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britain’s favourite biscuit

19 Dec

london 10.14pm 8.3C tuesday 2017

i forgot to buy biscuits. and now i am seeing a tv program as to what is the most favourite britain’s  biscuits. from 10th to 1st, it is wagon wheels (10)(i never heard of them but they look nice, might buy some to try), digestives(9), ginger nut(8),  jaffa cake(7), (went to court to prove it is a cake and so no VAT on it) but it is quite expensive even without the VAT. chocolate bourbon cream(6), shortbread(5), custard cream(4), jammie dodger(3) never heard of this. its a shortbread with a jam filler. chocolate hobnob(2), chocolate digestive (1).

i buy rich tea(14), digestives, nice, bourbon cream, ginger nut.

the digestive and shortbread got two entries in the top 10. what surprised me is the rich tea is not more popular. it and the plain digestive are the two biscuits i buy the most often.

i wonder what number the wafer biscuits come in. i like them a lot, esp since they were around when i grew up in malaysia. here in uk, i dont see them on sale much. and they dont seem to figure in the top 20 even. they have to be eaten very fresh though, because if they are stale they lose their crispness.

people seem to like dunking their biscuits in tea or coffee, but it is not a thing that i do. i find the biscuits lose their crispness , and that is what i like about them in the first place. so i cannot understand what is the rationale to dunking them. 

it looks like there is more than one result because there seem to be many polls taken, and it gives different order of favourites. the above was the order given in the tv program i saw, but here is a link to another top 20 which have different order of biscuits. 

here is a list of all the biscuits in uk


23 Jun

london 12.31pm 23.2C sunny friday 2017

its very nice to have biscuits with tea or coffee.


added. 6.03pm 23C cloudy but quite bright. i just got a phone call from np my electric company provider. asking for the electric meter reading. i am afraid i told him no and put the phone down on him. haha. i am so wary of giving out any information over the phone that i just refuse any request.

this guy had a difficult accent, so i have to concentrate to understand him. so i did not quite hear him when he was talking. it was only after i put the phone down on him, that i realised he might be legit, and is from the company to get my meter reading. it is due for one. usually i like to give them the reading at the end of 3months. it is not quite that now, as i intend to give them the reading on 1july. that way the bill is easier to compare as it is for the same number of days. but i can understand the company doing this as a favour to their customers, to get the reading so that they dont give an estimated bill. i suppose when they install smart meters to everyone, this wont be necessary anymore. there cannot be many people nowadays who know how to read the electric meter. it takes some skill to read it correctly. the other alternative is to send in a human being to read the meter. that must be costly i suppose. and maybe not easy to find people who can read the meter. certainly in the past i have known a number of them who reads it wrong.