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27 Sep


its a pleasant life i lead. this morning i went to the library to read the saturday papers. there dont seem to be so many eastern europeans in the library this morning. i wonder what happened to them. do you think they are all on holiday back to poland? or is the govt’s efforts to get them to go back bearing fruit. haha. they hang around here because they can charge their mobiles/smartphones. nowadays even the poorest beggar has a smartphone. its no wonder so many want to smuggle themselves into uk.

there is an article in today’s paper … the uk to continue to pay benefits to czecks and slovaks  who argues that those  citizens have paid their national insurance and so are entitled to benefits even though they are in a different country.

if the uk is forced to pay out, it would mean the uk govt will have to bring in laws to change that and it will affect the brits living in uk. what it might mean is more of the locals here who are british born and bred will find more restrictions placed on how and when they can receive benefits. the poor here will be the ones who will bear the brunt of these eastern europeans coming here for the govt will realise that the conditions for benefits are too lenient. and they will tighten the conditions to get them, and ordinary british poor people will be the ones affected as they will find it harder and harder to get or maintain those benefits. well, blame those immigrants. or rather reform of the benefits system is long overdue and this immigrant influx taking advantage of it merely highlights its excesses and form a catalyst to have it changed. 

As you can see, i am going to argue that it is high time the lenient way the benefits system is implemented is curtailed.

it is the same arguement that will be applied to the illegal entry of people, nevermind the poles who are at least legitimate and legal to come in. because so many are trying to get into the uk in the mistaken belief (or maybe not so mistaken after all,it seems) that the benefits system is so good here, the govt will have to enact rules to curtail who can receive them and put a limit to the amount and the time they can get them.

of course the alternate way is to leave the EU.

this problem of countries trying to curb economic migrants from their shores is endemic all over the world.

look at australia’s solution. haha. they bung the boat people in nauru… and then they sign an agreement for cambodia to take them by paying the cambodians.

i dont really have an answer to this as i can sympathise with the refugees who want to find a better life. the trouble is if they leave their country, their country will sink even further down into anarchy and strong man rule. at the same time i am understanding of host countries who do not want welcome these economic refugees.

no cash payments on london buses from 6 july2014

3 Jun


I dont suppose it would interest people here in london, as we all have oyster cards or we know we can pay with contactless debit cards, but i got an email today from tfl.gov.uk saying all buses in london will not accept cash from 8 july. added 7.6.14 it seems it is changed to 6 july. at least that is what is stated in this standard news article about paying by oyster even when there is not enough money in it. 

you pay more, almost £1 more if u pay by cash. and it slows the queue. £2.40 cash, £1.45 by oyster or debit card. the oyster will have a daily limit, and stop paying out once it is reached for the day and zones, but the debit card has no limit.

I suppose it would end those times when the bus is delayed when a tourist fumbles with cash to pay the fare. i must say i would be glad to see the end of that.

Added 7.6.14 i was on the bus the other day and a group of 4 chinese tourists paid cash. they will be affected once cash is forbidden come 6july. they could buy a one day travel pass i suppose from a ticket office in the tube station, though what will they do when they close all ticket offices i wonder. in the end they might as well buy an oyster card each. they can always get a refund of the £5 deposit when they leave the country and return the card… though maybe tlf may hope they wont bother haha. 

not every tourist  has good english to use the ticket machines. certainly when i was in paris, i could not use the machines as i did not know enough french to work them. as far as i can see the machines dont have translations. the english ones here in uk dont have translations either. perhaps they will add other languages , it cannot be difficult to do so. 


I remember a lady asking me if they take foreign money, i did not know but doubt it, still i told her u could try. we were at the tate gallery bus stop. well, the bus came along and she asked the driver, but got a no. at the time the debit card was not introduced so i took her to a local shop, hidden away in the housing estate to get a oyster card. 

now, she can use her credit card as most have contactless payments. 

i noticed now that cash is getting less and less welcomed as far as buses and local transport is concerned. sometimes even in supermarket self service tills you get tills that accept only credit cards.

I read somewhere that in europe people dont have to buy a ticket before they board unlike here in uk, where if u have no ticket you pay the fine. no excuse. whilst in europe it seems because u dont have to have a ticket, people forget to buy one, or pretend they forget haha. as the chances of being caught by a inspector is low and if caught u just pay the fare, instead of a fine. it encourages people to risk it. it is in germany i think. they rely on people’s honesty. maybe germans are honest, if so they must be unusual. humans being what they are, if u give them a chance to get away with it, u cant blame them for taking it. that is why i am all for putting safeguards and limits to anything. esp social security benefits and free housing. 


just some observations

25 Feb

I have a happy life, and so there isn’t anything to rant about. And that means not much to write about. Haha.

The paradox of life. When u are happy with your life, there is not a lot of things to say about it. We all know that it is boring to hear another person say how happy they are and how their life is so wonderful.

Whilst we all seem to get pleasure to read of others ranting about their lives, or about something that happened to them which upset them. Well, perhaps not so much with pleasure, but certainly u get a lot of people ‘liking’ something when it is something that is upsetting the writer.

When I write about things that happen to me, it is with bemusement, or joy, ( when I find something that someone had thrown away which I like.) Or when people’s behaviour puzzles me.

I have been reading this book by will storr, ‘the heretics’ and it is such a good read and gives me further insight into people, or confirms my own views, that I find it a great read, and don’t want it to end.

My friend from Bournemouth has come and gone. It is for 3nights this time. (his national express fare is £20 return this time and even then it was for 3.30am start, and 11.30pm return.)

He came to attend the heritage exhibition in Olympia. The one where someone presented a paper about how they found from the dna y chromosome that England and wales have a million people descended from Romans.


They concluded this from discovering linkages in the dna to Italians. And so they jump to the conclusion it must be the romans. Someone did mention that the roman army was not only made up of Italians. But I guess like will storr would put it, we concoct stories that pander to our own prejudices. Haha.

My friend is very keen on discovering his ancestors. And had been coming back from the exhibition every day with loads of brochures which he gives to me for some reason. Haha. I have told him I have no interest in it. But by now, we should all realise that people don’t listen. Haha.

It just means more rubbish to throw away in the recycling bins.

And he had been coming back with sweets too. They give them out and he had been taking them. So much so that at the end of the exhibition, one stall holder gave him a whole bag of these sweets . He ask me if I want them. I said no and I suggest he brings it back to give to his friends. He said he will give it to the salvation army in Bournemouth.

Well, it must be nice to get so caught up in a hobby… researching your ancestors must be rather fun for those who want to know about their ancestors.

It bores me rigid.

But to each his poison, I say.

I read that 1 in 3 don’t save any money at all.


I think u might have to take that with a pinch of salt. This is because u are penalised if u are on benefits if you have savings. So many people save but not in a bank account, so that no one knows and they wont tell anyone about their savings either. Even if you are not on benefit, it pays not to have any savings. This is because if u have to go into a old folks home, u will be penalised for having savings.

And horsemeat found in ikea meatballs

This technology of identifying dna is uncovering a huge horsemeat racket that may well have been going on for years. In the past no one can tell where the meat comes from and so it was the perfect con.

Maybe now we can legitimise horsemeat and arrange for horses to be included as another meat source. Maybe we can even have horse farms…


I have discovered a tv channel called movie mix, that shows movies that I have not seen before.
Tonight at 9pm I found that they are showing a movie called Django. I clicked on it thinking , what! is it related to this oscar nominated film Django Unchained?
Well it looks like it is the first one. So tarantino’s Django Unchained is a sequel, or a prequel, or something. Haha.

The movie mix channel is not listed in my tv guide, nor in the online tv guide. Strange isn’t it? So I cannot go there to find out who made the first Django.

added. discovered that i can add movie mix to the list. so here is the link to that movie


The trouble is , it is on at 9pm, and that slot is always taken up by good stuff. Like tonight my favourite bbc2 death in paradise is showing. So I shall see Django after it is over then, at 10pm. added. correction, the death in paradise is tomorrow. 

Movie mix is channel 32 in the freeview.

added.11.30pm. its a ridiculous movie, dubbed badly in english. haha and quite laughably silly. not sure what the original language it was in. i did not see it to the end. instead i switched to bbc4, about chivalry and the 100 yrs war . that was interesting.

i have noticed that films are never as good as i think they will be and i lose interest very quickly. books will always remain my favourite entertainment.