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how i spend my day whilst waiting for the foot to heal

26 Mar

london 2.12pm sunny day 14C sunday 2017

when i woke up , it was such a sunny blue sky day, i felt like going out. and so decided to go to the paddington library, even though yesterday i thought i shall skip it. so now i am at the library. what surprised me was how nice people are ,asking me if i am ok, and one man even offered to give me a helping hand when i was hobbling to the library. its very heart warming. 

5.55pm sunny 13.6C highest was 14.4C so i wonder where is that heatwave (up to 19C they promised).

i got back , in one piece, as it were. quite happy that i was able to do it, without damaging anything. simon was back just before me, and he said he got very worried when he did not see me at home, thinking i had been whisked off to the hospital by an emergency.

i showed him the foot, the swelling was still there and not seem to have got smaller. though granted i have been on my feet all this time, so it might just be blood pooling in that foot.

its only 2days and antibiotics need a full 5days to work. so i suppose i must give it time, and it might turn it round and cure it. otherwise i shall have to make another appointment. i sincerely hope there wont be any need and that come 5 days i shall see clear signs of the infection clearing up.

i have much cause to thank the bus system. it saves me from doing a lot of walking. it is a short walk to the 88 bus stop, and that takes me south over the vauxhall bridge to vauxhall, where i change to the 36, and that takes me north and goes over the vauxhall bridge again, and that takes me quite a long way to paddington and beyond to a bus stop close to the library. so i take two buses where normally it would just be the one. it was really very necessary, because i find walking is exhausting.

i think it helps to be active, it will encourage blood flow into the foot, and that would bring the antibiotics to the germs. i think in the old days, the advise would be to rest the foot, prop it up, and lie on the bed, or divan all day and not exert yourself. maybe they still advise it, but i am of the opinion that it is dangerous to rest it completely. once u can move it without too much pain, u should do so and increase the activity as it gets better.

times like this makes me realise our feet really do a lot of work which we take for granted. our body is really amazing. we just take it for granted until something goes wrong. than we really appreciate it  healthy.

in the meantime, i shall occupy my time by surfing the net, reading other people’s blog in the wordpress community  and peeking into their lives. and watching tv, and reading my books. it is very nice to do so.

 there is an interesting one by tom holt, about a world where magic is sold and demons can enter that world and they are hunted by a govt department , and this magic salesman has demons after him. i am at the point where he does not know why the demons are after him. 


16 May

london 8.30am 12.5C sunny monday 2016

it seems there is a domain called dot blog. and it is bought by alphabet(formerly google). google had bought blogger.com long ago; so i wonder whether its buying .blog as just a spoiler to prevent another big gun buying it. it seems they paid $20million for it, the highest price for any domain name. link it seems they used another company to bid for it which was registered in panama and just to bid for .blog, .news and .legal. they lost the two latter ones.

are blogs big businesses now? i thought not many people maintain a blog anymore what with twitter and facebook making it so easy to write short entries. perhaps there is a backlash against the intrusive nature of those two, with advertising being pushed so much that it becomes like more adverts than anything. and they are getting more news orientated too. the personal nature has gone out of them and so blogs are coming back into their own.

One bidder, publicly traded Minds+Machines, revealed that it had received $3.4m from withdrawing its applications from the private auctions for dot-blog and dot-store. Under the rules of that auction, run by Applicant Auction, the winner pays the second highest bidder’s bid and that sum is then split between all the participants.

very interesting way of paying the price… final bidder have to pay the others

even then, i dont see the benefit of having a .blog on my blog. what is the point? but then i am not a big player in this, so there might well be a lot of people who wants  .blog added to their blog name. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

the blue bells have seeded. those pods look like they will burst and scatter the seeds far and wide.

habits change

5 Jul

london 11.14pm. sunday 2015.

i see nowadays i dont have friends to hang out with. in the past, i have a group of us who would meet often and talk about nothing. and we enjoy doing that, haha. but now i see my life is quiet. i have lost all those friends who i hang out with. they have all moved away, or got boyfriends, or just got older and less inclined to hang around and chat aimlessly. i think talking nonsense and hanging around with other people seem to be something u do when u are young.

certainly i am older now and i dont like talking aimlessly and hanging around with a bunch of others. that might explain why i didnt cultivate another bunch of friends to hang out with to replace those old ones who left. i just dont seem to want to do those things anymore. its a paradoxical situation i find myself now. i want to make friends but all the past basis for friendship have gone. the past basis was that friends act as a support group , but now i am quite independent, dont reallly need a bunch of people to massage my ego, or me to massage theirs… so what to do?

i suppose one way to seek new friends is to find a hobby and get or join others who like the same thing. so i have to start finding out what i like to do. and try not to like things that are done alone. like reading…

there are lotsof things i discover that i like doing but alone… 

there is a social group of gay guys who meet every wednesday in a coffee shop and the idea is that people chat to each other and try to make friends. i find i dont seem to enjoy that enough to go more often. i only go when my friend from slough asks me to join him. he seems to like going. he also likes to call me on the phone to chat…

i used to do that with another friend who lives in brighton, but i have stopped doing that now. funny how things i like to do, i find i dont like to do anymore. what is the reason for that i wonder?

i have heard of people having pen friends and they write regularly and keep at it for years. i dont think i would be that interested. i mean what do u talk about? esp to somone you have not seen or met.

when i was younger, i like chatting with others because i would like to know why the world is as it is. we would try to figure out why people do things that we hear of in the news, or talk of events that happen and what motivates those people involved in it. like for eg, now if it were in the past group gatherings we would most probably talk of the greek voting no … and speculate on what will happen. or talk of the things that george osbourne the chancellor will bring in his budget… cutting things and charging that… but it will be rather non productive talk as we cannot know how it will impact on others, nevermind ourselves, if it does at all. or talk of all the seemingly aimless killings that ISIS is doing… but all this talk has no aim, for there is nothing we can do about it, or even figure out why they do it. it can be rather frustrating to speculate on it, and futile exercise and makes us rather anxious actually , makes us thing the world is going to the dogs and quickly. come to think of it, when i was younger, during my student days we seldom talk of such things, we consider them  politics and in malaysia we seldom talk of politics… we talk more of religion actually , specifically the catholic religion, because i was a catholic then;  and philosophy, about ethics , about good and bad things that are done ….

now i dont have any interest in talking of those things anymore. now i just dont seem to want to talk of anything to others, instead i find i prefer to just write my thoughts in a blog, at least i dont have to listen to others views… selfish or what? haha. and i prefer to read of others thoughts in their blog, i dont have to respond nor agree or disagree… as it serves no purpose to comment on it… each person’s writings are personal to them, and do not need our approval or disapproval. that is how i see it anyway, and so i read others’ thoughts on the subject and either agree or disagree or even learn something new, but essentially there is no need to respond to it. that might explain why i do read a lot of blogs and enjoy them and follow them  but seldom make comments.

fictionalised bloggers

2 Aug

london 2014 saturday 1.38pm

Sometimes i wonder bloggers dont make up things and write about make belief things  just to be able to post something interesting.

i mean my life is so ordinary now, that i find i dont find anything to write about.

i could rant about world affairs of course, but what is the point right?

or i could add my two cents worth about celebrities, or about someone being charged £75 for 3 bottles of water in a posh hotel cigar trench bar, somewhere in london, because the hotel  impose a minimum £25 on each person in the bar. but what is the point right? and anyway others can do it better. 

perhaps i can understand some bloggers who make up their persona and create a blog on it.

the problem comes when they become quite well known and their blog is quite successful with lots of followers, and then they try to come clean and get a lot of disgruntled followers who have been fooled.

recently this happened with two blogs, one of which i follow, he calls himself theo fenraven and he writes Men on men ebook fiction. but he had confessed that he is really born a woman. and he is 62yrs old and not 33 yrs old as he had said on his blog.

 and another blog, his friend, A J rose, who also writes Men on men ebook fiction,who said he is really a she. i have not been following A J rose, but i have been following fenraven’s blog. i wish in a way that he had kept it a secret.

it is much more fun to read what he wrote in his blog if u dont know who he really is.

real life is not so interesting, it would seem. i mean to say not a lot of us lead such exciting lives really. most of us if we are lucky get some really exciting periods, and then years of nothing… and it is a good thing, because a life full of excitement is rather tiring to my way of thinking.

 but i think he feels he have to come out as he wants to make his fiction more popular, and his friend A J Rose also came out and she had some positive support i think , which might encourage him to do the same. and if he wants to make personal appearances , and book readings, to publicise his ebooks,  he will have to come clean.

But it brings me back to my opening words, about my life being so uneventful, that i wonder if i should invent something just to make it more fun to read. ( dont worry, i wont bother, because i am too arsed to make anything up. haha.)

so i can understand other people doing just that and invent a persona and blog about that and invent stories about them. after all i think ebook fiction writers must be more prone than most people to do that, seeing they are allready in the business of make belief, and fiction.

one wonders what one can believe in the world of the internet. do we all have to take everything here with a pinch of salt? 

trouble with wordpress

30 Nov

I have trouble posting and editing my wordpress blog, and I thought I was the only one, but I posted one entry in their forum and a kind member gave me a link to another post, which though closed gave me another link, to another forum, and that one is an active one. It seems there are lots of people in the uk, and only in the uk it seems,  having this problem too. Some said it is not only talk talk customers, but other internet providers too.

WordPress says it is talk talk’s fault, but I can access blogs who are not in wordpress, so I think this is a wordpress problem. Maybe it all began when they changed the reader, because in the reader they make it possible to read the blogs without getting into the blogs at all. This will affect the readers statistics to those blogs, and we know how obsessed some of these bloggers are to their numbers and so I bet they are blocking the wordpress reader from reading outside their blog. And I think that might rebound to wordpress being blocked even to its members.

That is my theory anyway to this … it seems it happened a few months ago, and I wonder if that coincided with the first time the wordpress reader was tweaked to the new program.

Now I am going to post this, but wonder if it will try to do so for a long time, and then say the app is currently unreachable, as it has been doing.