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11 Jul

I decided to go swimming this morning. It is a new routine that I am trying to intiate. I am going to cancel my gym membership this month, and I shall be going swimming more often.

But as with anything new, it takes a bit of effort to start this new routine. Yesterday I had wanted to go swimming but somehow I put it off and went to the gym instead. But I have lost heart in exercising, and I went rather late in the day, at about 5.30pm when the gym is full of people and I did not fancy waiting for the exercise machines to be available. So I just took a shower instead.

This morning I did manage to get to the queen mum centre for the swim. The last time I went I got in by putting my card in the reader at the gates, but today both the gates readers and the terminal readers were not working. So I went to the desk and she said to re present the card to the terminal readers to see what activity I had booked.

But since I did not book any activities it came back with no activities have been booked and refused me entry. So back I went to the desk and she finally took my card and said the machine is not working and I have to present my card to the desk every time I want to swim.

I thought have anyone working there ever asked themselves why we have installed this expensive machinery for it not to work, but I guess that is a silly think to think of… of course no one had asked it, because machines like this are there to give some computer company free money to fleece the council tax payers.

Anyway I had a good swim, because there was hardly anyone there, which makes me make sure I go early like about 10am from now on. Such bliss when u can have the lanes almost to myself. Though I suppose I should not be wanting to be alone as don’t I want to make friends and have buddies to swim with? Maybe not. Haha.

After the swim, I decided to go to the waitrose in city hall to get a free coffee. The machine was working this time.

With my coffee I hopped onto a 24 bus, the new type of bus with open platform, such fun, reminds me of the old days.

And took it to the charing cross library where I borrowed some more books. ‘the world according to bob’ james bowen. ‘the bull of mithros’ anne zouroudi, ‘what in god’s name’ simon rich.

In the library I was reading the independent, and saw on the tv guide that ‘Brief Encounter’ showing this afternoon on tv was written by noel coward. And it occurred to me that maybe noel coward meant it to be the portrayal of a gay encounter but cloaked it in a man-woman encounter to disguise it;
Even though I have seen it many times, maybe this time if I juxtaposed celia Johnson as a man, it might make this movie take on a whole new perspective; a dilemma of a gay married man meeting another man and falling in love with him, and not free to break off his marriage and run off with this guy who is going off to Africa.

I wonder someone should cast this as a play with males, or even two females and see what happens. Though of course for another woman to go off to Africa is a bit far fetched. Haha. Though she could go there as a missionary…!!


10.7.13 wednesday
You may have read in the papers about our heat wave, that London is sweltering in it, but thank goodness I live here and I can report it is nothing of the sort.haha.

We had a few days, (correction, one day) when it hit 28C, in the past week but since then it has been blessedly down to a very comfortable 25C or so.

And either I have been staying indoors a lot or what, or I go out in the morning and afternoon, not at sunset when it seems to me the pollen is worst; but I don’t seem to be suffering hay fever much either. The pollen count is high, or so they say in the tv weather broadcasts; but I don’t get that much hay fever.

Maybe the pollen is not the kind that affects me. Who knows but I am rather glad of it whatever the reason.

Now and then I get this urge to go somewhere and do something, but I know it is silly to follow that urge, because I did it one time and it got me wandering around London aimlessly being in some place just to be going somewhere and when I arrived there not really bothered to be there in the first place.

I supposed the only thing it did is to get me to enjoy looking at people … that seems to be the only thing I like when I go wondering around London.