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being sick and getting well again

9 Feb

london 8pm 2.6C rain thursday 2017

the temperature have been gradually going down all day from 4.7C at midnight. and it looks like it will continue down till next morning. they are forecasting snow, but i dont quite see how that will happen when it is not going below 0C.

it does feel cold when i am out and about. but not really uncomfortable, because i know how to dress up warm for it. feeling cold is very subjective. for eg, today i dont have my breath coming out as a mist, now that would be really cold, so it is not really as cold as i think it is.

now if my breath comes out in a frost, it would be cold,objectively speaking  in that it is quite true, as far as the temperature goes; but even then, wrapped up warm you would hardly feel it. all those who complain they are feeling cold are not dressed well. that old saying that if u are cold, it is because u dont know how to dress up warm is very true.  nevermind that it has been repeated so often that people are bored with that advise.

i see it all the time when i see a friend dressed very inappropriately and that person is saying they are cold. i keep quiet as they dont really like people to tell them it is because u are not dressed properly for it. and it is all the more true that whoever will not like your advise, even more so if they are a friend. unsolicited advise like that is not taken kindly so better not say anything. you might think u are helping them by showing them how to keep warm with the appropriate clothing but i would advise you to resist it and keep your mouth shut, as you wont get much thanks for it. just consider it as their souls wanting them to feel cold. and if their souls want it they shall have it.

also, if u are not feeling well, you will feel the cold. it is part of being unwell. and this will happen even if u are very good at wearing warm clothes and have done so . being unwell does overcome all that warm clothing, and u will shiver. u just have to do the best u can , maybe go to bed tucked up in two or three duvets, haha. until your body immune defenses can destroy the germs or viruses and get u well again. so if a friend is complaining of the cold, and if they are dressed warmly, you will need to suggest that they are coming down with a cold , or flu. i would suggest taking huge doses of vit C, just for something to take. i personally think they do some good, but when it comes to a cold, there is not much you can do, so taking vit c is just maybe a psychological thing. trying to get the mind to overcome the flu or shorten its duration.

yesterday i came down with a slight fever. it was slightly my fault , i ate the cabbage i had for lunch too fast, because i did not make sure they were cooked long enough to make them really soft. so unfortunately one piece of cabbage got dugged into my gums, and between my half buried upper 3rd molar. so i think it created an abscess. certainly it was very painful and the whole night i could hardly get any sleep. i brushed that area and flossed it to dislodge the veg, and bathed the whole area in a warm rinse. did not take pain tablets for it, as i dont need to. i can control it with my mind. and just wait for the body to heal itself. fortunately it eased off come the morning and i was able to get some sleep then. but i did notice that during that time, i really felt the cold.

now i have been unable to open my mouth wide,( a condition called trismus) but i can tell it is healing, and not getting worst. but it was not possible to eat the normal way, so had to liquidise my food into  a soup and drink it. i warm it first and it is really effective in warming me up. its really true that hot soup can be a great warmer up of the body.

sigh , nothing to make u realise how bad it is when u fall ill, and so nice when u get well again. it makes u appreciate it all the more. it certainly makes me appreciate it all the more.

people get disastified with their lives and want more money but i am seeing a tv program called bargain loving brits in the sun, about the brits living in benidorm, and they are a happy lot. living in a caravan site, and living simply , they dont seem to have much money and they are happy, making their own english foods, pastry, fish and chips, apple pie, etc, and seem to have created england in spain. haha. good for them, i just hope brexit dont mean all that lifestyle will go. though i fear it will. right now, it is 11.7C in benidorm and it is 9.58pm there now. and they will get a low of 7C, but after that the temperature rises and it looks like the cold spell is over. whilst here in london we will be getting 0C or -1C lowest temperature for some days to come.