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oh, is it my birthday allready?

11 Jun

london 2.31pm 19C cloudy thursday 2020

i dont normally celebrate my birthday, but today i see that nectar is giving me 100points if i buy a 1.5kg whole fresh chicken, so i decided to do that, and whilst there i bought a 1kg bag of wonky carrots, 50p. to roast with it.  they dont look wonky at all (when i opened them at home), but they are 5p cheaper than the loose carrots. i was thinking by rights they should make the loose carrots cheaper, seeing there is no plastic bags to get rid of. but i know they cannot sell it too cheap otherwise there is no profit in it. i have to bear in mind, that cheapness is not the end all of it.  things must be sold at a price that makes enough profit for the people who grow it to bother to grow it. 

but anyway i roasted the chicken and had it for lunch, and quite delicious too. its been some time since i ate a roast chicken, so it is doubly delicious for that, as i have forgotten how nice it is. one of the things i learnt as i go older, is this… dont eat a thing all the time, if you eat it once in a while, you find it is doubly delicious and exciting to eat it when you do. 

got an email from ian, who remembers my birthday. he knows i dont bother with birthday greetings, but he still sends me one every time. it is rather nice to get it esp as he always personalise the picture he sents. i dont know how he does it, i suppose it must be using photoshop or something. 


oh the sun has just come out and brightening everything up. rather nice that.

i read a blog which says life is complicated. and i remember thinking it is not really, and only if u make it complicated. 

added. in another post of that blog, he was talking of his wife’s starbuck order, that she asked him to get for her. the order goes like this… 

“Iced, quad, venti, soy, upside down, 2 1/2 pump, caramel macchiato, light caramel drizzle,…please.”

 talk about making things complicated. haha. people who go to starbucks belong to those who think life is complicated and long may it be so.

but how many other people thinks like me? maybe very few people because it is exciting to make life complicated , people might feel they are living their life fully, instead of making it simple and they think, stripping it of all excitement. perhaps that is the only thing that  mankind can be grouped… those who think life is simple and easy, and those who think life is complicated and difficult. come to think of it, we might well make it even more apt, by dividing people into those who think life is difficult, and those who think life is easy.  

think of it for a moment. maybe what u are really thinking of is this…is life easy, or difficult. most would just say of course life is difficult… but hang on, it is so easy to get born and to live for most of us. if we are alive now, it just means how easy it is to be able to live. so the basic fact of being alive is very easy to attain. so life, being alive now, in itself for those of us still living now is easy. then people start adding bits and pieces to complicate it. 

i doubt that people who think life is simple thinks it is difficult, and those who think life is complicated thinks it is easy… are there?

added. maybe i got it wrong, and that everyone thinks life is difficult, and only differ in deciding whether life is simple or complicated. now i look back on my life, i can see my life is really quite easy. even though when i was living it i am prone to go along with what everyone seem to say, that life is difficult. 

so which one is you?

some people feel that if they are not worrying about something, there is something wrong with their life. 

ikea gave me a free £5 birthday voucher

11 Jun

london 4.34pm 16C cloudy tuesday 2019


these are the 3 free items i got from the birthday voucher of £5 which ikea gave me to spend. that metal object is a garlic press £2.50, and the red thing is a dish washer with a inbuilt soap dispenser £1.75. and the turquoise cup 70p is their signature cup. i have a white one , which i found long ago , and i bought this one just to bring it up to the £5 total.

the garlic press is one that i really want, because i broke mine,  which i bought cheap from a charity shop long ago. that old garlic press was actually a combined garlic press and a cherry/olive pip remover.  you can tell that it belongs to a bygone age, as no one i know removes olive/cherry pips. i broke it by trying to press ginger on it, instead of garlic. i realise now that for ginger it is best to grate it. or just use a knife to crush it, and then cut it finely.

i enjoyed choosing these items, though the journey there and back was quite a bother. the ikea i went to was near wembley, north london, and i forgot which tube station to go to, i should have got off at hallesden tube station, but instead went one station further to stonebridge park station, and that was a mistake. because  the bus 224 that i took had to go pass hallesden anyway but not before going  a long circuitous route through housing estates.

tfl told me to go to neasden and then walk 15mins to ikea. i did not fancy walking, and i know of another way using buses from a tube station. i had a vague recollection that it is hallesden, or stonebridge park and choosed stonebridge just to try something new. after this, i will not advise anyone to choose stonebridge park. haha.

i was thinking whoever uses ikea must have their own transport. there were lots of people buying huge amounts of bulky stuff, and i was thinking they must have got their own transport, as i cannot imagine anyone using public transport to carry all those things back. 


picture card

12 Jun

london 7.12am 15.3C cloudy bright. sunday 2016

i dont celebrate my birthday but quite a lot of reminders have been given to me this weekend to tell me so.

  it helps that my birthday coincided with the queens official one.  today i got an email from a friend who sent me a nice picture card. very pretty. so pretty that i want to show you. 

happybirthday 2016


i dont know where he gets them, or even if he made it up… certainly i wont know how to add captions inside the picture like that. wish i did… its very clever, i think.

royal mayhem , if u ask me haha

11 Jun

london 1.25pm 21.8C saturday 2016

there was a voucher for a free frozen yoghurt from swirl,for today to commemorate their opening a store in islington. so i went there and got it. quite nice. the voucher mentioned the name of the place is swirl, but it has another name. rather strange, and googling it earlier, i noticed there was a store called sambaswirl in number 21, that had closed down. this one is in 38 upper st. that one was 5yrs old. its really strange how businesses operate. maybe the lease expired in that other one. 

 and i had a spare voucher, it was published in yesterday’s metro and i found two newspapers with the vouchers lying around in victoria station. and i gave it to a lady who paused outside and  curiously looked in, just as i was coming out with my frozen yoghurt. so i asked her if she wanted one for free and gave her the other voucher. i did not take any photos, which i should have done haha. well that is my birthday treat taken care of haha. i had google greet me with a doodle this morning when i log on. how nice! i thought at first it was for the queen, because it is her official birthday today too… but when i click on it, it says happy birthday anthony… 

Happy Birthday, anthony!


anyway my friend , peter, from bournemouth arrived in london and came to the flat at about 9am. and he had been indoors watching the live broadcast of the changing of the guards and big do in the mall. i came back just in time to catch the last minutes of the live broadcast of tv showed the mall jammed with people and crowds outside buckingham palace… i just thought how awful, who wants to be mixed up in all that crowd and u cannot see a thing anyway. but obviously there are plenty of people wishing to do so. peter tells me that when he was coming to london on the national express coach, in the short time he was there, he saw 5 hired coachloads of people going to london. so there are these many people coming from outside london for this.

added. i was very startled to see how bright green the colour of the queen’s outfit… and then it dawned on me that she have got it right all along. she needs to be noticeable. that is the whole point of it all.  it wont do for her to be wearing dull colours. and she is the only person i know who can carry off these really dramatic colours. the telegraph have a nice article mentioning it. 

i wonder if i am a bit weird, in that my first reaction to seeing all this is to avoid it. i had wanted to go to seven dials, in covent gdn for a do there… but now i see the big crowds i think i shall give it a miss. the centre of london will be a mess, with all these people wandering about. peter asks me to join him in it, but i decided not to . i know i shall get a bit bored with it.

i know it gets a lot of hype and the anticipation must be at fever pitch, but all i can see is the big crowd of people and that is a horror right from the start. i avoided all the crowds by taking a different bus route that avoids that area when i went to islington and to the library this morning… so i wont tempt fate by going out again and right into the centre of that mass of people now that i have got back.

i just had another thought, there will be the naked bike riders to add to all this mayhem. i think i shall sit this out.

added 7.12pm, my friend have been texting me about his doings… once he text that he found £5. later when he came back he told me it was 5 £1 coins in the cobbles on the ground. at first i thought he meant all in one place, but now i had a think, it is various places. he is lucky that way. he can find money easily… it is his knack,like he got a radar that attracts money to him or makes him finds them.

 though he dont have the knack of saving them. haha. mores the pity. he called me and told me he is at the local supermarket and seeing the reduced foods section… but he came back spending £18 , amazing how anyone can spend that amount of money if they have only bought reduced foods… and sure enough when i see what he had bought it is all sweet stuff, cakes, etc. a waste of money really haha. all about £1, but they sure mount up if you are not careful.

birthday krispy creme

4 Jun

london 3.17pm thursday 2015

very sunny day 23C. i got an email from krispy creme people singing happy birthday to me haha and saying bring this email to any krispy creme place and i can get a free doughnut. recently i subscribed to their facebook by accident really. and the people at the kiosk in victoria station were real nice about it, saying they do these birthday treats , with even a tray of doughnuts decorated in various ways on the counter. i chosed one and took it with me to eat at the victoria place … stopped off at my hsbc branch to get a free coffee… haha. 

i found out the one i chose was called saltedcaramel cheesecake. a limited edition it seemed, but it is a doughnut, not a cheesecake, inspite of the name. something sweet goes very well with bitter coffee. a match made in heaven haha.

Digital StillCamera

the friendly krispy creme stall in victoria station

living in london pt 14

11 Jun

london wednesday 2014

I finally succumbed and bought a chromebook today. I am typing this on it now.

i had been mulling over that £185 samsung chrome book 11.6″ which i saw on sale , a one off, in john lewis in the westfield stratford. deep down i really want a google chrome operating system.

I just notice something, where is the delete button on this keyboard? I have to shift the tab forwards and then backspace to delete.  

so this morning after the laptop acted up a bit, i decided i shall go to the westfield and buy that £185 chrome book.

i reasoned to myself there is no need to buy another laptop, even though one can be bought for £239 , a hp 500Gb and 4G RAM which is really very good value for money except it got the windows 8 which i dont like.

but guess what, when i went to the john lewis and  saw it is still on sale, the only one at that price and no one has bought it;   i saw a toshiba chrome book 13″ selling for £230, and that make me hesitate.

i would dearly love a 13″ chrome book, and after a chat with the shop assistant to find out what is the difference between them all( some are heavier than others and have more or less battery hours), who told me basically they are just very basic things to surf the net and nothing else, which they are really… it is just that i dont do anything else (he said they are useless if i want to use word processing for eg and that is true). I took the plunge and bought the 13″ toshiba chromebook.

Considering everything it is rather a lot of money for not a lot. unlike a laptop with all that processing power which must cost money for them to provide, this one is just a box to get connected to the net and that is it. haha.

but it is fast and no need to bother with downloading anti virus stuff or keep uploading new add ons like i would have to do if i got a windows. And maybe no need to keep defragment .

I have got so used to using google chrome on my old laptop, that i just cannot bear to go back to using windows. what a strange thing too because in the past i used to be such a fan of windows.

AT first i had trouble getting online when i took it home and unpacked it and tried to get onto my wifi at home. it refused to accept the password. Even when i changed the netgear box and used the new one talktalk gave me… so i left it alone for a bit, and tried again with the old netgear in place.

And tried it again and so glad it took, and it started downloading the upgrades and so here i am all set up.

The only thing is i cannot find the delete button. I am really glad i bought the 13″ screen.it is very comfortable to use. the 11.6″ felt restrictive to me. 

Today is my birthday too. i dont celebrate it, but it is a nice coincidence i guess that this becomes a birthday present to myself. haha. I got a nice birthday card from ian , he makes them for me. I just realise there is no right or left click to the mouse … so i cannot copy and paste the image to here. well that is one disadvantage. i wonder how many more i shall find. ah well, nothing is ideal in life.

i found another disadvantage. i cannot download pictures from my camera . well well, it looks like this thing is not allpurpose usage. u still need the laptop for most things. I daresay i shall be finding out more of its limitations as i use it. hope it wont be too irksome.


13 Jun

sent to me on my birthday a few days ago. rather pretty i think. *H*a*P*p*Y*b*I*r*T*h*D*a*Y*