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25 Apr

london 12.8 cloudy monday 2016

little ben, a replica of the original big ben. this one is near victoria station.

little ben, a replica of the original big ben, this one near victoria station. it has been recently renovated and painted. added.1.8.16 more of it here

i am reading the sunday times this monday morning, as this library is closed on sunday. and i read that big ben is to lose bongs in 2017. it seems it is falling apart so badly it cannot wait till 2021 when the rest of house of parliament is going to be repaired. the big ben repair will cost £30million, and take 3yrs. they are thinking of reverting to its original green and blue, instead of the black and gold now.

it brings home if we  ever lose sight of it, that old buildings are expensive to maintain and repair. and there are a lot of old buildings in london. though i think they are very willing to raze a whole block because i see a lot of that happening, and right in the centre of london too, places like leicester square , the city of london, oxford st and mayfair.

 i think the time has come when people realise it is cheaper to just pull it all down and build new ones on top or clear the whole building, keeping only a shell, and design a whole new space inside it. 

i think i can understand now why singapore or malaysia dont preserve their old buildings so much, and allow them to make way for new buildings. 

added. 6.01pm 9.6C rain i have been watching old episodes of a place in the sun; home and away… and it is without doubt uk homes cannot really compete with the spanish ones, like she said, who wants to look out onto a cold old loch, when u can look out onto your own swimming pool in the hot sun.

i have got a ticket to go see the place in the sun exhibition in olympia , on 6-8may. it is a free ticket which they give to me. i am not really in the market for buying property overseas but i guess it is a nice way to while away a few hours. haha. i do find after looking at all these property programs that i think it unnecessary to buy a place.

when u could just rent a place for the period of the holiday and leave it when u are done and let them clean it up and maintain it etc . it saves u all that hassle and u can just concentrate on enjoying the holiday.

i was thinking it is easy to get into drinking if u live in spain. because the big advantage of living there is the cheap booze. i dont drink, so maybe that is why living in spain does not appeal to me. and i am not even attracted to its hot weather… which is what everyone seem to like about it… so i have come to realise it is not really for me.

yesterday there was a  tv program  showing drunks being treated in kings college hospital and being interviewed by louis theroux and it brought to mind what a problem it can be. and this was in uk where booze is more expensive than in spain,and you can still find alcoholics here. price dont seem to be a factor.

i think from seeing that program it seems to me the physical addiction is the one that catches them. and from there it gives them the psychological and mental problems. the program tried to suggest the mental and psycho problems came first, but it think not. i think they gradually drank more and more without realising it… very easy to do, it creeps up on you, and then before they know it they are addicted and the physical effects of detox are so horrible , it is easier to just keep on drinking.