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misinterpretation of what we see.

30 Sep

london 12.27pm sunny 17.9C wednesday 2015

it’s a sunny bright day, blue sky hardly a cloud in the sky, and we are allready a step away from october. the trees are still keeping their leaves, hardly any brown ones and not many littering the ground. a lovely time to be here in uk.

i have been reading excepts in the papers of the latest bill bryson book, where he mentioned seeing a well dressed fashionable lady putting in money in the tip box next to the till, after she had paid a bill of £20 or so. he went to look inside the tip box and saw 10p. and he concluded she is a stingy one when she thinks no one is looking. i think bryson is mistaken and jumped to the wrong conclusion. he had been living in america all this time, and so is used to their tipping culture. where people who dont tip the proper amount are ridiculed…but here in uk, the lady had allready paid the service charge and so had paid the tip. that tip box next to the till is really for loose change that people put their change in if they are too lazy to put it in their purse. bill has interpreted it as stingy and what is more, stingy when no one is looking, but he is definitely mistaken. that is what happens when u come from a different culture and not realise that u are now in another country with other customs. i have enjoyed bill’s books, and his observations in his travels around britain in his previous book , notes from a small island,  but i think in his new book, he should simply state what he sees, and let the interpretation of it be left to the readers.  

 i think he had fallen into the mistake that all old people make, they see things through their onesided lens. hence u have these old people writing into the papers complaining of the young having no manners, or constantly looking at their smartphones, etc etc. or people talking either too loudly or mumbling, when it is really they, the old git, going deaf.  or wanting to keep everything unchanged, preserved in aspic. 

i am getting old myself and i can sometimes catch myself saying the same thing. haha. so i know what i am talking about. old people can be a pain sometimes. and i am not excluding myself.

this time round, when bill bryson revisits britain in his new book, he is too much lamenting what has changed. he sees litter, and people doing things and changing the landscape and is more critical of it all. so the tone of the book is not so pleasant as the last one. this one is too carping in tone. 

added. 1.10.15 janet street porter article in dailymail on bill bryson’s remarks.