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Harvest 2013: its Bake Off with the fun bits taken out | Television & radio | theguardian.com

13 Sep

Harvest 2013: its Bake Off with the fun bits taken out | Television & radio | theguardian.com.

london .

I find this program, going on every day this week, extremely interesting. i think the reviewer here is deliberately courting attention by taking a contrary view just to get people reading his post. nothing like a contrary view to get attention. and he certainly achieved his aim, as i click on it to read it.

in the end, he had to admit it is an interesting program. never knew that carrots can be left in the ground to hibernate and be harvested in winter. unlike potatoes. if u have ever wondered how they can still have supplies of potatoes, carrots, right throughout winter, you will know it now.

potatoes seem to be a fussy grower… i get that impression, but maybe it  only appears to be from the format of the program,

and it is shocking to me that they put back the broccoli into the fields if there is a glut. i know even in supermarkets, broccoli must be eaten quick or they ripen and go brown. but as one commentator said, who lives in new zealand, where they sell off surplus fruits and veg in the local market at rock bottom prices, they dont do that in uk. instead they plough it back into the soil. what do they do with the tomatoes i wonder? make canned tomatoes perhaps?

in the past, i know i can get bags of tomatoes that are overripe for  £1 in brewer st, not any more. now they sell measly worn out old looking veg in a bowl for a £1 . nobody buys them. so who are they fooling?

and with this good weather this year, u would think they would get a record harvest, but no, it seems the awful winter,(or so they tell us though personally i find that winter quite mild) and the cold spring and the hot dry summer is not good for wheat.

growing barley is a better bet, as it is turned into whisky, so the canny scots do it. haha. barley grows better in scotland anyway but the whisky means it is sold like 100x, 1000x when it is turned into whisky. unlike wheat, which even at its premium quality can only be turned into bread, and you cannot charge a lot for bread, nobody will buy it. but whisky, well u can charge whatever u like, there will be lots of addicts who will buy it. if they can find a way to turn wheat into alcohol…

the barley should not have too much nitrogen fertiliser added to the fields, it seems, as it then reduce the carbohydrate in the seeds, and because carbohydrate is turned to alcohol, that means less alcohol in the whisky.

maybe the next program coming up about fruits might give a rosier picture, as the fruit trees may like these conditions.

Added. 16.9.13 yep, the fruit harvest this year is much better than last year. though i doubt we as consumers will see lower prices in the supermarkets for fruit. they will plough the fruits into the fields rather than sell it cheap to us.