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25 May

london 7.27pm 21C cloudy saturday 2019

its actually good weather for a barbeque today. i had the last bit of bayette, that cut of beef that i got free yesterday. it was allready halved, seeing that i ate a bit of it yesterday in my steamed celery and rice dish.

today i fried it whole, so the outside was well cooked but the inside was medium rare. it was quite nice and not too tough if i cut it in very thin slices to eat. this piece of meat is definitely much harder to cook than the rib eye i had the day before. 

simon had a piece and he said he cannot taste the meat because of the marinade. which makes me think it is not really necessary to marinade the meat. just salt and pepper is quite good enough. i found it not so interesting to eat it , so i mixed it with  fried rice and cucumber and finished it as a fried rice dish. 

then i was thinking if i were to do a BBQ, i would not use these prime beef cuts really. it would make the whole exercise very expensive. i would most probably go for sausages, and hamburgers, or pork chops maybe if i really want to splash out…they are cheaper and also easier to cook in that you just have to cook them well done.added. i just realise that to a cook at the bbq, beef steak are very convenient because they are v quick to cook, because those who like their steak will want it rare, or medium rare, and that would not take long to cook and you can produce a whole lot of it in quick order and everyone can get to eat in a short time. whereas the other meats, like pork etc do take a long time to cook as they must be well done.

with the beef steaks, you have to time it really right, otherwise you will overcook the meat and it will be very tough. and when u consider all this will be cooked over the uncertain heat of a charcoal fire, which you cannot control, you will be setting yourself up for very unevenly cooked beef. added. re reading the above, i realise if u are a good cook, it should not be difficult to cook the steaks. 

 but in uk i dont think barbeques are a tradition. we dont have parks where there are barbeque areas to cook the meat, unlike in australia. in fact they prohibit you doing any cooking in the park, which is a pity i think, but they are saying the cooking smells may offend people. 

anyway i went to the sainsburys early this morning to buy frozen fish, it is from their basic range, basa fish they call it but i think it is pollock haha, £2.20 for 520mg. i like it. this is because sainsburys are giving us 150 nectar points for every time we spend £1 or more to buy something from them this weekend  to celebrate their 150th anniversary. so everyday i shall go there and buy something for £1 or so. you are allowed 3 purchases a day.  and on my way out there was a lady at the entrance giving away a box of teabags, and ginger biscuits saying have tea on us. they suggest you go and share it  with your neighbours.

added. i just noticed this, sainsburys have a basa fillet pack that costs more , the one i bought they call white fish. so maybe there is another fish called basa, and ‘white fish’ is pollock. to me, they all taste the same. it is how you cook it and what you add to it that gives it flavour and taste.

i am in fact enjoying the ginger biscuits with my tea now. though the tea i have is from tea leaves, as that is what i like. simon can have the tea bags.