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bbc website is down

1 Jan

london 2.32pm 8.9C cloudy friday 2016

ooh, i have to remember to write 2016 instead of the habit- forming 2015.

the bbc website is down, because i went in there just now and it says this website not available.

yesterday i tried to get the bbc iplayer in the morning i think, on my tv, and it did not work. i was hoping to see the attenborough narrative of the great barrier reef.

(though when i got to see it, i find it rather dull, and not a patch on the monty hall 3part showing of the great barrier reef. that one is superb, showing not only the reef, but the rain forest that borders it and affecting it.

though to give it its due, the attenborough one is only the first part, and there are two more. so maybe later ones will be better.)

and i read a news article saying the iplayer went down. it was temporary, and now today the website itself is down. so someone is hacking the bbc. or do u think it is the server not being able to change its time to 2016 and got stuck at 2015. haha.

it shows that the internet is vulnerable to such an attack, and that might be the achilles heel of the internet.

if we get too depandant on it, like everything runs with needing to be on the internet , we are vulnerable to such attacks.

so maybe govts should pause and rethink about connecting us to everything. or make the systems have different servers or whatever, so that one attack dont stop all. or maybe i am putting too much into one such incident. after all, the bbc website may be out, but the tv bbc programs are running fine. and i can see them on tv.

i am enjoying watching tv more now that i got high definition big tv digital screen. it really is amazing the picture quality. it shows the nature programs to full advantage and they are i think the best to benefit from it.

oh, 2.49pm the bbc website is back again. so maybe it is not a hack. haha. 

added. 11.06pm someone in a comment said it might not be a hack by foreign power but just very heavy traffic so heavy that it cannot cope. the explanation is plausible, i missed the bbc attenborough  program because it clashed with the bbc 2 charlie brookers 2015 wipe, which is much funnier and which i am glad i saw in preference to the attenborough one. 

added. really strange, it is 3.31pm and the bbc website is down again. i wonder what is going on.

it is drizzling, and i was going to the supermarket to find if there are any reduced price food, i know it should not influence me, but i decided not to go to the supermarket .

the rain just made me pause and ask myself do i really want to go? and i find i am not too bothered if i get reductions or not these days. this is because there are not many of these reductions … or i dont find such reductions anymore. the times when i go and dont find the prices reduced to low enough makes me less inclined to go on the off chance of finding such reductions.

i doubt the supermarkets will miss my money. haha.

yesterday i went to the sainsburys to see if i can get reductions but the shelves were swept clean of these bargains, none in other words. and i was only able to get some basic sausages (reduced to 19p, which was exactly what i wanted for breakfast tomorrow of eggs and sausages. so it turned out good)  simply because there was one shop assistant doing the reductions of three packs and no one else hunting for bargains.

the place was crowded with people who were doing ordinary shopping. it amazes me to see so many still doing shopping, and the shelves showed empty places suggesting it has been cleaned out by shoppers. 

what?! did these people eat all they bought over the christmas so that they have to buy some more on new year eve??? or are they all shopping for booze. !!

but bargains in food are quite scarce nowadays. that is a trend i noticed.  at least when i go there, i dont see any and not as low in price as i would like. so now i am rather less inclined to go just to chance it.

i think it is a good thing, because i checked my food expense same time last year and found i bought quite a lot, and all due to these reductions that tempt me to buy them. this year i dont have these reductions and so end up not spending so much on food.