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a nice sunny day

1 Dec

elondon 2.44pm 10.6C sunny blue sky thursday 2016

i ran out of ginger so decided to take the bus to brixton. glad i can still buy tomatoes(5 big ones) and ginger for 50p each.

yesterday i met up with old members of the lyc club. (short for long yang club). at one time it was a very busy popular club for gay guys into orientals. it was something like east meet west club for gay guys.

when i first came to london ages ago, and came out onto the scene, it was a very welcoming club , like a nursery to ease you into the gay scene. i hear in paris, and elsewhere in the world, this club is still active. but in london it has dwindled until it has shrunk to just a badminton club now.

but anyway one guy who had been very active in the group had kept old members in touch by holding informal meetups in a pub. i did not know of it until i met one of the members and he invited me to go.

yesterday i went, and it was at the montagu pyke pub in charing cross. from the outside it looks very small. i have passed it by many times never realised it is enormous inside. stretching right across the block from one street to the next one parallel to it. and a high roof. it was a night club housing the marquee, the who played there in the past. and it was a cinema at one time. now it is a weatherspoon pub.

it was nice to bring back a bit of nostalgia meeting some of the members. i could only recognise two of them, the organiser and another… who i failed to recognise until he reminded me. there were 3 other chinese guys there all of whom i dont recognise. my friend says well that is understandable as you wont be looking at the chinese guys would you? you would be busy being attracted to and being the attraction of the white guys. haha.

i suppose nowadays people will say we are all racist. i hope not, but you cannot help who you are attracted to , can you? when i first came out i was very attracted to white guys. maybe because they are such a novelty to me. but also i do like their look. the men have such lovely eyes , so many different colours and have such nice shapes.

  i mean if u want to be very strict about it, all gay guys who like men, are sexist because we like men and not women. but also our sexual preferences can change, i mean not that gay guys turn straight, or vice versa, though that happens… more the vice versa bit, straight guys turn gay… but also my liking of whites have also spread out and i like other races too, other chinese, malays, indians, etc. so i guess people change and their tastes changes.

but anyway i happen to be in brixton this morning and looking around and saw a pub there which is weatherspoons, and looking at the menu i was struck at how much cheaper it was than the one in charing cross road. it just shows that if u move out of central london u get better value for your money in terms of places to eat and pubs in particular. 

the guy who organised the meetup, david, told me that his boyfriend had bought a £1 2017 calendar in brixton. dont really recall why that came up but it intrigued me because i thought it is impossible to get one at that price. well in brixton this morning i was browsing the £1 shop , poundland, and saw it. very nice it was too. and lots of choices. and i saw an article in the daily mail today saying poundland have made a series of adverts that they will show , and surprising people at how posh the goods are and all at £1. 


but i remembered i allready have got a calendar i made for myself all ready for 2017. it is a 2016 big calendar given to me which i kept because of its size. i think it is rare to find such a big size calendar. my friend knows me better than i know myself. at first i did not appreciate the size. 

i think it just goes to show u dont really need to buy these things. the one i made is more useful to me, because it is custom made. added.9.33am 7.5C saturday 3.12.16 actually i have since found out there are lots of these A3 (46cm x 30cm)calendars. costing about £15 if featuring a well known face. 

added this link to all the gay clubs and bars that have closed since 2000 is a real exercise in nostalgia for me. u need to scroll down quite a way to find the list.

added.6.07pm i have been using an old calendar from 2006. repasting and replacing the old  grid i drew on A4  paper (21cm x 30cm)as each year passes and without realising it , i have done it 10times so that calendar has served its purpose all these years and lasted 10yrs. its quite amazing now i think of it. the 10yrs seem to have gone very quick. i was reading this article about a hubble advent calendar where this person will post a new picture of the cosmos everyday till christmas, and i realised today is the first day of my advent calendar. so i opened the 1st box. and there was a nice piece of choc with a christmas tree printed on it. does it mean every day there will be chocolate? oh joy!

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a sunny day in brixton

6 Jun
Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

london 12.33pm 21.2C monday 2016 sunny

its a nice day, very sunny, and warm. though of course there is a downside… after all, nothing in life is an unalloyed good thing.

they say every cloud have a silver lining, but i think the opposite also runs true, every sunny day have its sunburnt skin… haha anyway my sunburnt equivalent is the hay fever that i get when the weather is this good. but i have to say, even though i got it, it is not that bad. it is only once in a while i get this bout of sneezing and my nose start running… but once i get indoors, or go to the top of the bus, it abates.

i know… mustn’t grumble. haha.

i was waiting at the bus stop in brixton, and this bus stop seems to funnel the winds down it, because it was very dusty and that started my hay fever. sometimes i wonder if it is not hayfever, but allergy to dust. but it was outdoors so i imagine there must be pollen in that dust. 

i was there to buy ginger. its the first time i been there in the early morning, i mean about 10.30am and so i see it at its quiet time. with locals sitting outside one cafe with menu that says meat , veg, rice for £1.45… no mention of what meat, nor what veg. haha. only the locals know what meat or veg. the price is certainly the cheapest i have seen…they sell coffee too. it certainly looked nothing like the trendy type coffee shops that are springing up and selling expensive coffee.

there is one on the end of this same street towards the main street where all the buses thunder past… those sitting outside must be getting all that traffic dust and dirt blown into their faces and food and coffee…


next time when it is emptier, i might go in and have a look at the menu on the board above the counter, though even then , it mightnot be the menu for those in the know, but for outsiders.  it reminds me a bit of the kopitiam type of local coffee shop we get in malaysia… where locals sit and while the time away.

the nice sunny weather i think brings them out, so that the tables outside were full of people. it must be a nice place to hang out and meet people. 


trying to do something else out of the rut.

18 May

london 11.40am 13.6C cloud. wednesday 2016

flowers are bursting out everywhere around me.

the bluebells , cherry blossoms are now gone, but in its place are a lot of others. taking their turn to show off as it were. they are the bright spots in my life. other than them, not much seem to interest me … friend telling me of his holiday in sicily do not make me wish i was there. and a naturist website conversation with a member who likes my post which i wrote a long time ago in my profile about going to studland bay; but it  does not make me wish i was going there now.

so i have been going into the world of the books i have borrowed … the earthsea trilogy and geek love. trying to go into a make belief world. i would like to go further into the corfu trilogy, the world of gerald durrell’s, but today when i wanted to renew the book, i saw someone had booked it so i had to return it. nevermind, i can find it again in future , so that world i can keep safe for another time. 

though tonight i shall go to see a film , part of the herne hill film festival … to see uncle boonme thai film. perhaps it might be interesting. … at least it gets me out of the flat and out of my routine. sometimes i do get stuck in a rut and take the easy way… so it is nice to have these film festivals of free films that they show in shops for people to gather and see… 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

i dont seem to be able to allow veiwers to enlarge the pic if it is a solitary picture.



but if i post two pics, it comes up like this and then it can be seen in its original size.

added 7.50pm 13.3C cloudy . the fact i am writing this now would show that i did not make it to the film.

i did arrive near the time, but it is a restaurant and all the tables were occupied, with diners. the screen was right in the same room, just a  room with a huge glass window to the outside which we can look in . the organiser was quite apologetic, saying they rely on businesses to volunteer their premises and obviously it is business as usual and some have booked tables , presumably for meals, to make sure they got a place. and he said they allready have to pay £150 for the film, so they do rely on the businesses to give them the premise.

well, it is quite understandable, after all everything is free…. so i did not see the film, but it did get me out of the flat, and as i have to change buses at brixton, it was lucky that i decided to buy ginger and chili while waiting in between buses.

i have run out of those two veg, so it was good to get them. i was at brixton  around 6.50pm and many of the regular shops were shut. whilst the eating places were opening and gearing up for their night diners.

waiting for the bus i saw continuous streams of people coming out of the brixton station. such a busy place, and so much traffic. in the bus i could not help noticing a lot of people were having long hair tied up in buns. the women have natural hair, the men have hair extensions, tied to their crinkly hairs. i could not help wondering how they slept. that bun will make it real uncomfortable to lie flat on the back , they will have to sleep with the head on the side surely… i was thinking ah humans, go on and make your life difficult why dont you , as if life is not difficult enough allready. 

where are the fresh chillis?

20 Jul

london 3.36pm 2015 monday

i had run out of chilis, i freeze them and i used up the last ones . so i went to brixton to buy more, but it is really strange. all over brixton there was only one store that sold them.  and it was in miserably small amounts inside each 50p pack.

how come no fresh chillis to be had? it is summer now, and we should be getting lots of them. during past summers we get lots of green small chilis. they look like they are ornamental plants, but they have a big kick. they are actually very strong, very hot taste. a bit like chili padi . but even those are no where to be seen today.

ah well, i shall try again and go there another time and hope that a fresh batch has been  harvested and brought into the market. 

added. 5.02pm just came back from seeing the plans for the millbank tower. the whole tower is grade 2 listed, so they are not razing the block down but do up the facade and  just alter the insides  to convert the whole tower block into 200 flats. they will also increase it by 3 floors to 36 floors. there will be a sky bar and restaurant too . i think it is just as well they are not destroying the tower and put up a new design. people are used to seeing it as it is , but if u put up something different people will object. 

the hotel is in the smaller building next to it.

i was telling them it is going to be a unique site… with no other high rise around it, and fab views of the river.

so unlike all those high rise in battersea and nine elms area on the opposite bank of the thames. there the blocks are so close to each other everyone will be starring down each others’ throats.

also i doubt people who live around here will object, after all, it is surrounded by office buildings and by the tate. i certainly dont object to it, though i did suggest to them to incorporate some proportion of affordable housing. it  need not even be inside the tower block, they can buy something elsewhere in westminster and convert that… and still make money out of it too, because affordable is only relative. it would still be out of reach of the majority of londoners.

but right now there is a big boom in overseas demand for flats in london. dont know how long it will last, haha. frankly, i myself dont like living in these high rises. i think i am allready getting the luxury feel, by living in a low rise block. why have so many people living above you and below you like a rabbit warren? and paying so much for the priviledge.

it seems so skewed. in a logical world, the rich would live in detached houses with large gardens, and status will be fixed to those  who have those kinds of houses. instead we have people paying millions to live in a high rise flat. the higher the better or more expensive. and yet, if there is a disaster, u will be trapped up there.  much good your millions will do you.

added 11.44am tuesday 28.7.15 here is a news article of it. came out today in the standard.

added 9.03am 28.7.15 tuesday. yesterday i bought a pack of chilli frm brixton. had to, as i have no chilli left in the flat, and i do love my chillis. haha. there was only one shop selling it, but i managed to find a pack that has red chillis, from all the others that have green chillis. these chillis are longer than the usual small ones i get. still 50p though, so thank goodness they have not increased the price because it looks like there is a scarcity of chillies this year. though it is still early days and when august comes we might get a glut of chillies.