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6 Feb

london 9.34am 9C sunny wednesday 2019

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coleslaw on toast is really very nice. it so happened that i saw these coleslaw reduced to 13p, 600mg, and the bread were 8p for a whole loaf, they were polish bread, with so many polish people here in uk, the supermarkets are catering to them by making their style of bread. though i cannot see the difference from baguette bread. they are a bit denser than the baguette, i think. but i am not sure. i dont buy baquette that often to know the difference. this morning i used them for breakfast, but they are good for tea, or lunch, or anytime really as a snack. i think it is the mayonnaise that makes it so more-ish.

the funny thing is there is a free breakfast given by a cafe in carnaby st, this morning, and all mornings this week. but i have been too lazy to go. it is between 8am-11am. i know, free food and i am turning my nose up at it. what is the matter with me!! you may well ask!

carluccios free breakfast

31 Mar

london 10.15am macdonalds in victoria place. 6.1C sunny? cloudy maybe. saturday 2018

its so early and allready i have been to places. haha. i went at about 8.30am to the carluccio free breakfast offer. i went to the waterloo branch, wearing my bathrobe. haha. it can double as a dressing gown. anyway i think i was the only one wearing such things, when i arrived. and the staff were very welcoming… the maitre d even said i look the part. it was a really nice full traditional breakfast… coffee, juice  and they even ask how i want my eggs. sunny side up i said. and cappuccino and orange juice. it was lovely.

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the cup have their name on it, so maybe i should have turned it round to show it. the eggs are beautiful, i would not be able to do it like that if i were to make it myself. so white, the egg white part of it. 

it is a wonderful promotion. and with all such promotions it really is free… there is nothing to pay. it is what i like about the uk promotions. i think everywhere else , i am thinking of america here, you would be expected to pay something. but not here, in good ol’ uk. i wonder if steve will be going to this… maybe not, as i dont think he likes to dress up. haha. waterloo is very near me… (wait…  everything is near me!.) but the waterloo branch is not very posh or at least not to me… most of those in there that morning were travellers i think. some of their branches in covent gdn, or south kensington, or marylebone have customers that look very rich…at least that is how they look when i pass by and peek inside the shop windows… so i daresay it will feel strange to walk in there wearing a dressing gown. esp when the only people wearing dressing gowns in london are tramps , rough looking old men, sleeping rough and dragging a lot of baggage with them… haha. 

anyway it was a lovely breakfast, and then i went to victoria station, on the shuttle bus that ply its route between the two stations. and now here i am in the macdonalds using their wifi. and i found today’s daily telegraph too so i shall read it in these quiet and pleasant surroundings… i know, no one would describe a macdonalds place as pleasant… haha. but it is really. the papers are a great find, as the libraries are closed this easter weekend… and i can get the tv guide now for my weekend viewing.

added. the service charge estimated bill for my flat for 6 months april18-sept18 came today. £683.16  just for the record. 

easy life in london

1 Nov

london 11.25am 14.2C cloudybut bright. wednesday 2017 victoria library

i got notified that linkn is giving away a free breakfast sandwich,made by sub-cult.co.uk  just to celebrate success. it is in the shoreditch boxpark, near liverpool st station. i first stumbled across the boxpark when i went to the nun’s free soup kitchen. its an interesting place built of containers to carry goods in cargo ships. the boxpark itself was closed, it opens at 11am, whilst the free sandwiches were cooked up in a van near the shoreditch overground rail station, just outside the boxpark. i arrived around 9.30am, only a short queue, and they were making a veg version, and a meat version. i got the meat version, very nice it was too, egg and chunky pieces of beef. the veg version was avocado mash with bits and pieces of veg. 



its very nice, we each got half a sandwich. 6inch one.  its that nice that i wish i got a whole 12inch sandwich.haha. worth while to go there again tomorrow and the next day if u are around the area. the meat makes it worthwhile. go after 9.30am i think, because i imagine earlier the office workers will be crowding round it, the worst of the queue will be over by 9.30am, i think, as they will be at work. also if u go there by tube and bus, the tube wont be so crowded.

but of course, it is very cheap to make your own breakfast. it is very cheap to eat if u cook it yourself. i know it, that is why when i hear this… i keep reading of newspapers saying so many families are too poor and have to decide to eat or heat… i dont believe them. 

we are all familiar with advertising, and i think have gone along with the premise that advertising pays… that it will bring in customers. i dont think there is any one testing it , it just seems to have gotten into the general consciousness. and of course everyone wants it to be so, because if we are customers we get freebies… haha. and the whole internet is available for us at low costs because of these adverts. this article in takimag.com talks a bit about it. it questions whether internet advertising is effective; and concludes that if u tag your advert to news, it helps. and gives an explanation why billionaires like bezos, buys the washington post.

does giving away free food helps? what do you think?

does internet adverts really works to persuade u to alter your behavior and buy their stuff? i know it does not affect me , in fact i go even further and say a lot of the clicks that i do on the internet is done by underhand tricks of the website, i click on the adverts accidentally, or i was fooled by their layout to do so, or even they automatically switch on the advert without me even knowing about it as soon as i land on their page. so if you, as the advertiser is paying money to them by clicks on your advert, you might find it is based on misleading statistics. as for giving away free food, well, i hope they continue haha. if i ever get to do a survey asking me if i am influenced by free food, or free samples, i shall tick yes… haha. and i bet plenty of us will do that , not only me. haha. i think adverts affect me only in that they make me hungry watching them… esp if they are food ads. but instead of making me rush out to buy them, i just go to my kitchen and make some food. haha. though if i know i am not hungry but just seem to crave for something to eat, i just drink water. a mug of tea takes care of the cravings. 

10/11/17added that free breakfast sandwich was sponsored by  linkedin, and found out that microsoft paid $26billion last year to buy it. 

cooked breakfast

2 Dec

london 12.28pm 8.8C cloudy/foggy friday 2016

i got a macdonald leaflet sent to me recently by post offering breakfast for £1. or £2 if it is with coffee.  its good if u are travelling and so out of the house/flat; but it is so much cheaper to just cook it at home, and you can have it with fried fresh tomatoes, that it is a no brainer which is preferable. though i have to admit i was tempted when i got that leaflet. even me, because there is something rather appealing about those photos. not to mention someone else have cooked it. and you are seated in a restaurant and also able to use their free wifi. it feels very grown up. haha. the voucher is valid before 10.30am. i also got free vouchers for a big mac with fries, or a quarter pounder with fries for £2. and that is valid all day. i think the big mac with fries or quarter pounder with fries is the better value. but i have not bought any. i sometimes wonder why i dont. maybe the thought of my pass experience when it was so salty has lingered in my memory. they look great in the pictures but no so in reality.

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when i cook it myself i get two fried eggs!! this breakfast  costs 40p.

it seems people have used the price of big mac to show the difference in cost of living in different countries. but as u can see, the promotions they give, in terms of money off vouchers; can make a nonsense of those prices. for eg, uk big mac costs (according to the website) $3.94. = £3.11. but in actuality it is £2.95. (i think , i must go by a macdonalds and check! added. it is £3.09)yet i have vouchers that allow me to buy it (plus fries) for £2.

people who buy and eat  these hamburgers all the time really deserve to be poor. £2 seems quite cheap for a macdonalds quarter pounder, but think of this… for that same price u can buy 500mg of minced beef. 1lb = 453gms. it would make u a lot of quarter pounders, because hamburgers are not pure beef, it is 50% fillers, (rusks etc). so u could get 8 quarter pounders out of that minced beef.even if u make allowance for all the cheese,gerkins and buns, u could still make 4 meals out  of those. added. 11.48pm 3.12.16 4.7C saturday. my usual breakfast is porridge with a small handful of sultanas. that is it. and it is really very filling. today i did not feel like eating till 9pm. 

croissants are lovely

7 Aug

london 12.50pm 23.1C sunday 2016 in the library

1.51pm sunny 23.2C back in the flat


there were 4, i ate 2 before i remembered to take this picture. they are from waitrose reduced to 69p from £1.50. i felt like having some croissants this morning. i got the free coffee too, seeing i have to go to the till to pay for the croissants. coffee goes well with croissants.  i shall save these two for tomorrow when i shall grill them first to bring back the crispness.


28 Sep

london 9.02pm 15.2C (18Chigh) monday 2015

just saw ‘food unwrapped’ on Channel 4 tv. talking about oats. asking if there is any difference between quick cook oats and the long cooked ones. they are all oats, quick cook oats are thinner and steamed 30% longer. the oat grains are flattened by rollers.

i dont know whether the basic oats that i buy from tesco (costing 75p/kg) are slow cooked or what. the non basic oats cost  twice as much, and the program do not say why some oats are more expensive than the basic ones. i dont see any difference but then i have not really read the ingredients in those expensive oats.

now that i mention it, i have not looked at ingredients of the basic oats too.so let me see… it is rolled oats, and it got fats, 8g/100g, and sugers1.5g/100g. protein too, 11g/100g. (1 teaspoonful = 4g)

the instructions , first time i am reading it, says 2mins microwave, stir and another 2mins. 800w. well i only do a 2min one and that is it. its good enough for me. so it looks like the basic oats is the quick cook oats. usually they cost a lot more if they are branded.

also did u know oats are in muesli too? so they can be eaten uncooked. just add milk. and u can make your own muesli it is very easy to do and so much cheaper. i bet very few know that and end up buying and paying over the odds for the packs in the store. 

i microwave it for 2mins. so maybe they are quick cook. though simon goes through the trouble of cookng them over the stove and he takes a long time over it. i dont think there is any difference except that the stove method is slow and you have to continuously stir it so it does not stick to the pan, and there is more washing up to do. the porridge tastes better if u use whole milk, but i dont,i  just use water, and some powdered skimmed milk, (too little to make a difference in the taste really, ) because i am too lazy to buy milk, haha. simon buys long life whole milk, and they are as nice as fresh whole milk, and they can keep for a long time so you can buy a lot and keep them. unlike fresh milk which goes bad very quickly.

but i dont bother to use his milk. if i use his milk i have to buy them so that he does not run out. and i got out of the habit of buying milk. i eat the porridge with a handful of  sultanas. and they provide all the suger i need. so i dont add any spoonfuls of suger to it. 

JD Wetherspoon launches coffee price war – fastFT: Market-moving news and views, 24 hours a day – FT.com

13 Mar

JD Wetherspoon launches coffee price war – fastFT: Market-moving news and views, 24 hours a day – FT.com.

99p for filter coffee and free refills in morning and afternoon in a wetherspoon pub. and reduced priced breakfast too. hmm, will you go there?

i dont commute to work but it might be attractive to those who come into london to work. there is a wetherspoon ( it is a chain of pubs) just outside victoria station. people might start thinking of meeting there instead of at starbucks or cafe nero.

i found this article via google news which is now my favourite place for browsing the news. it enables people to read subscription -only newspapers like the FT(financial times) without having to register with them.

here is a link to the guardian, on the same subject, in case u cannot access the FT. £2.99 traditional breakfast. and 99p for a small latte or cappuccino. that is good value. esp if the victoria branch does it. not always certain that central london branches follow it up. it will certainly provide competition for the local outlets in the area if they do so.