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uk have been empire builders and now are so afraid of leaving the EU, why?

20 Feb

london 10.36pm 13C saturday 2016 . sure is warm for this time of year, and it is nighttime too. this temp i would expect for the middle of the day. i bet there is a south wind blowing, but no, it is a east wind blowing.

just saw a bbc2 program about kipling, about his time when he was 16yrs old and went to lahore, (in 1882)at the height of the british empire in india; to stay for 7yrs, and where he honed his short story telling skills. india would be a good place to find human stories, and his tales from the hills made him famous. he wrote kim, about a orphan boy growing up in lahore, and that got him his nobel prize in 1907, the first englishman to get it. i have not read kim, but from this documentary of the young kipling, i am tempted to borrow it from the library. 

as usual, one only have to google it, and i found this pdf of his novel, kim to read online. 

we now have a date for the referendum whether to stay or leave the EU. it is 23rd june. i am looking forward to it, as it is a chance for the british public to decide. what i find rather interesting is the fear of leaving, as if this country that have been so confident of themselves and made themselves in the past ,the masters of the world with a world wide british empire  are so afraid now of going on their own way. what had happened to the people, or the present leaders of this country to  have lost so much confidence in themselves that they have become so afraid of going their own way?