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is it dementia or is it just plain stupid

4 Feb

london 9.24am 4.4C overcast sunday 2018

time is slow, i woke at about 7.30am and it seems i was awake a long time, surfing the net, but i see it is only 9.26am now. i am waiting for about 10.30am to take the bus to paddington library as it opens at 11am. funny how sometimes time goes so fast, and other times it drags along. but i saw 2 articles in the guardian about old people. one is about 78yr old who is having fun living on £18,000 a year. i can relate to her, because it is really very cheap to live , even in london, and she got a lot of spare cash to indulge.

the other is about someone’s grandmother, who had always gone over her broadband allowance from BT, and have to pay  a lot for the excess. when her grandchild the writer, checked her bills, she found she had been paying this overcharge for a long time. it seems to me strange that the old lady never queries her bill from BT. being old does not make u stupid, unless dementia has set in and that has made them stupid. but it gives other old people a bad name; in that everyone expects old people to be stupid… or rather they all say he got dementia…maybe it is the same thing. so we all lump stupid old people with people with dementia. and no wonder we then say the statistics for dementia have gone up.

added. i just have a thought, how come that old lady went over her broadband usage quota, if she is so technophobic she would not be online long enough to go over the limit every month. makes u wonder what the real story is. 

incidentally, i dont know why BT is still putting a limit on broadband usage. every package of theirs should be for unlimited broadband, like talktalk. and why people still use BT is another mystery. i would even go further to say if u are using BT, you are stupid. there!!! i suppose people will be throwing their kitchen sink at me for saying that.haha.

my old friend, the one who asked me to check his computer, told me his BT package is £75 a month. and he says he hardly use any of it. i told him just call them and ask them to change it. but for some reason he seems reluctant to do it. i wonder whether he is a bit deaf and also cannot understand if u talk too fast, and he says the BT person, and in fact everyone he talks to on the phone for services talks too fast and he cannot understand them… hmm, maybe that is the problem.

and all those people manning the phones are young, they dont understand about talking fast. you really have to talk slow and always go back and ask, ‘tell me if you understand that or if i am talking too fast for you’… now i am old i do know what their problem is, because i too sometimes have to say ‘say again’, when someone says something i cannot understand, i give as my reason their accent, but i daresay it might be they are talking fast and i too am getting into that old age mode of not being able to listen fast. fortunately i have not got to that stage where i dont understand them even if they say it again…and again haha.

and it has not stopped me from ringing these services and changing my tariff if i feel i am paying too much. one thing i know about myself is that i go straight to the point, and ask point blank, whilst i know plenty of old people go round and round the point… like my old friend who was telling me something, and went all over the place and then lost what he was trying to say. haha. so if they do that when on the line to these help lines, that might make them unable to make the other person on the line know what is bothering them. i told him just say my monthly package is too expensive and i want you to help me bring it down. and when they start going through all the list of things that he does with the package , just say no, which is what he is doing anyway, he does not use any of its tv services. i think he is not even aware of the free calls he can make , or free text messages he can use… 

i have noticed this too, that old people like to tell a story and like to give u the background of it, setting the scene as it were and then give the punch line, but they are so muddled that they forget what it was they are trying to say when the punchline came round. it is a chore to listen, because you have to listen to a lot of irrelevant things before getting to the point they want to make. and then when u want to hear more about that point, they stop.

oh there is another reason why an old person sticks to one provider even though they know it is expensive. this is another old friend of mine who sticks with BT, because he says they are responsible for the last bit of line to his home, and so he is scared to move to another provider in case something happens to his line that runs to his house, and they wont be able to sort it out because they are not BT. it is a misunderstanding of the situation, but there was no getting him to see sense. 

added. hey, i got an insight that might explain why old people are alone, and feeling lonely. they cannot stand being with other old people who are at a deeper stage of senility than them, and at the same time they cannot listen fast enough to young people who talk too fast. and to find people that is at the same stage of senility is too boring for them, as they prefer younger people. so all these factors just make them really irritated at any company and drives everyone away. 

i have a feeling that being alone and possibly feeling lonely is inevitable as you grow older. for one thing all your friends would have died, the longer u live, so that will make u end up alone. it is not easy to make new friends, that i know. as i go older, i find younger people have nothing of common interest with me, and any friends i make of my own age or older sooner or later die off… or get to suffer all kinds of medical conditions that limit their socialising. fortunately for me, i like being on my own. i rather be on my own than to be with someone who is insufferable. i have known people like that and so whenever i find myself alone, and wonder if i should go seek out company, i remember those people and settle back to my own ways, thoroughly glad i dont have to suffer those people anymore. 

bought 5packs of these chipolatas 340mg for 39p reduced £1.55 in waitrose this morning. and got a free cappuccino too. very good value these. they are just thinner sausages really so quicker to cook.

a surprise phone call from florida

9 Nov

I just had a call from a friend in fort Lauderdale, florida. it is 8.14 pm here and I googled it and found it is 3.14 pm for him. It was a surprise that call, as my friends don’t call me. We usually email each other.

We have been friends when he came to live in London so many years ago. Like so many who come to London attracted to its cosmopolitan life; but he has advanced in his career, as one of the vice presidents in a huge international hotel chain.

Now he is based in fort Lauderdale, and have bought a house there, with his partner. He tells me the americans are very willing to spend, and on organic food and luxury items. He was based in germany once upon a time, and he tells me the germans are not so willing to try new things.

I said maybe the germans are not so susceptible to the marketing hype. It sounds like the americans are influenced by the advertising, and pressure from their peers, willing to take on 3 jobs just so they can spend.
After all it says it all when people will buy coffee at a star bucks at 10times the cost of making it at home. I wonder if there are also that many of those types of people in London as well.

Those customers must be a dream to have. And it seems americans are like that.

Being in the hotel trade he is able to say it is doing well. People are willing to indulge themselves and treat themselves.

Well, even though I am thrifty I can see the economy loves people who buy and spend, and I am all for those people doing it. Haha. It gives the place a buzz and makes things busy and companies are able to keep in business. Lots of people buying and spending means the place is providing jobs and services and they feed on each other.

I have been to fort Lauderdale, and it is a lovely place, rather similar to south beach in miami, (though not many art décor buildings like south beach and south beach might be more vibrant). But the ambience is the same, with a beach culture.

It is difficult to keep away from the beach, as it is the centre of things. Not such a good thing for those of us who don’t like the sun, like my friend, and I. I told him just slap on factor 50 sun screen. Haha.

There are a lot of cruises depart from fort Lauderdale. I think Americans are mad about ship cruises. There are cruises catering to gays. I went on one once. it was a gay cruise to the caribbean.

My friend says there are lots of Cubans there who provide the cheap labour and make things cheap for the rest. We all know food, eating out , fresh produce etc are cheaper in usa than in uk or Europe. And of course their junk food is cheaper than in uk or Europe.

Though I still prefer living in London. Haha. Maybe I am biased, but I like the tv here. My friend says the tv there is dire. He gets the news on internet and use kindle to read the economist and other papers.

I don’t know if he read novels on his kindle. I told him I love being able to borrow new and latest books from the library. I don’t think they have that in the states.

Ah well, the usa is up and coming now, he says. Everyone ones to invest there. And when I read that china , asia , India , are all going through a potential downturn, it is not surprising usa is attractive to park your money. That might explain why twitter can be valued so high, even though it is not making a profit.

Even the eurozone is not so good it seems. Though we hope uk is still good.

I am glad to be living in London. It might rain here and we might panic over the odd hurricane, but it is nothing like what is happening in phillipines now.

Our rain only dampens the odd procession, like today, when it rained on the lord mayor’s parade. Haha.

I went to the library, to read the Saturday papers. Returned 3 books, Saw the new style independent(newspaper) with the title all down the left hand side; and noticed the size of the words in the main body of the paper is so small, I gave up reading it. They will have to do something about that I should think.

Then I went swimming and the pool water temperature is so warm, quite lovely even though it is not very good for serious swimming. I left my swim trunks in the shower area and only realised I don’t have it when I came back and have to walk all the way back there. I figured no one will take my swim trunks, they are size small, and they will be wet and I was right . Haha. They were still there when I went back about 1hr later. The place is heaving with people so I am glad I had my swim earlier.

I started my swim at about 11am, finished swimming at 11.30, showered , came out and stayed in the cafe (croissant/ bagel /cereal plus tea/coffee for £2.99. buy them if u can to give them some business; fortunately they did not mind me waiting in there till the rain eased up.) because it was raining heavily. I forgot my raincoat. It was hanging to dry at home. When the rain lessened , walked back and returned around 12.30pm. So u can judge from this that I live very nearby.

After that, I went home and stayed in. didn’t feel like going out in the rain. I do think the rain must affect custom, there must be less customers if it rains.

It’s a nice life. Even though reading this u might not think so. Haha.

BT(British Telecoms) used to be a telephone company but today it has gone big time. it has bought for $1billion over 3years the broadcasting rights for live football beating Itv and sky… it doubled sky’s $500million bid. Since BT started giving away free sports coverage with its broadband package, it is wanting such a deal, and it being so rich, $14 billion turnover, compared to sky at half that, it can easily out bid both. So does it mean no more live football matches on tv? hooray…haha.

the clubs in uk share this jackpot with the uefa. when chelsea won the champion league in 2012, they got 60million euros. and each country has its own jackpot. no wonder no club wants to upset uefa. the winning money will double now.

(i know it is about $900million, but it just goes to show how blase i have become about these big numbers, so that  it being out by $100million i can ignore. haha.

Digital StillCameramy speedos.

i have often wondered why no one had bought the FA matches. maybe they do not belong to  uefa. yet FA matches are more thrilling because more liable to upsets. like wigan beating manchester united. in this year’s FA cup final. i only know of it because i was reading the comments on the BT buy. maybe that is why the big football clubs dont like the FA cup. haha. the winner of the FA cup gets about £2million.

Correction. it seems BT allready has the right to broadcast FA cup for 2013/14. by buying ESPN.