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i was in earls court yesterday

26 Jun

london 10.44am friday 2015

and it was really heavy with traffic on the roads. i took the C1, which meanders all over the side roads, and at one stage between south kensington and the small road to brompton cemetery, it was solidly jammed, with cars parked on both sides of the road so obstructing the buses.

i think their lost status of being in the congested zone, is a factor in the way there are so many jams in the area. as a bus user i lament it, because unlike travelling in the congested zone area where i live where it is not so jammed,(or if it is jammed it is due to roadworks for the new bike lanes) here it is impossible with so many private cars on the road.

i was going to the pembroke pub, formerly the coleherne. there was an exhibition of the old days of the coleherne when it was a leather pub which i had heard of and wanted to see. it was illustrated with a photo of the pub, outside of it with a large crowd of 70s type gay characters. shades of the different types of stereotype akin to that  band members of the hit song,ymca . but sad to say there was nothing like those pictures in the exhibition. i was chatting to the guy who organised it, and he told me of the picture in the shop front of clone zone the sex shop just opposite the pub where someone had complained it was obscene. they thought it was a picture of a hairy anus, but it was really a picture of a belly button of a hairy person. in fact a woman cameup to us whilst we were talking, and he said she was the photographer. he told me that the boltons was a more leather bar than the coleherne. i said i have never heard of the bolton pub. all i know of that name was its connection with a neighbourhood of the area called the boltons where it is well known for its very expensive houses. later, i happened to mention the brompton, and harpoon louis and copacabana, all gay landmarks of that era in the earls court area, and then he told me , it was the brompton, he meant, and now it is called the boltons. but i said as far as i can recall, the bromptons was not a fierce leather bar, my recollection was the coleherne was the hard core leather bar, so much so that i was scared to go there, whilst i had gone to the bromptons and it is not scary. it seems to me our history is being lost even as recent as the 80s. and he told me the coleherne had been a  drag queen bar in the 70s… and that is something i did not know. before my time, just as the leather bar image of the coleherne in the 80s and before his time. he mentioned that nowadays the young gays are not into fetish clubs. they are into grindr, and apps that allow them to type in orgy and get invites to private orgy parties. it is free too. he said the young gays think sex clubs are sleazy. and would not want their friends to see them in one.

now that is something new to me. but then, i dare say when we are young we are prudish and foolish and judgemental. i remember when i was younger i too was a bit of a arsehole myself. can u imagine a time when i think orgies are horrible… what a fool i was. and i told him so, saying young people are foolish. they dont know what they want and hold all kinds of closetted ideas. i mean there was times when a gay guy would say he is bisexual , just because he is still ashamed of his being gay and wants to hide it, so saying he is bisexual lets him hide it a bit longer, until he becomes much more confident of his gayness, and comes out completely. i have seen it so often, it is like a sine qua non of a gay guy, and u can say the bisexual phase is almost like a classic  precursor to coming out gay. that it is a half way stage and not a end stage in itself. no one stays a bisexual, it seems, they either tip over to being a full blown screaming queen or revert to being a straight. haha. am i right or am i right?

The Boltons in Earls Court was one of the seedier gay venues during the 1980s, with drugs and prostitutes helping to create a pretty depressing atmosphere. The brewery eventually called time changing it to a Victorian Dining room and later an Irish Theme pub.

it is very strange, i have never heard of this pub… and i was around that area in the late 80s. pity this wiki entry did not mention where it was in earls court, no mention it was a leather bar though. that is why it might explain why i did not know of it. it might just be a pub, frequented by those people mentioned and not a disco or fetish place. it kind of confirms to me that our gay history is being lost as those who remember it dies off. i guess it is only of nostalgic value to those of us who have lived through those days. it seems so carefree, now i look back on it. though even my memories are those in the old compton street scene. the period betweet mid 80s and mid 90s.

some thoughts

3 Dec


A guy says he is bisexual. Another said even so, u still have a preference. It is like a chap who said he is an independent voter, he will have a preference party that he more often than not votes for.

I wonder if someone who says he is bisexual is really tending towards being gay but is not willing to say so. Saying bisexual is a half way point to finally acknowledging he is gay.

This is because if u are straight, u don’t need to say u are anything else. But if u are gay, It is such a stigma to be gay, even nowadays, u want to step into a half way house first.

Have you notice this… that if u are gay and u sleep once with a woman , nobody accuses u of being straight, but  if u are straight and sleep with a guy once  and boy will they be branding u gay.

In an ideal world, we will not be labelling each other, but than maybe the way we are made makes us have to label things, that is how we as a species have survived. We label something as good or bad for us, for eg, good to eat or dangerous to eat, or dangerous to go there, or not… labelling makes us avoid dangerous situations. It is a a short hand to let us make sense of the world and the environment and each other so we can suss a person out immediately in terms of whether they are enemies or friends.

Anyone different from us will by definition be an enemy. In the past this would make u stay alive or not.

Now of course we all live in a society and no one goes killing another for food or territory or females to mate. So labelling is not so useful anymore but u cannot expect us to ditch all those evolutionary traits that have served us well for 1000s of years of evolution just like that.


This one is regarding steve gough , the naked rambler. It seems the police don’t want to keep him locked up but he insists on being naked and Scottish law for some reason do not want people going naked. He has shown them up to be upholding a foolish law. People say steve is stubborn, but I think he is showing that a foolish law is a foolish law and a throwback to the olden days and it is high time Scotland acknowledge this and remove this willingness to make nakedness a contempt of court or breach of the peace. Which is the two laws used to jail him.


This one is saying London is costly to live in. if u are a visitor , it is… because u have to live in a hotel, and accommodation esp short term ones are expensive. And also being a visitor u only go to the touristy places that sell overpriced goods and eat at touristy restaurants. So of course u will find it expensive.

I think also people read of these surveys done by companies and magazines that cater to the businessman to let them compare cost of living in various cities and because these guys go to high end restaurants and stay at high end hotels, and take taxis, and so on, it is not surprising they give an impression that London is expensive.

Take it from me. I am a Londoner and it is very cheap for me to live here. It is cheaper to move around and get things here in London than for my friends living in the small towns and villages. For one thing, public transport for them is scarce, so they have to shop locally and it is not cheap to shop local as they are like captive shoppers and the businesses near them know it. It may be they are small shops and so their costs are high relative to the bulk buying that big nationwide retailers can command. But whatever the reason it is not cheap. Whilst I can get very much reduced prices for food at the end of the day in the supermarkets in London. Even the normal prices for meat etc are lower than in the villages.

With public transport so scarce, and expensive, people need the car. And we all know it is expensive to keep a car. And it is colder in the country, so they have to put on their heating. Whilst for me in London, it seldom gets that cold, and I have not have to put on my heating for 4yrs or so now.

Also , people tend to live in flats in London and the heat between flats helps keep them warm. In the country the houses are old and separate and so harder to keep warm.

The whole city has a warming effect. The buildings retain their heat and radiate it out at night. Cities are like heat sinks.

Also so many things are thrown out that u can furnish a flat using stuff u pick up in recycling bins for free. I have yet to see such a thing happening in the country villages and small towns.


I have been browsing the gay blogs in wordpress and I find them rather sad. Are there no happy gay guys anywhere? Gay guys who love their lives?
I love being gay and my life is wonderful. And I am not rich. Surely there must be tons of others like me, but maybe a happy life is not very pluggable nor is it fun to write about. After all who wants to read of someone who is happy. It just makes you feel awful when u compare it with your life. Most people are not happy.

Still, I do wish there are more happy gay guys blogging about it rather than the gay section full of rather sad gay people or always writing about the bad things that happen.

Sad is more entertaining to read , it seems. Well it must be so otherwise why do we have such sad blogs talking of sad things? Whether they are gay or straight sad and bad seem to get a lot more press. I don’t know why…

I find it saddening to read sad things, and I avoid them, but I guess humans being being what they are, it makes people glad to read that others are worst off than they are.

Someone in a broadcast says it is a human trait to compare your situation with others, so if u say for eg, trains are 89% on time, or some such figure, people are not happy , but if u say trains in uk are generally more punctual than trains in germany, u will find a lot of people will brighten up at that. He says people in uk are always happier if there is anything here that is better than germany. Haha.

Is that so?

He said, now that the trains have put up notices
saying when the next train is coming, people are much happier about it than before when they don’t know when the next train is due.

Though I find people get angry again if the sign is wrong, and their 7min train stretches to 10mins or more with the last minute taking ages to change.

It is true I for one prefer this notice of when the next train or bus is due. I think It is because then it gives us the option to catch another train or bus instead or go and do something else first.

He was talking about changing your perception to make yourself happy or sad . A very useful strategy to make yourself happy.

In that broadcast he also said why pensioners feel happier than young unemployed. Both are jobless.

I think that is obvious, because old people have already lived their lives and have done and seen all they want to. Whilst young people are just setting out on their lives and want to see and experience everything and lack of money or jobs will restrict them.

One is at the beginning of their lives, the other is at the end.

And it is a fact that once u have seen life and done most things, u know what they are like and u can say, it is nice to have seen and done them, but it is no big deal. It is not really as nice as u think it can be. So u can retire knowing u have not missed much.

Whilst the young still think there are wonderful things they should do and see, and I shall be missing out if I don’t. and how am I going to do and see these things if I don’t have a job and money?