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apple and battersea power station

30 Sep

london 7.54am 13.3C clear friday 2016

apple is moving to battersea park complex in 2020. maybe this is not interesting to others, but it is to me. i first heard this news at overspill , where they erroneously mentioned there is no tube station there, but later made a correction to link to the northern line extension that will be built from kennington.

it will consolidate the battersea power station project. they will take up 40% of the office space. it might make that area the technology hub. the upscale hub as it were because rents there are not going to be cheap.

every big project needs a powerful tenant to anchor everything and it is a coup indeed to get apple. what is interesting is that it needs so much office space 6 floors inside that battersea power building. i wonder if the company will allot some space to accommodation. i bet they will because the work is like 24hrs , in shifts and it would be easier to house those workers doing the night shift.)when u consider its technology is up in the internet, and by rights dont need office space. but i guess it needs a lot of backroom boys and far easier to recruit if u base in london than in some outlandish backwater even though costs there might be lower.

the olden days hype about being able to work anywhere because there is the internet is old hat now i think. people realise you can get real isolated working in the outbacks and no amount of nice scenery and bucolic scenes of cows and sheep, or sandy beaches will compensate for modern amenities of a modern city. 

i guess the £ being so low must have influenced apple to stay in uk, and to consolidate its position here. every overseas owners doing business here in uk must benefit from the low £. their money from abroad will be worth so much more now.

they have two big apple stores here in london. one in regents st, and the other in covent garden. that is also where their  2 offices are located. so all those staff will be relocated to battersea in 2020. of course there are other apple stores that are less big, i can think of the one in shepherds bush westfield. so i daresay there are more of those medium size stores all over the uk. i think they are there to allow people to play with them and find out what the appliances are capable of. as well as to sell stuff or give customer advise and services. i usually end up coming out more puzzled than before. haha. not used to the appliances that is why. and too shy to ask the people there. i mean i dont even know how to switch it on… how embarrassing is that!! haha. 

a nice view of vauxhall from across the river on the millbank side.