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daily exercise

14 Jan


Since taking up swimming, i have noticed that i want some daily exercise that i can do without too much setting aside time for it.

These set of exercise in the link below looks like what i want. they can be done easily everyday without interrupting my routine, and can be done anywhere, anytime.


I shall add sit ups and chest press, and back stretches. i like that there is a breathing exercise included.

I think deep breathing is essential. we all think we know about breathing as we do it evryday so what is there to know right? but few of us breathe deeply.

I think the underlying goodness of exercise is because it makes us, forces us , to breathe deeply and the whole thing is to enable the tissues to get oxygen, by increasng heart rate, increase circulation of blood to brain and body, increase use of oxygen by the tissues etc. The secret of good health is to allow all the tissues to get their oxygen.