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free beer

6 Jul

london 10.24am 17.3C sunny wednesday 2016

thank goodness for the freedom pass, it makes going about london free for me. i remember when i was on holiday in torrevieja, staying with our english friend who had migrated there, that we were restricted to his flat, or had to ask him to drive us about, as public transport was so bad. here in london, i can get to anywhere using public transport and free for me too.

i plan to go to the morrisons in shepherds bush… hoping to find pickled jalapenos 1kg jar for £1. they are rather like the pickled chilis that we malaysians love to eat with noodles. or i hope they are like that. i have not tasted them before.  but it is also a good excuse to get out and about… as it is such a nice day.

however, before i go there, i go to the library first, and picked up a free metro newspaper and found a coupon for a free budweiser 4 pack cans… or a large bottle redeemable in tesco. i thought that is rather generous of them, supposedly to promote wales doing so well in the euro football. i daresay that newspaper will suddenly find itself very popular this morning once word get round that they are giving away free beer.  haha. i dont really drink beer,or any alcoholic drinks actually; but i guess simon will like it.



that biker’s helmet looks like an alien has landed on his head.

why people drink alcohol

4 Nov

london 7.22am rain 12.9C wednesday 2015

saw this article in the msn (its a news site connected to my hotmail.com) its a post written in huffington but i think it was written in the huffington quite some time ago because i could not see it in the front page of their website. added. i searched for it in the huffingtonpost website by the author’s name and found it. its taken from the original site ,welcome trust blog,where it was first posted. (you can see how reblogging seems to lose the original post, so most people end up on other sites. i think that is why reblogging is not liked by a lot of original sites, as it does not make people read the original post where it started). on the other hand, if not for the reblogging, i would never find it. quite a catch 22 situation dont you think?

anyway it is someone relating their experience with booze in her younger days when growing up in the late 80s. so the 90s was her time with booze. peak booze came to uk in 2004 it seems.

i realised the 90s was also my experience of the booze, mainly pub, culture in london when i came here to work.

she mentioned that women ordered half pint of beer in pubs, in fact it was expected. i did not know that, i always order half pint, haha. it seems it is not manly to order anything other than a pint for the men. well i did not know, but i think i wont be bothered even if i did and still continue to order half pint. its cheaper but also i dont like drinking beer really, (it was lager during my time)and just order half pint just to hold one in my hand all evening, to just be socialable. its necessary to hold it all the time, because if u leave it on the counter, they will think it is an abandoned drink and take the glass away. so a half pint glass(it was glass instead of plastic then)is easier to hold.

its a great account of how alcohol have progressed with the different generations. now it seems the younger generation are not so much into booze. the article did not say so, but i think the new generation  are more into drugs, like ecstacy etc ,i think. 

beer and cider festival in kings cross 10sept-13sept2015

10 Sep

london 9.07am sunny 15.8C thursday 2015

got a londonist notification of this welsh festival brought to london this weekend. i am not a drinker but even i got interested. sounds like a lot of things going on there.

it is free entry, and u can buy drinks as you go, but the drinks deals are really good. a chance to sample 12 beers or 9 ciders (a third of a pint each) for £20 or £15. and they give u a souvenir goblet. that means unlike everyone else u dont have to buy a £2 souvenir cup which can be washed or replaced with a clean one free. the cup is for you to keep so it must be something better than a plastic cup. haha. i think that is a great idea, it means there wont be lots of dirty cups all over the place thrown away after each drink.

and there are all those workshops…some of it free,though in fact the classes in beer and cider tastings sound  like more my thing. for £5 u get to taste them and be guided by experts. a lots of bands featured, if u like that kind of thing. and they will have food to buy and eat… from welsh caterers.

it will be great for beer and cider drinkers. 

its at the courtyard LEWIS CUBITT SQUARE
KING’S CROSS, LONDON, N1C 4AB from today to sunday.

the interactive bus map is really fun to see. i have not seen any of their advertisements anywhere so the londonist is doing well to publicise them. 

goings on in london

19 Sep

The evening standard today is giving away a voucher for a free pint at young’s pub. You don’t even have to get the evening standard today as u can print the voucher online
There is a branch near me, across the river in Vauxhall, in the st george high rise block of flats beside the river. It is valid from 19-22sept2013.
I might go there on my way back from seeing the Battersea power station open house on Saturday. It is that time of year again when you can visit and look inside buildings in London free.
It is the only chance to see inside that power station before they close the whole area to make flats.

That is the nice thing apart from anything else about living in London. You get quite a lot of freebies.

And you can get free tea from royal albert , the bone china makers, as they do their annual free tea parties around London. This year they are not doing so many venues, and I only heard of it today. The London venue in Bloomsbury is over, but u can catch them at parson green. I have gone to them last few years, but this year I will miss it as I don’t fancy going to parson’s green.
It is not central London.

And of course u can get a free coffee at waitrose with your waitrose card.

News in the standard about the flats in the Olympic village being advertised for sale in kuala lumpur,Malaysia,this weekend;  £320,000 for 2bdroom flats; specially mentioning there wont be any social housing in the block. Newham council have allowed them to build the social housing in other areas. Rents in those Olympic flats will be £310 a week, for a 1bd room , £370 a week for a 2bdroom.£475 for 3bdroom, £515 for 4bdrm. Still rather expensive I think. but then maybe that will be the rent when the flats are built in 2yrs time. those may be the rates they quote for the Malaysian buyers as many will be buying to invest. i read somewhere that the flats are tiny, being meant only to provide bedrooms for the sports people, with no kitchen. it depands on how they configure the rooms. And can they knock two rooms into one to make a lounge? i daresay they must have thought there is a big demand in malaysia for such flats, seeing that the battersea powerstation first phase was oversubscribed. and those flats were more expensive than these. 
Advert for new homes sparks ‘no riff raff’ row
The picture of the block of flats accompanying the article are not that great to look at, quite ugly in fact. dont u agree? it looks like council flats or they look like post war buildings. no wonder they have to paste a notice on it saying no social housing in there. haha. 

 Added. 22.9.13 i just had a thought. the st george’s high rise tower in vauxhall had flats on the lower floors selling for around this price a few years ago. also, remember to slot in the service charges, that can be quite high in these high rise buildings.

money is not what it used to be, in that the £ has dropped a lot in value. that is why a labour mp can come up with the statement that £60,000 a year income is not rich. at first u think that is a silly statement, but it is really a true one. after tax it will be about £40,000 and when u consider what u can buy nowadays that is really not that much.