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9 Aug

london 9.34pm 20.3C dry. much cooler today. high of 25C. wednesday 2018

london 2.20pm 15C rain thursday 2018

thank goodness for the rain. it is raining practically all day so far and that is good. its a light rain. even though our phone line has gone down. we only noticed it because our broadband went down. at first we thought it was our router, but then the phone did not work when i tried to call up talktalk to tell them about it. simon went next door and asked them and they told him they called the BT engineer and he said it is a substation went down, ( i think because of the thunderstorm in the south east area, even though in london , at least where i am, we got no thunderstorm) and it seems it will be down till 20august. today is the 9th. dont know why a thunderstorm can wreck so much damage …nor why it should take so long to fix it.  just goes to show for all our vaunted technological progress, we are still knocked down by a simple thunderstorm. nature sure is a bitch. i am in the kfc in victoria using their wifi. hmm, i notice kfc serves pepsi. our tv still works, because we are on an aerial… so that is good. hooray for old tech. 


phone call plans

25 Jan

london 12.03pm 10.2c sunny thursday 2018. brilliant sunshine outside blue sky too.

yesterday, i was reading the metro newspaper, it is free and i saw talk talk, my broadband and telephone provider offering £19.95 a month 24month contract , reduced from their usual £27 tariff. but i got that same plan for £23 a month now. ( it includes line rental)however, i have another 5months to go on my contract ( i had allready used up 12months of that contract) and thought i better shift to this one, as it is £3 cheaper,( and only realised after the call, and rereading that advert in the metro newspaper that the offer expires today. )added. 29.1.18. saw another advert by talktalk in today’s metro giving the same offer but saying it expires 2.2.18. so it looks like it is a rolling offer with extending end time. haha.

so i called them and got someone who told me she is talking from south africa… from her accent i knew she is not from the uk, and thought she might be from india. anyway, she assured me i could move to the new contract without any penalty and so i told her to go ahead. it includes  free mobile phone calls of 200mins and unlimited text. so that is the same as what i am getting now.

so that is good, i had intended to pay about £20 a month for the service so this contract seals it. and saves me £3 a month. haha. not much but saves me £74 for the 2yrs. but it also locks me into this tariff for 2yrs, which is good considering bt and sky have been increasing their tariff constantly which makes me know that the tariff is likely to go up in future. when she told me when the contract ends, 24.1.2020, it gave me a bit of a turn. 2020, sounds so futuristic.

nowadays i cannot do without broadband as it not only allows me to surf the net, but it ties in with my tv, so that we can get iplayer and all those play- back programs on tv, and freeview on hd which was not possible if i just use the ordinary aerial on our roof to get the tv programs. on the whole it makes the tv picture clearer  even without the HD (high definition).

talk talk was wise to link the phone plan(with its free unlimited broadband) with the tv, and giving free mobile calls and txt as well, it makes me more willing to keep my landline and to stay with them. i kind of have nostalgia for my landline number as well, so i am glad to keep it just for old times sake. 

added. i read in the papers online that talk talk has been one of the worst for complains… haha. it seems when they stopped using india as their call people, they got a lot of problems handling people who call up to complain. i have no complains, because i dont call them up for anything. if the internet is slow, or as some have experienced when their broadband switches off…not in london but it seems it happen outside london, in the sticks somewhere . i dont ring up, because what is the point? to tell them there is no internet? why? they know there is a problem, so let them get on with it. to ask why it has stopped? so what if u are told the reason, it does not make the work get solved quicker does it? that is why i think it is silly for people to call up and complain. just let them get on with solving it and in the meantime just get off the internet yourself and take this opportunity to do other things. it wont kill you if your internet is down for a bit. 

new broadband plus free sim card calls with talktalk

5 Dec

london 3.54pm 7.4C cloudy monday 2016

today i just agreed on a new package for broadband and free calls on mobile with talktalk. it is £22.95 a month. includes the line rental.  for that i get unlimited broadband, plus 200mins of chat, unlimited text, 500MB of data. and they will refund the balance of the lump sum payment i made to pay the line rental, so i dont lose out. even factoring in the cheaper line rental i was paying before, £15 a month, as opposed to about £19 now, it still works out cheaper. and i get the free chat on mobile. 

i suppose it is the best i could get. though my previous package cannot be beat. it is free. haha. but i suppose it is not possible to get that again. i consider it a gift from talktalk. i actually contracted to pay £5 monthly for a broadband only package. a day later i wrote to ask if i can get it free, because i just read their advert saying they are giving it for free to new subscribers . and they kindly said they will give me a free discount. and it was a really great offer, because subsequently that monthly fee increased to £7, and then recently to £9 and it was all discounted so that i got it free for about 18months. really amazing.

this one they promise the price will be fixed for the duration of the 18month contract. that means it will expire june 2018. ah well, previously i only got broadband, no free calls on the mobile. this one includes free calls on the mobile and other things. and i get a new router too… maybe after that hacking of the router in the news recently, they must have decided they better give us a more secure router. but lets face it, whatever the price, i cannot do without broad band anymore. haha. i am in thrall to broadband now. i consider it indispensable now. they were clever to link it to the tv… with it we can get HD, (high definition) and that really makes a big difference to the viewing experience.

i have a friend who watches a lot of films, and is not on HD. he says he does not miss it. well, it is because he had not seen it. i think once he has experienced it he wont go back. but right now he gets to be able to record the films on his tv(his tv is still the old fashioned kind with the fat tube sticking out at the back) on his digital recorder. he says by doing so he is able to fast forward any adverts.

the HD tv wont allow him to record films on that digital recorder. or at least i dont think so. certainly my video recorder has long ago been thrown away because it cannot be used once we changed to digital tv. well,

it does bring home to me that i am living in the future. so depandant on wifi, and these electronic gadgets. it is wifi… that one has become a big game changer. it is hard to think of that time when we were perfectly happy to have no wifi signals. 

talktalk tariff

19 Oct

london 7.22pm 12.9C (is that correct!! seems very warm for this time) dry,wednesday 2016

i got an email from talktalk telling me they are going to raise the tariff in november. this is for the broadband package.

for my package which is just broadband and nothing else really, it is going to be raised from £7.50 to £9 a month. well i actually get it free now. until 16.2.17 when it expires. it was rather nice of talktalk to let me off paying for 18months. when i first got onto the contract, i did not realise it can go up. it started at £5 a month, then £7.50 now £9 a month. but luckily the next day i saw an advert from talktalk saying new customers can get it free… so i just asked if i could have that instead. and theycame back and said they will waive the fee for the 18months that i contracted for. so it turns out to be just as well. otherwise i would have locked myself into an 18 month contract on a monthly tariff that kept rising… so i am grateful to whoever decided to let me off.

and since i got 18 months free with them, i dont think i mind have to pay the £9 come feb 2017… but i am hoping i can persuade them to let me on their cheaper package of £22.75 a month, including the line rental. i dont know how it will apply to me as i have just recently paid a lump sum for the line rental to get a cheaper rate. so i shall enquire nearer the expiry date.

but we are now so used to having broadband at home, it is unthinkable now to get rid of it. it gives us  hd tv and catch up tv as well as the broadband. nowadays with so many having mobile phones, no one makes calls on the landline anymore. haha. my telephone is never used unless we forget and make a call by mistake. it is more expensive to make calls on it now than on just an ordinary pay as i go mobile phone.

 modern life has changed for us. this is the future coming to us now. everyone have their own personal phone now. no sharing it with others.


TalkTalk SimplyBroadband

16 Aug

TalkTalk SimplyBroadband.

hi guys, those in the uk, this is a great offer. i recently changed my package to this one, not realising they have this free 18month offer. i thought i was committed to paying £5 a month, but decided to call them and ask anyway on the off chance that i might be able to get it… and when i called back and asked them if i could still get it, even though i am a long standing customer of talk talk, they said yes i could. isn’t it great! it is not often that a company will let their regular customers take these offers meant to entice new customers. but their wording says for new simplybroadband customers, and i am a new subscriber as i had their essentials package before and decided to move to simplybroadband because it is simpler.

this is interesting, i went back into that link i gave up there where i saw that free offer, but it is gone. it has not expired, because i remember it gave a date in sept when it expires. maybe they are realising it is an offer too good. added. it has come back, but without the ‘for new simplybroadband subscribers’. i guess they realise it is not something they want to encourage their long time customers to switch over from whatever plan they allready have.

added. i may have spoken too soon, even though i was told the simplybroadband package will be free, i got a email from them saying it is not, but they have given me a free call plan for 18months. i dont want a free call plan, as i dont make calls on the phone. ah well, lets see what actually happens when i get my first new bill.

added. i have a look at their past emails telling me of my account changes, and it looks like i have got the free deal, they call it a free call plan. last time when i got a half price essentials package, they called it a halfprice call plan.

i think let me give a bit of perspective to this… the line rental is £16.70 a month. that is £200 a year. it has gone up over the years from something like £10 a month.  if someone is not making any calls or getting any package, it is that much just to keep a landline going. that is why i think the companies should be adding free broadband as standard to all landlines. that way people wont cancel their landline and get rid of it entirely and go to websites which sell you broadband without a landline, so dont have to pay line rental. those use 4G and are very fast. in fact, that is the only way to get fast broadband, as landlines are limited by the speed of the copper wires that carry the last stage of the internet into each home.  the future will be all homes will have internet connection, and everyone will want fast broadband and the speed can only be raised by 4G, not landlines. so companies that are landline based must keep thinking up new addition packages that people will want, just to prevent them abandoning their landline alltogether.

added. 18.8.17 i renewed my yearly line rental, i opt to pay it yearly in advance instead of monthly and got a 10% discount. it is £180.36. £15 a month.

the yearly line rental for 2013 for my landline phone  was £115.64, for 2014 it was £122.84, for 2015 it was £ 140, now for  2016 it is £180. hmm, a big jump this year but offset by my not having to pay a rental for the broadband, which would cost £60 for a year.

i see lots of adverts now from the other companies, offering free broadband for a year.only talk talk gives u free broadband contract for 18months. for me it is good, to be able to get it free for 18months, as i intend to stay with talktalk anyway.

it may be one day it becomes too high for me to retain a landline just to get broadband.

i think in future they will have to include free broadband to the line rental and i think could gradually increase the line rental up to as much as £20 a month, and people like me will still stay on;  otherwise people will just abandon the landline and go 4G.

added. i am now seeing adverts from plusnet offering the same thing, except theirs is free for 12months, afterwards pay £10 a month, line rental must be paid.  not such a good deal as talktalk.

added. 21.8.15 friday. i got my talktalk telephone bill today, and it is true. they have given me free broadband, and i even got a credit on the account of £3.78. brilliant.

added. 20.10.15 recently they told me they are going to increase the broadband plan from £5 to £7.50 and i thought i have to pay that extra £2.50, but i got the bill today, the first month of the new rate, and i still dont have to pay it. that is great. 

London has the worst broadband in Britain, government statistics show | Technology | The Guardian

9 Feb

London has the worst broadband in Britain, government statistics show | Technology | The Guardian.

i learnt that i am in the central london borough, (westminster) that is seemingly deprived of fast broadband.

The Cities of London and Westminster, which is the constituency of Conservative MP Mark Fields, fared worst, with only 31% of premises having access to super-fast connections, defined as those with speeds above 24 megabits a second, as of August 2014. 

well, i dont mind, the speed i got now , even if it is below the 24megabits/sec is good enough for me. and good enough for simon too who watches films which he gets on the broadband and sees it on his laptop or when he wants to see it on the big tv screen we got, he connects it to the tv.

i really do not see the advantage of higher speeds. to me all it does is make the pop up adverts come on faster, before i can shut them down. at present they take a bit of time to download so i can see them coming and close them quick before they start and they invariably come on at full volume too. which in the odd occasion when i miss shutting them down , makes me start and in the library is hell of disturbing, wiht that burst of sound in a quiet library.  haha.  so to me, i dont really want such high speeds. esp if or when it comes you can bet they will ask me to pay more than what i am paying now. i dont want to pay more for something i dont want.

my area had been targetted by a company wanting to lay down cable and asking us if we want it and to register our interest. i get this letter sent to me about every year interval. they said if enough of us want it, then they will lay down the cable.  i did not bother to do so, as i dont want it, it costs like £30 a month , for lightning fast broadband or so they said.

i have a feeling many are like me, we dont want it, that is why we still dont have megafast broadband. that excuse they gave about too few residents living in the area to warrant it, just means it is not too few residents, only that those of us living here are many, but we dont take up their offer. haha.

there are some things in life which a little is nice to have but that does not mean faster is better or more desireable.

so this article shows me why they are so expensive. the govt cannot subsidise it as it does in rural areas. haha. but frankly i dont mind. it is something i dont want.

talk talk package

10 Aug


I had a interesting chat over the phone with my talk talk broadband provider.

Recently my package has gone up to £8.50 a month.

though i got a £1.50 discount i am still disatisfied at having to pay so much.

This is on top of the line rental of  £11.66 a month.  it is supposed to cover a tv viewbox that will enable me to get hd channels and see all the freeview channels, plus some more, and gives me 7day recall of programs. but i did not think it worth the extra cost to me. so i call them today asking to change my package to a ‘only broadband’ one for £3.50 a month. so i have to pay for calls , which i am prepared to forego as i dont make much calls anyway even though i get them free.  

 well, the guy i talked to was very helpful, saying because i have been with them so long, he will give me a special rate. for £2.20 a month (which i foolishly corrected him and say £2.75 silly me) i can get a 12month contract giving me all my usual freebies i get now plus a freeview box which requires an engineer to come and install, that will give me all those tv 7day repeat viewing, and then he told me my discount payment of £140 a year which i pay in advance for the line rental will go up £30 when i next renew in oct,  but he will give me a £15 discount on that.

I am glad he is honest enough to tell me of the planned increase in the discount annual fee. i did not know that , in fact there has been no advance notice of that at all, ( i wonder why surely they must give me notice of any increase?) and it would be a shock if they spring it on me later when i renew my present year which expires in oct. that would really miff me a lot and make me seriously think of changing but by doing this they have warned me ahead of time. top marks for their good customer relationship i would say. 

well, it was a shock to hear the annual fee is going up and by so much too; but glad i got the £15 rebate. this is especially welcomed as i cannot threaten to leave them to a rival as there is no rival to shift to. haha.

 in the end i calculate the whole thing will cost me about £15 a month, including line rental and package.it sounds like a lot, and does not seem like much of a saving for me, even though on the face of it, i pay ‘only’ £2.75 for the broadband package reduced from the usual £8.50. this is because of the big hike in line rental fees.  

ah well, i guess it could have been worse. but from all these money, i can see why it is to their advantage to keep me with them, rather than to lose me as a customer.

I have noticed that by increasing the cost without notice, they can skew the whole cost effectiveness of any package. i remember i got a package of half price for 6months, from the old price of £7.50 before they just raise it by £1 and negated all the advantage i got from that deal. but this one is £2.75 for the whole 12 month contract so maybe i wont be too disadvantaged if they were to raise that £8.50 again. ah well, life… fortunately it is not for a lot of money, as £15 a month is quite bearable. 

I noticed the cost for broadband  have been slowly creeping up for those of us who like to have broadband at our home.

i have a feeling that once we can get free fast broadband there will be a lot of us leaving this landline service and giving up our landline phones. long gone those days when we use a landline just to make phone calls. now those calls are charged higher than mobile calls. a fixed charge of 15p for each call and then the call rate per minute.  whilst mobile calls are just 12p a minute. so that might explain why they want to  hook us up to  providing tv services that is vastly superior to what we can get now. that might save them by making us stay on just for the better tv service. 

they are seamlessly connecting up our laptop usage with the tv programs now, and the guy i was talking to on talk talk was hinting that in future we might be talking face to face, seeing each other on the tv screen. i can well imagine it is  easily possible and that would make us stick with subscribing to them. i bet in future we  will even get to vote online and via the tv. vote on any tv program, or even on a referendum or any issue whether it is about the govt  or not. we might even vote in an election. who knows. 

i do like to have home broadband, as there is nothing like getting online at whatever time and day and not restricted to the websites i can get to. So at the moment, it will cost me £15 a month. if it goes up some more, as it is bound to in future, i shall have to rethink. maybe band together with the other flat owners in my block and ask them to pay me a monthly fee to use my broadband… how about that? will there be any takers?

though i bet they can monitor my usage and guess that is happening and stop me. i am fully aware that they can monitor my usage and even where i go online or see what tv … it is how they sell the information to third parties for advertising and make money that way. 

i have been told that to set up the free view box the engineer must come to the flat…and he says it might take the engineer 2hrs to fix it.  i wonder why? it should be easy to just connect the box to my router and to my tv.

i wonder if it is to make sure they can find out i dont run a commercial business , or maybe if i am paranoid about it , they can put in bugs to spy on me. haha. i dont care if they want to put spyware to monitor my usage and likes and dislikes. this is because if they use it to send me stuff to buy, i know i can resist whatever they send to me. ah well, one can get quite paranoid about these things if one is not careful. but i think they just want to make sure i dont use this as a business.

my library broadband , even though free, blocks me from the gay websites that i subscribe to. in fact it blocks all x rated sites not only gay websites. so that is a strong reason to keep my own broadband. unless the free public broadbands allow access to anywhere. 

talk talk package

2 Dec


Glad the wordpress is back to normal and i can post and edit. ( i forgot to mention that when the talk talk person asked me if there are any problems with the service. haha. maybe if i did, i might be able to get even more discounts. )

one thing i really miss is the tags in the wordpress reader. they have removed it, but when it was there , it was great to just click on that and be sent to every blogger in wordpress who have used those tags for their posts. it was a chance to get to read new blogs. and also a chance for your own blog to be read by new readers. please bring those tags back.

I just had a talk with the talk talk people. Earlier I had asked for my essentials package to be reduced. It was raised from £6.50 a month, to £7.50 a month, with added perks, like a tv box which allows me to see tv programs up to 1 wk later. I could not be bothered with that and asked them if I can have it reduced.

Well just now , I was offered half price for 6months provided I agree to a year’s contract. So it looks like these telephone sales people get a commission if they can get me to sign up for a 12 month contract. Well at first he gave me 3months half price, but I said no, so he gave me 6months which is more like it. Haha.
I already have a £1.50 discount which seems to be forever, because that is not being reduced.
So with that discount I effectively will be paying £2.25 a month for 6months and £6 a month for the next 6months of that contract. Rather good I think. And I still get my 24 hr free calls on 02 numbers,(which are London numbers) and free weekend calls for 02,01 and 0845 numbers. And I get free international calls. (though I don’t ever call anyone overseas)

So it is a good package, especially when even if they don’t offer me this discount I will still stay with them, as they are the cheapest.

Also, in their website they are giving me a free router, because they say my present one is not very good. And it is not v good, because simon has been telling me he could not get a signal in the kitchen. Haha.

So it looks rather a nice deal I got form talk talk.

I still rely on getting my broadband via the telephone line, as cable is non existent where I am living, and there is no free wifi in this area.

It is really very nice to be able to get wifi 24hrs, and in the comfort of my own home that is why i cannot get rid of the home line and have to pay the line rental, which is £9.50 a month because i get it cheaper by paying for 1yr in advance. 

I can go to the library to get free wifi and get online, but it means trekking down there, which can be rather a chore, and also it is nice to be able to get online in the middle of the night or anytime I wake up and in the comfort of my home. Not to mention, simon will be able to get online too when he is here.

I am afraid I am spoilt by the internet I cannot imagine a life without it now.

thoughts prompted on losing my phone signal and unable to get online

30 May

I am at the library using their free wifi to get online.
I lost my phone line signal last night and it is still not available today. Usually they, (talk talk) fix it quickly and the disruption is a short period, but this time it has been unusually prolonged so that even after a whole night had gone by, the phone is still dead. It also means no one can call me on the phone, or me use the phone to call talk talk and ask them to fix it.

This connection in the library is very slow. It is provided by btopenzone, and does not require a password but I guess the downside is the slowness of it. Cynical me would suggest it is a ploy by bt to get people to pay up rather than tolerate such a slow service. At first I could not get online, but when I told the reception, she kindly asked one of the helpers to come to help me with it. Rather good of him to do so.

I guess it brings home to me how much I depand on having an online service at home and being able to log on anytime in the comfort of my home.

Being online and being able to contact friends via email has taken the place of a phone call to friends.

There is the nub, when u neglect or let go of friends to call, the danger is that when u do want someone to chat with, there is no one.

Of course, if the friend died, that too would make u lose a contact. So maybe it is wiser to keep a few friends to chat to in case one of them dies on you. Haha.

I was thinking of this because of the death of a friend who lived in Thailand. I don’t chat with him over the phone nor do I write regularly, but I know a friend of his in uk who does and I expect the death will hit this friend much harder than me.

But I know that it wont make u less lonely even if u have loads of people to call and chat. I think we are alone, every one of us, we are on our own. We enter this world alone, and will leave it alone.

You could surround yourself with friends and family, but u will still be alone because none of them will be able to share your feelings.
That is why I believe it better to strengthen your own internal mind so that u can cope with those times when you will feel alone.

Anyway, I am online now at the library and so was able to get online to my talk talk account to let them know of the fault in my landline.

They actually did not know of the fault, because when I logged on, they say there is no fault with my landline at present.
It is only when I reported the fault using their fault report form, that the information changed to there is a fault with the broadband and we are looking into it.

I knew I had to report it, because it took so long to resolve and still remain unresolved this morning. Usually any fault is very quickly solved.

Ah well, it is not crucial for me to have my landline open. I am not doing any business that rely on a depandable phone line.

And as u can see, I can get online in my library for free.

It is a pleasant library, with desks along one wall, for us to plug in our laptops and use their electricity to keep our laptops charged. Very useful in my case because my laptop’s battery has lost its ability to keep its power for long. It takes only a few minutes for it to discharge all its power and shut my laptop down.

I think with this internet revolution and being able to be online and connected to everyone all over the world wherever we are, it makes things so much less lonely.

Or rather, let me put it another way, it allows us to write to the world and get some connection with another human being who might be prompted to respond.

By its very nature these contacts will be fleeting and sporadic, but it will have to do and can provide some human contact for us who have lives that are very self absorbed and private and self sufficient. At least speaking for myself. My life is really very self sufficient. I am not depandant on another for my livelihood nor for my health or care.

But that is the danger, because I am so self sufficient, I see no need to cultivate friendships with others that are mutually helpful.

For eg, if I need care, I would try to find someone who wants a place to stay and in return can provide me with some hours of care. That would be the solution I would use if ever I need care. Rather than rely on social services to provide the care.

I know the wise thing to do is to find those people now whilst I still am healthy and don’t need it, but it is difficult to do so, as even if u do find someone who is potentially fit for the job, there is no guarantee what the future brings, and that when the time comes to need his help he might change his mind, or his circumstances may be altered so he is no longer available.

In cases like this, maybe the new age adage that things will come when u need it ; you would hope that is true.

Anyway, this is me reminiscing, and being thoughtful and insightful about my condition, and future condition.

Nothing like a death of a friend to make u look afresh at your life.

I guess inertia will make me not do anything. That is also typical of life. But I will bear it in mind and get some things sorted out.

But things are not all doom and gloom today. haha. Life is still wonderful.