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free burgers

19 Oct

london 9.57pm 12C night friday 2018

tonights gardener program on tv featured a guy who grows apple trees and seeing all those lovely apples makes me crave eating some. so tomorrow i shall to go to asda and buy their gala apples £1 for 5(which they recommend is made into an apple pie, which seems a bit of a waste to me, because gala apples are lovely to eat by themselves. i would use bramley apples if i were to cook it in a pie) and also their variety apples, 75p for 500mg. they did not mention what type of apples so maybe they are relative unknown varieties. it will be interesting to try them, because i once ate a batch sold by lidls in their cheap 5 a day, no mention of what varieties they were and they were delicious. the best way to eat apples is as fresh fruits, without any cooking.

earlier i was at a pub near camden market, eating their free burgers. i was chatting to steve and his lady, i was early this time, earlier than them, so was able to reserve the head of the queue for them. i said burgers taste all the same to me… he said he can tell the difference, but i dont know how he could do it. these were cooked rare inside, which seems to be the trend nowadays with these more expensive burgers unlike macdonalds’; and were very salty, so not something i would eat everyday. and i got info from his lady about a freebie  that i was not aware of. so that was a good thing to know.

its quite fun to go to these places esp since it takes me to visit different parts of london that i would not normally go to at all. this one is nearer the chalk farm tube station than camden tube station. and i am beginning to recognise the regulars who come to these freebies. this time he was first in the queue. he is from goa, but grew up in uganda, and came to uk and became uk citizen when he was driven off from uganda. 



another free burger from a new opening

8 Sep

london 6.58pm 18.3C cloudy friday 2017

this is to commemorate the opening of the new restaurant ichibun in chinatown. 500 free burgers to be given away. the name sounds like itchybums. but maybe that is just my dirty mind. haha.

just before 5pm when they start the free offer, they did an opening ceremony in front of the entrance, and gave out free glasses of sake. i did not take any, as i dont really like alcohol. but my fellow queuers did, but i think it might be rather strong… at least from what they tell me. 

inside there was a ground and lower floor,the ground floor contain the kitchens, slap bang in the middle of the floor, so quite a change from hiding the kitchen away… i was seated at the bar area in the lower floor. the ceiling was papered with drawings, and the walls lined with liquor bottles. every inch of space was decorated that might explain the long time it was boarded up …the renovations took so long.

  i googled it and saw an old picture in google of the previous business , hk diner, that it replaced.

the place was supposed to be japanese, but the menu is not very … it has burgers, which is hardly japanese , is it? i ordered the hokkaido, it is a double (meaning there were two of them) 90gm beef patties, with mushroom slices on them, the mushroom were called white truffles at least that is what it says in the menu. but it does not have any smell nor taste of what i had thought truffles smell of… i mean these were like ordinary shitake mushrooms. the lady sitting next to me agrees.

she too was on her own and we started chatting. she heard of this free offer from the londonist. i heard of this from time out. the selling point of the burgers was that it was made from wagyu (wag means japanese, yu means cow or so they tell us in their website) … but once it is minced i think it has lost its uniqueness, that marbling effect of fat and meat that characterises it. at least that is what i think it is unique about it…

(since then i read this that it is aged angus beef with truffle oil. i thought with that japanese sounding name that it must come from hokkaido or at least come from japan… but i should have known that japan has not got enough land to rear beef cattle in enough numbers to make its mark on the world.) just goes to show if u call it by some japanese sounding name, it seems to increase its cachet. 

though what do i know. haha.

just purely from what i tasted, it did not taste any different from all the other beef burgers of the other high end restaurants that i have eaten. but perhaps it is just me with my peasant taste buds that wont know anything even if it hit me. that is why i dont think i shall buy truffles, or wagyu beef, it would be wasted on me.

but it is the first time in all my eating at these pricey burger places that i was able to hold the burger in my hands and eat it without the contents falling out all over the place… so maybe that is a record. haha.

it does mean it is not overfilled , unlike all the other £11 burgers that i had eaten in the free openings of various other burger restaurants… where there are so much stuff in it, you have to eat it with knife and fork. haha.in fact,  i prefer those,  after all, if i have to pay that price i would want it overstuffed with ingredients.

chatting to the lady next to me, she said i should check out the toilet, it has the japanese water closet with all the buttons … i said i must do that before i go, and later i did. and it was really rather nice to have water shooting up my bum like that.hahah. (ooops, skip that bit if u are a eating your dinner now haha.)

when u open the door to the toilet, the toilet seat cover mysteriously rises and the whole thing switches on and lights up…. you almost expect a fanfare to sound as well. what a performance. i wonder if it also automatically closes the lid when you exit and the door closes. and hey, maybe in the women toilet, it does the opposite and brings down the seat when u open the door. or perhaps it never lifts up at all, ever.

when i left the place,after about an hour, the queue outside was still long, and stretching way round the corner. it is certainly worthwhile to arrive at the head of the queue when u attend these free bies…  not so long to wait.

i enjoy these freebies, so dont think i am ungrateful for them. the lady next to me ask me if i would come back, but i think you can guess what my answer is .

there have been a lot of these burger high end restaurants opened in london, and i even heard some of them are feeling the pinch, so this opening might be a bit late in catching up with the trend. still it seems this chain of restaurants are very big worldwide, and it is only now that they are bringing it to london. the bartender says they are opening 2 more branches in mayfair etc. i cannot imagine how london can support so many branches. but then they must know something i dont. the backers it seems are past masters as they are the owners of wagamama and other high end restaurants in london. the names of which i failed to catch when i was told it during a conversation with one of the bar staff; while waiting for the food to come. i had a chat with the lady next to me as well. it is fun to just do that with fellow solitary diners. that might explain why i never go with friends… it is too much bother to try to interest them with this and to arrange to meet and all that. 

maybe these places are just an excuse to drink… because the central well contained the bar, and the diners sit round it. so it might be trying to mimic the japanese bars that abound in japan, where locals sit around and make it their regular drinking spot, to go to meet friends and drink, or more likely interact with the bar staff behind the counter.  and have the occasional meal. are there enough japanese people to support it i wonder. but this place dont have sushi nor sashimi or tempura at all… just maki. so maybe it is trying to attract westerners and make this their drinking den. it might work if u can get those drinkers in… that is where the money is i think. 

even the front facade is made to look like a traditional bar in japan. 

this place was supposed to open june 2017. and i found out ichibuns are in subang jaya too, though that opened in 2015 and is closing soon. they seem to have a different menu from this one… it seems they serve buns, hence the name perhaps. so this burger place is a move away from their signature dishes. one wonders whether they are related, or what. or have they been bought and the new owners are changing its style and menu.

added. i have just got an email from byron, giving me a buy one and get one free hamburger, and their menu says theirs is 6oz , whilst this one 90mg is 3oz. so no wonder the hamburgers were so easy to handle with the hands… they are smaller. i did wonder why i felt more full when i ate the double hamburger in byron’s, rather than this one. because even though their double hamburgers cost about the same,  the byron ones are two 6 oz. whilst the hokkaido is two 3 oz.

free burger, prime burger chain

26 Oct

london 2.35pm sunny 17.1C monday 2015 sunrise 6.42am GMT sunset 4.45pm GMT

this whole week, prime burger is giving free burgers between 1pm-2pm mon-fri 26.10 to 30.10.2015. to celebrate the opening of their branch in euston station. it is on the mezzanine floor. when i went there i found it difficult to find, until i looked at a plan, where they were listed but the plan was a bit out of date, saying yet to be opened.

wandering all over the concourse, i did not notice the mezzanine floor at all, so this promotion certainly was a good idea to let us find them. certainly the management fo the euston station signposting could be better, to tell people milling around the main concourse that just above them is a eating place with seating and quieter and u can still see the train board showing the arrivals and departures. the main concourse was manic, with so many people but the upstairs mezzanine was an oasis of calm. 

i was there at 12.30pm, when the queue started so was amongst those early arrivals.its always nice to have free burgers. i got the bad boy, normally costs £10.45 ;a double beefburger, with two beef patties. very filling, though they cook it well done, so it was a bit tough.now i realise why some of their competitors do it medium rare. if they do it medium rare, (leaving the middle raw) it will be more tender. like the byron free double burger i ate when i ate there for their charity do a few weeks ago. there it was 20p , this one is totally free and you can eat there again for the week. just register yourself at the website and fill in the form and they will send u a email which u show to the cashier. some people printed it out, but it is not necessary that would save me 20p as it cost that much to get one printed at my library.

no, all you need is  you just show them the email,  i just opened my chromebook and showed them the email. i got a laugh from the server, as i was the only one doing it, everyone else showed their smartphones. haha. but it serves its purpose. hehe. in fact i could use it again if i go everyday for the free burger… but i must admit i wont take advantage of their hospitality and let others have a chance. it is only the first 100 between 1-2pm, that the offer is valid for. 

they have a electronic thing that they give you and which beeps when the food is ready to collect. that is clever. 

the cutlery was wooden knife and fork which dont cut well, so i used my fingers and tried to eat it. i managed it . of course it was very nice to have a free burger and i enjoyed it. they have stiff competition, because right next door to them, and having lots of customers was a leon burger place. they sell the same type of food at the same prices too. the leon place was packed so maybe there is enough customers to share between the two of them. well i wish them both good luck.

added 29.10.15 this morning i saw the branch of leon’s in victoria place and got to read their menu and they are nothing like a burger place at all, in fact they dont do any beef burgers, only chicken burgers. so they are not in competition with the prime burger people. but u can tell i dont frequent these places when i dont even know what leon sells. 

i just realised the cashier did ask me something and i said yes without realising what i said yes to. i think that must be the time when she asked how i wanted the burger. so maybe u can specify how rare u want your burger. the other places just made it medium rare without asking… hmm, that is one of the things that happen to you when u get old and lose your hearing. haha. oh dear, and i tend to say yes, even though i dont really know what the question was… ah well, part and parcel of growing old i suppose. but if u ever eat at these places make sure u ask for medium rare, as it is so much more tender to eat. 

I just hope i dont get to be like that old couple who came onto the bus. they were slow and doddering and the bus driver even brought the bus down to make it easier for them to board. and delayed going until they were seated. then near oxford circus when the bus paused , they suddenly got into their heads to get up and started walking towards the exit door and the old man began to push against  it, and  he began to walk forward to reach the driver , that was when the bus moved again and headed to the bus stop and when it reached it he began to push against the door … they act so impatient, or as if the bus wont let them off as if they have never been on a bus before. i hope i dont get to be like that. so old and doddering and do lally. slow and tottering, at first, and then acting like they are sprinting to get out… as if. 

it is really nice to live in a city like london with businesses opening and owners willing to risk money on it. and have people willing to spend money and patronise these businesses to keep them going. it gives a very dynamic and happening impression and the feeling that you can make your living here and even your fortune, or if not that you can at least enjoy a lovely life here.