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bbc3 is off the tv from today

16 Feb

london 8.26am 2.6C sunny tuesday 2016

it is official then, though when i read this article in the guardian,i took another look at my tv guide for this week, and noticed they have removed the bbc3 timetable from it. starting from saturday… so they have kind of jumped the gun as it were. haha.

i dont think i will miss not having bbc3 on tv.( added. i re read this later, and find it is the most convoluted sentence i have written. in plain english, i wont miss it). i dont go into it much. well, it is supposed to be targetted at the young, so that might explain why i dont go in there. in fact, it just shows how little i go into it, i did not notice the bbc3 timetable had gone from my tvguide till now. 

i see bbc4 quite a lot actually, so maybe that is why bbc4 is still on tv. yesterday i saw a new series , its a really good one ‘renaissance unchained’, on bbc4.

the papers do not tell you how u can access bbc3 , so i am glad my tvguide has a section to tell me how. i only read it just now, having missed seeing it. it says one program that i watch occasionally , cuckoo, the new series is on tonight. (and it seems we can see it online from this morning.)

the thought has occurred to me how are we to find out what is being shown if it is not featured in our tvguide anymore? my guide says it will do so in their on demand section, but it is only half a page and it will feature other channels as well. i have a feeling bbc3 will end up in a backwater.