luxury , i am willing to splash out on them.

the weather is nice and hot today, so i suppose plenty of people will be buying food to cook for a garden barbeque party. it may be the only chance of one this year seeing we cannot guarantee a hot summer. in the past i used to have friends who would throw a garden barbeque party. but that is all in the past now. 

i did not go anywhere else today, apart from going to the sainsburys near me. in the past i would go to the museums or art galleries. it is the kind of day to spend looking at art or artefacts. and getting indoors would make me avoid the pollen outside. but i think i prefer to stay at home really. i can certainly avoid all pollen contact if i stay indoors at home.

interesting, i had a look at the weather now for london, and it seems there are thunderstorms. not in my area though. but it says thunderstorms ending at 9pm. actually, i looked outside and see dark storm clouds gathering so it does look like it will rain soon in my area. and it is 7.19pm. but in the weather charts it is only two blobs of stormy weather hovering above the map for london. the rest of the country is cloud free. i for one will welcome some rain, to take the heat off. oh good, the rain is pelting down now so that is lovely. its quite heavy too. and there is some hail too. a few pinging sounds as they hit my window. so nice to feel the cool air . its so heavy the gutters are overflowing with water. it did not last long though, it is 7.34pm and allready abating and blue sky coming out.

prelude to the long weekend

25 Aug

london 12.44pm 22.1C sunny friday 2017

3.32pm 23.8C sunny.

i pressed the publish button when i was not careful, and posted just the temperature and date at 12.44pm  and someone liked it. well, rather nice of her i thought, but also wondered if you can set a like to automatic. but i shall be charitable and just take it at face value. that someone liked the weather we are getting in london today. and it is indeed very nice weather.

a nice weather for a change to mark the start of our long weekend, the last one for now till christmas.

and it seems marked by the usual long traffic jams, haha.

london may be fairly quiet, i think. at least when i went to chinatown this morning , there was a air of somnolence on the street. but maybe it is just me, but i get the impression it was rather less crowded than usual.

this  means it might be easy to book a table at one of those posh restaurants. though someone who is anyone might not like to be seen in london at this time. unless they are saying they are specially in london to  attend the nottinghill carnival. haha. but the carnival is not amongst the must attend social highlights of the year for the fashionable set.

when held in brazil, it is very raunchy. i was there once and can testify to it. but not here i am afraid. haha. but also this carnival is more a caribbean affair. and i dont think the caribbean is that raunchy, at least from what i know of it, which is not much.  if they have a big carnival , i have not heard of it. 







long weekend

28 May

london 3.44pm 19.5C sunny saturday 2016

it is the long weekend , not very hot, (even though they keep predicting it will be a scorcher.) the supermarkets have been busy advertising their barbecue special offers in the hope that it will be a scorcher. 

though today first time i am getting itchy throat and eyes, the first time this year i am getting these hay fever symptoms. its quite mild though.

its rather good that it is so late in the season to get these symptoms. hope that the pollen will all be spent or the rains come and wash them out. hoho.

i am quite glad for the new buses that have the upstairs with sealed windows that cannot be opened, so keep out the pollen.for us hay fever sufferers it is a blessing. hope when they get new buses they keep to this closed system. there have been complaints that the windows cannot be opened, and people saying it is stifling up there when the air condition do not work well. but i think they have ironed out the air system now because it is working well, and keeping the upstairs real cool. downstairs the hot air can still get in when they open the doors, so the air is not as cool downstairs.

i see the bus stops have notices saying bus diversions on sunday… tomorrow. i googled it and found out they are having a marathon for charity. so remind me to avoid the centre tomorrow. 

lovely jasmine, near me.

plans for this holiday weekend

2 May

london saturday 2015 8.17am

bank holiday weekend usually have people coming out and doing things.

but from the forecast it looks like heavy rain on sunday.  

i am afraid i chickened out of the blue bell walk on sunday that i had intended to go to. not much fun when it is raining. haha.

also it is a 7mile walk as opposed to shorter walks that i prefer. and it is in watford train station, which is only accessible by train. the tube goes to watford, but the station is not close to the watford train station. so it means changing to an overground service, and from the horror stories i hear, they are warning us of delays and disruptions from track repair work that will be going on all through the weekend.

i know it is all an excuse for my desire not to go. haha. the human mind is so inventive if it does not want to do it, and equally inventive in finding reasons to do it if it really wants to do it. we humans are famously good at it. but in the end, i dont want to do it, so that is that. hehee.

i sent off an email to my friend who has invited me along, to let him know, so he too need not feel obliged to go on the walk, if he does not want to. 

today, my chinese friend from slough will be coming into london and we are going to the malaysian kitchen do in southbank.

my friend says he wants to eat the malaysian foods, but secretly, i am not that keen. i know everyone who would go to these things will want to sample the foods that is the whole idea of these events, but to me i can cook those foods myself and also we can go to malaysia hall, where it is so much cheaper than any price set at the event.

those are commercial kitchens and so they will be priced to be profitable. but what i hope is that there is a chance to buy some malaysian foodstuff… i am thinking of that cheap fish balls i bought last time they held a similar event in trafalgar square… £5 for 1kg, when u consider fish balls in chinatown are sold £2 for 200mg…. so here is hoping that stall is there.

i had intended to wander there on my own but now that this friend called me last night to ask if he can come along, i guess it will mean i will be going.

sometimes if i plan on going to an event  alone, i tend to call it off if the weather, or for no reason at all other than i dont feel like it, is the least bit rainy on that day. haha.

i think this afternoon will be rainy, but ah well, i guess it is a good thing that it gets me out of the flat… i suppose.

the trouble is i find most events of this nature  usually turn out quite ordinary and only of interest if u are a tourist and have nothing better to do. oh well, looking on the bright side, maybe i shall get some pictures to post on my blog out of this. heehee.

i know i come across as very boring and grumbling. haha. i am not really. just being realistic that is all. hahah. i guess i would say that wouldn’t i?

but actually, joking aside, these events are held for  commercial reasons to publicise the businesses that are taking part. it brings people’s attention to the existence of these eating places, and they hope that by sampling their fare, people will go and eat at the restaurants or cafes in future. there is nothing wrong with it, of course. but to those of us living here for a long time, we tend to see through the hype and get to the reality of it.

of course we veterans of london , we too might find a real find of a restaurant there which we have not heard of.

certainly i would say it is a useful event for new restaurants that are opening up, just to get the word out. 

added. 3.44pm

some pics i took of the event.

Digital StillCamera Digital StillCamera Digital StillCamera Digital StillCamera Digital StillCamera Digital StillCamera Digital StillCamera Digital StillCamera

added. my friend bought the satay. 5sticks for £5. not as good as in malaysia, the sauce hasn’t got enough peanuts, and the meat has not got that barbecue smell and taste. he bought char kuey teuh, it was freshly cooked to order and that was nicer, very spicy because he asked for it, and there were 4 big prawns, which i ate as my friend says he does not like prawns. £5. my friend also bought lots of kueh, malaysian snacks to bring home.

also there was a stall selling icecream and my friend bought a small tub. £2 , with a scoop of durian and a scoop of pandan icecream, the durian one was very nice, full of flavour, the pandan the flavour is very mild. we bought some grocery stuff. i got 2packs of curry powder @£1.20 each. this is the brand that i used for making the chicken curry that john liked so much. even though my friend said he can get the adabi brand selling for £1.50 in this stall,  for 75p, in slough, but i like this brand. i dont know how they priced these things, maybe because the other pricier brand has curry leaves as one of the ingredients. ah well, i suppose if i know the psychology of why people buy this instead of that, i would be a rich man. haha.i could not explain why i bought it, instead of asking my friend to buy me that 75p one. maybe at the back of my mind, i felt my friend might be mistaken about the whole thing. i mean 75p for what is usually £1.50… seems too good to be true. i know i should not doubt my friend, but i know a lot of people are very careless when they say things or dont check things properly. i know, i should have asked him to buy it for me, that would settle the matter once and for all….  ah well, nevermind. i have now got  lots of curry powder to last me a year or two . haha.

or maybe i just got carried away by the stall, and all those malaysian stuff there and just wanted to buy something…who knows right? if we know all the tricks of the trade of buyer psychology and resist them, we will be superhuman. haha.

what to do over this bank holiday weekend

22 Aug

london friday 2014

John, my friend who lives in poole is having a naked party this saturday, with the guest going to studland bay , the naturist beach, on sunday. I am sure it will be busy though the weather forecast says it might be colder and windy. Well, as far as the weather is concerned, nothing new there.

I will not be attending it this year. for some reason i just did not feel like it. nearer the time, i realised that it coincided with the bank holiday. usually his party is on the 3rd weekend, and miss the bank holiday weekend but this year the 4th weekend is right at the end of august so that the monday following it falls on september.

I have vowed to myself never to travel on bank holiday weekends, and it seems unconsciously my soul knows how much i dislike travelling on bank holiday weekends and so make me not want to go this year. it completely slipped my mind that john’s party this year falls on the bank holiday weekend. i am glad i decide not to go this year. 

here in london, I am not fussed about what to do. that is the nice thing about my life , in that not having to work, everyday is a holiday so this weekend is nothing special to me. so i dont have to try to find things to do. it is fun though for me to see what others are doing. 

london is gearing up to provide lots of entertainment, to get people to spend money.

At least that is the underlying reason for all this activity and why businesses run to cater for it. nothing like a horde of people coming out and joining in whatever u are planning, and these people will want to eat and drink.

I am sure that must be one of the reasons why annual celebrations like the nottinghill carnival carry on happening for so long. it gives a big boost to businesses there and for others, once a year especially for  small businesses (mainly in catering and drinks) who can make enough profit to last them all year.

it is not a welcome thing for the people who live there. after a disruption like this every year for so many years,anyone would be fed up with it.  i am sure this disruption to their quiet lives has long ago  overstayed its welcome amongst the residents there who dont profit from it.  But they have inherited that tradition so i guess it is a price they have to pay for living there.

I dont think i care for it, that is why i dont live there. Not that i have planned it, because usually when u buy a place you dont really think of such a thing. i like to think it is my soul dont want it.

we all believe things, some go for religion, i go for this belief that your soul calls forth what you want to experience, and you yourself may consciously be aware of it, or it may all be unconscious, with you not being aware of the forces that are working to bring people and circumstances to your life.

This belief is hard to accept for a lot of people because it implies that u had asked for everything that happens to you. that somehow u are responsible for all the vile things that happen to you. so i can understand people may not like to believe that their cancer, their poverty, their horrible relationships, etc,  is their doing.

on the other hand, if their lives are great, they win the lottery, or they recover from a fatal accident , or illness (though they can ask what the hell were they thinking of when they got that illness or accident in the first place. haha.); they might be glad that they brought it about.

how to explain bad things happening to you? surely u did not want it. I explain it by saying it is the soul wants to experience it, the joy of recovering from a near disaster. for that to happen, you have to go through the disaster first… if you dont recover, then it is the soul wanting to experience that too.

I know this belief is a bit kooky, so indulge me my personal foibles and beliefs even though it is ridiculous to you. i am well aware all would think it silly, but hey it explains to my satisfaction a lot of strange inexplicable things that humans get up to in this world and makes me happy. and that is all that one can ask for in a belief. right?

The noise can be relentless,for those living in nottinghill during the whole 3days of the carnival;  and it is continuous, no respite even into the early hours of the morning. so for some, they just have to leave their houses and take their holiday at this time. i dont suppose anyone spares a thought for them.

I am of two minds to post this. i have allready wiped out two earlier posts… and not publish them so i seem to be getting more critical of my posts as i go on. this wont do of course, to self censor myself like this. so i shall publish and damn the consequence. those who dont agree, and i dont blame you, just ignore this post. haha..

getting in shape and fitness

23 Aug

This weekend will be the last bank holiday weekend till dec when Christmas/new year comes.

So enjoy it while it lasts.haha.
This does not apply to me of course as I am in the wonderful position of being off the mainstream of society. Everyday to me is a holiday.

Its been very warm today, but I see from the forecast that here in London it will rain. Again not a matter of much concern to me. Haha.

I daresay most of us in London are not dependant on the weather so I think we shall not be too bothered if it rains or is overcast. This is not a seaside town and there are plenty of things to do indoors.

Certainly when I went to the sainsburys this evening to buy bargain loaves of bread (I bought two for34p each of 800mg hovis granary wholemeal) the restaurants near the supermarket were packed with customers.

The supermarket itself had lots of empty shelves so it looked like not many bargain meats will be left over for reduced sale after the holidays. I suppose the good weather have encouraged people to buy meat for barbeques.

I don’t mind that the bargain reduced priced for meats are not available anymore. as I have decided to reduce my food intake. Just to get back into shape. I noticed I have been putting on weight eating pork. I still got a lot of pork in the freezer but shall eat them in small amounts and finish them over a longer period.
This warm weather makes me less wanting meat.

Saw a tv program called the men who make us thin, showing a guy with an operation on his stomach whereby a tube leads out where he can drain a third of the food he has eaten into the toilet. Rather wasteful I thought, throwing away food like that.

This is rather an extreme alternative to those buliemic people who induce vomiting after a meal. it works for him because his before and after photos show a loss of weight.

Someone said in the program that the way to lose weight is to eat less, and then he adds, that is not possible.

I disagree … of course it is possible. In fact it is the most sensible way. You don’t eat so much, u save lots of money and u lose weight , and if u couple that with exercise you will feel fit too. and fitness may turn out to be more important than weight.
What that program concluded is that it is not the weight that is the end and be all, but the level of fitness, and fitness is not equal to thin. Thin people can be very unfit, whilst the converse is true too… not all fat people are unfit. Fitness is measured by stamina… how long u can do some exercise without stopping exhausted. If u run for the bus and find yourself gasping for breathe and feeling faint, u are unfit, no matter what u weigh.

Eating less is better than going on those diets, or drain the food away , or eat 2 meals of kelloggs super k cereals, which was one of the diets featured in the program.

So I am just gradually reducing my food. I usually have breakfast of porridge, and I eat more vegetables, less meat (chicken mainly) more fish, and one main meal a day… I find it quite easy to do. And I go swimming everyday. i noticed that i can swim more laps more continously now. 

I thought I shall just do some body shaping, my shoulders and lats are getting bigger from the swimming, which I do mainly breast strokes, so I thought I shall trim the waist with my reduced food intake just to get that v shape look.
Also this way I get fitter which may be the most important aspect of exercise.

jacques peretti

the bbc episode3 (expires in 13days and u might not be able to see it if u are not in the uk.)

 what i found revelatory was him doing exercises with two big size ladies, and they were out performing him, continueing long after he became exhausted and had to stop. it shows that fitness is more important than weight. 


 Added.18.9.13 i saw this post about sumo wrestlers , the video show one of them lifting the other and so end the fight. these guys are fat yet he must be quite strong to be able to lift the opponent. u might think they are fit, but i wonder. strength and weight are the requirements for this sport, but not fitness, as in stamina because the contest is over quite quickly.  the sport favours those who are very heavy yet strong