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been buying rice

27 Apr

london 5.52pm 10.9C cloudy. wednesday 2016

i bought a 10kg bag from tesco last night, when i went there to buy oats. they actually have this sale on for quite some time and i have not bought any because the sale goes on till  21st june and i think i have plenty of time to wait. however, yesterday i bought one. because i have only one 5kg pack at home and was afraid i might run out. added. 7.53am sunday 8.5.16. it was allready quite good bargain at £10 for 10kg, but yesterday it was further reduced to £9 for 10kg. so i bought another one. it is a kohinoor brand, and if u think there is a catch somewhere i could not see it. the expiry date is 2019.

i read recently about poor harvest due to the drought in thailand and india, which is allready raising the cost of rice, but it might all go right again if the rains comes on schedule this monsoon. thailand is releasing its stockpile of rice, but so far, price of thai rice is still quite high. perhaps a lot of the rice is spoilt, by rice weevils , so there is not as many to flood the market. 

but as luck would have it i looked this morning at who is selling cheap rice and found asda selling 5kg rice for £4. i was there on monday and did not notice it. either that or they only now put that lot up for sale at this price.

when i went there this morning i saw they have loads of that rice , some for £4 and others for £4.5o for 5kg. the brands are rather unknown, ashoka, which i found was the same brand which i got for the same price last year. so i bought 2, because that was as much as i could carry. ( i searched my blog and found this post about buying that same brand last year. it was on 18 May 2015.

later after my lunch, i went back there and brought along my trusty wheeled shopping bag and bought another 3 bags. so i am all fixed up with rice now, should last me about 7-8months this lot. 

so it looks like they are starting the sale of cheap rice . the tesco one i bought is, granted, a more expensive brand, koh-i-noor, which usually sells for £14 for 10kg. they have extra long grains. but though they look nice when cooked… the taste (or rather the no -taste, because i think rice takes on the taste of whatever dish u eat it with ) is the same as the others , as far as i can tell. some rice gives off a nice fragrance when it is cooking but it doesnot seem to linger on the rice when it is cooked. 

and a lot depands on how much water u use , too much and it gets soggy , nevermind how expensive it is in the first place, it will end up the same as cheap rice if u add too much water. really cheap rice needs a lot of water to cook. if u put in too little, it wont cook properly and if u put in enough to cook it, it becomes soft and mushy, at least that is an observation of mine with those 40p/kg basic rice that u can buy. they are very cheap, but like i said, they do get mushy.  

 some people like soft rice, and i remember as kids, we always get soft rice, because that is how my mum cooks it. ( i suspect my mom can only afford the cheap rice but i certainly love to eat it, when i was young. which kinds of confirms for me that when u are young, u dont really develop any refinement of taste, all you care about is if that assuages your hunger, if it does, it is good. haha)

it is only nowadays when i am used to basmati rice which cooks with less water and ends up with  discrete grains of rice so that it looks nice, that i am liking it that way. 

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Digital StillCamera

a very fancy looking package with that koh i noor rice. but i am not influenced by the packaging.

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