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free lunch , another one!

10 Mar


now and then i like to eat beefburgers. i can of course make it myself from minced beef , it is v easy to do, but when i can get it free i much rather.

i just had a lunch of beefburger given free by this new burger place being opened in percy st, w1. it continues for the next two days, 100 burgers given away free each day. and they include chips too. but u have to wear a moustache or a striped t shirt. i wore the latter as i think it silly to be wearing a false moustache haha . the place is french and so they want people to look french. like those onion sellers with their beret, moustache and striped t shirts, the british idea of a french onion seller. haha.

this new eating place has a strange name, i have forgotten what it is called now. somethng like ‘be freund’ it is not english that is why it does not stick in my mind. sometimes i dont know how they come up with names for their business.  i would be shy to pronounce it far less suggest it as a meeting place for friends to eat there. 

the usual price for these burgers are £12. which seems to be the common pricing for these posh burger places.

i just read today that macdonalds is losing sales, they have reported less sales over the years, and i wonder why is that because they cannot be these posh burger places stealing macdonald’s business surely… they cater to two different target customers i am sure.

now so many of these posh burger places are opening, i cannot think how they can survive.

but i am not a good business person, and so it is all a mystery to me why some businesses thrive and others fail.

but whatever, i am enjoying their free beef burgers to advertise their opening. haha.

now i am on the 53 bus to peckham, to go to the aldi there as i want to buy their iceberg lettuces and beetroot. it is ending soon that offer at 39p each. i have this craving for cold salads of lettuce and beetroot with mayonnaise. i read in an article that beetroot, spinach and carrots are good for the heart. but nevermind if it does or not, i just like eating beetroot in a salad now.

 i went on sunday and returned empty handed because the beetroot was sold out. and this is at about 4pm on sunday, close to their closing time as shops are not allowed to open for more than a certain number of hours on sunday.

i am amazed there are so many shoppers. usually sunday is quiet, but not in the old kent road. half the shelves are empty. i must remember not to bother going there on sundays. i am hoping they have stocked up the shelves today. 

added. yup, they got all the veg i want in stock so i bought two of a kind.