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20 May

london 4.14pm 27C sunny wednesday 2020 high of 29.9C

i got an email from my friend john in bournemouth, with photos of his walk yesterday.  this is one of them. it showed me  the greenery that cloak the hills that skirt the beaches as he walks down the chine, which is what the little valleys are called, that  the water streams  shape the land as it drains to the sea, and it is quite a nice scenery, green on one side, then the brilliant white sand of the beach, and then the blue sea, leading to the blue sky to the horizon. i thought it had everything and looked very nice.  it looks quite wild, because it is not so built up with tower blocks and roads. so it is unlike the mediterranean coasts, where people live right by the sea, in tower blocks and have nice sea views from their flats.

in bournemouth, people have to walk or drive to the area and park their cars and then walk down the valleys(or chine) to the beach. it is great for walking the dogs, which my friend used to do so before the pandemic lockdown.  he walks other peoples dogs, people who are too busy to do it themselves. this walk he did with a friend who sold out his london flat to retire in bournemouth . there are a lot of retired people in bournemouth. you may need a car , because the hills make cycling tiring. the buses are not that frequent. and dont go to the beaches except at certain points.

i am a city person, and prefer to live in a city or big town. i would find a seaside resort too quiet for me, and i dont like the sun that much enough to lie under it for hours sun bathing. so i enjoy looking at the pictures, but it does not make me feel i am missing things not living there. haha. 

bournemouth beach


hottest day in april

19 Apr

london thursday 4.06pm 30.7C sunny (highest temp so far) 2018 virgin lounge

certainly very high temp today. you might well ask why i am indoors in the virgin lounge when i should be out there soaking in the sun. but actually i am glad to be indoors, it is hot out there… and i have noticed much as i like the sun for the vit D, i cannot stay out sunbathing for long. yesterday i tried to do it, but had to give up and go indoors after only less than 5mins. it is just too uncomfortable. i dont know how people can do it, sit out for long baking in the sun.

i think the the best time to do sunbathing is during the early spring, when the temp is about 11C and the sun is actually warming, so that lying in it  is really pleasant. 

my friend john who lives in bournemouth sent me some pics of the beach and it is very nice. it brings back nice memories of that beach with its colourful beach huts, the white sand and blue sky and sea; and makes me joyful.  but i dont envy him because i know it will be too hot for me to enjoy lying there. its enough to see it.



enjoy the beach. from my friend john’s pic of bournemouth beach yesterday

i went to the meeting of the ex east- west club members and it is lovely to have that excuse to get out and enjoy the sun  as i make my way to central london to the pub we are going to meet. just walking about in the sun is enough for me.