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electricity bill BG 2nov2013- 25jan2014

2 Feb

I got my electricity bill a few weeks ago but could not make head nor tail of it.
Anyway here it is for my record.
Total electricity used 281kw over 85days ( 1nov 2013- 25jan2014)

2nov2013- 22nov 2013
Actual kwh used over 21days 73kwh
Cost of first 41kwh @21.170p £8.68
Cost of next 32kwh @12.963p £4.15
Total £12.83

23nov2013- 31dec 2013
Estimated kwh used over 39days 127kwh
127kwhx 12.470p= £15.84
Standing charge 39days @24.77p/day =£9.66
Total £25.50

1jan2014- 25jan2014
Actual kwh used over 25days 81kwh
81kwhx11.960p = £9.69
Standing charge 25days @24.77p/day = £6.19
Total £15.88

Total elec used £54.21
Dual fuel discount -£2.71
Direct debit discount -£0.57p
Vat at 5% £2.54
Total incl vat £53.47

They gave me a summary of my usage
Same period last winter 299.96kwh vs. now 281kwh

I used 1228 kwh last year.

I have changed to npower. But it is not clear when the changeover takes place.

If I calculate the npower tariff .166p /kwh
281kwh x.166 = £46. 64p

I will be glad when I change over.

update 2.3.14 i got a letter some time ago from npower saying they are taking over on 15.2.2014. i applied to change over in oct 2013, and it has taken this long to finally transfer. just as well i am easy about these things because the actual cost in £s is very low. and i am glad i got BG to remove my gas meter so i dont have to pay a standing charge on that. 

 i was hoping to escape British gas’ standing charge but it looks like i will incur their feb standing charge as well as their january one.