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24 hour city comes to london

19 Aug

london 8.51pm 18.1C highest 19.8C raining friday 2016

tonight the start of the all night tube in london. it is only the victoria and central line. south london wont be served. and it is only on friday and saturday. so not 7/7. 

i suppose south london is used to being the neglected child in this. though so much of south london has only buses serving it, that extending the tube further south wont make much difference. buses brings u right to your destination, which is the best thing about buses. and at night u would love that , so u dont have far to walk from your bus stop to get back home.

i dont know about you but if i live quite far from a tube station, i rather take a night bus from central london, where there are other people about, that sets me down right near where i live,  rather than take the tube, and get out from a isolated tube station in the outskirts and wait all alone for a night bus  from there to take me to my home. 

it would be interesting to know how many really gain from this 24 hr tube service. maybe a year from now they will have more data to see if it really does make a difference. or will buses be drastically reduced because fewer people use them.

they are saying houses in zones 3-6 will be more attractive and prices will take a hike.( i mean a rise).  perhaps night workers, or people working in shifts will welcome this and enjoy faster travel, but only for those working over the weekend.

security must be the biggest concern. how to keep terrorists from planting a bomb in there , in a network that spans so vast an area, with so many stations open and hardly any staff . in the day, with so many passengers to keep an eye on any suspicious activity or package, it is a good safeguard, but in the dead of night….?  

in the past when all the stations are closed, anyone lurking in the area will be suspicious, but now with these places open, anyone can walk in carrying any number of things. i wonder if the security people have thought about it. they must have and decided it is safe. so i guess we can only hope they are right.

this reuters report says night trains rumbling all night will be noisy for those people who live near the tracks. 

added. 9.54am sat 20.8.16 16.9C cloudy i saw a copy of wednesday’s evening standard, lying on my bedroom floor. it is devoted specially to news about the 24hr tube service.  there was an article about new night buses being launched to service the northern end of the victoria line, and the eastern end of central line. so walthamstow, stratford, leytonstone, crouch end, muswell hill and ilford will benefit. there will also be a 24hr service on theE1 bus between greenford and ealing. (that is in the western end of the central line). 94 bus from picadilly circus to acton green will continue , they had intended services to be cut.

new bus routes are 34 barnet church to walthamstow central. 123 ilford high road to wood green. 145 leytonstone to dagenham. 158 stratford to chingford mount. 296 ilford broadway to romford. E1 greenford broadway to ealing broadway. W3 finsbury park to northumberland park. W7 finsbury park to muswell hill broadway. they run every 30mins. a further 7 bus routes have been introduced.

service staff in the tube stations have been told not to get in the way of fare dodgers. so it does look like fare dodgers can get away with it. its like a free service then.

also what if homeless people start staying  in these tube trains… esp during winter… they can stay in all night. i can see there will be lots of fun and games to be had by all those involved.

i daresay someone will complain of being raped… how soon that will happen i wonder. any bets on that? knowing human beings some soul will contrive to have that experience. not to mention will the tube turn out to be the new way for gays to cruise. haha . robbery of course will happen too. when u get drunk people who can barely stand, they will be ripe for the picking. 

all to provide a few a faster way home. is it worth it i wonder? maybe it is… if it brings in more traffic into london and increase profits for businesses there , and we are talking not only central london but the whole of greater london. i can envisage taxis losing business. i suppose it is inevitable that london will have a 24hr tube service. all cities worth the name should have a 24hr tube service really. it will be an interesting experiment this one.

added. 11.53am 17.5C friday 30.9.16 found out what this plant is called. rowan. it is featured in the guardian country diary for today. there are trees and shrubs of this plant everywhere near where i live. the birds eat them, when they are ripe. 

The fruit of European Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia) can be made into a slightly bitter jelly which in Britain is traditionally eaten as an accompaniment to game, and into jams and other preserves, on their own, or with other fruit. The fruit can also be a substitute forcoffee beans, and have many uses in alcoholic beverages: to flavour liqueurs and cordials, to produce country wine, and to flavour ale. In Austria a clear rowan schnapps is distilled which is called by its German name Vogelbeerschnaps. Czechs also make a Rowan liquor called jeřabinka[11] and the Welsh used to make one called diodgriafel.[12] 

extract from wikipedia


new bus design

9 Apr

london 9.3C 9.26am saturday rain

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

this is the new buses that run the C10 route now.

they are slightly longer, so allow a better arrangement of seats. there is even a space behind that row of seats on the left for luggage.

in the old design the right hand side can take only two rows of seats instead of three as now.

one thing that i find curious is that there is very little room on the aisle for prams, or luggage to go through. so that people with prams , or wheel chairs have to enter through the exit doors where there is a ramp that can be activated if needed , esp for wheelchairs.

the bus is longer and now and then we get the jolt when the bus jumps the curb, as the drivers get used to it.

not all buses in london are double deckers. this route uses these buses that are  single decker buses and they ply the small roads in housing estates, and byways. so there are many narrow roads to negotiate. made narrower by traffic islands placed just so, so that it prevents big vehicles from using it as a short cut through the area. 

e-paper bus stops

22 Dec

london 7.12pm 14.4C had rainded, dry now. tuesday 2015

i have not seen this in the bbc newsite.

i got it from my facebook. dont know how it got there but it is bbc news which i seem to have befriended.

for some reason i got notification by email that i got messages there. i dont clik on the link in the email, as it is likely to be spam. but it prompted me to log independantly on  my facebook page and saw this post put up by bbc news.   it is interesting.

they mentioned e -paper bus stops.link

how are they different from the present digital signboard that is placed on the roof of the bus shelter? that tells u when the next buses are coming. they are very useful, but  even now, not all bus shelters have these digital signboards. and they tell us now that they are going for this new e-paper signs. i think they should not waste their money but just extend the digital sign that they have.

 and even though they say this new solar powered e-paper will show routes, we have that now printed on paper on the post, permanently, and easily seen. i rather rely on these printed paper routes rather than solar powered gadgets. 


street marches in london all weekend

29 Nov

london sunday 12C ( mild weather) rained on and off.

this sunday has been particularly bad in terms of bus services. none were running in central london. the buses operate at either end of their route outside the centre.

thus i found myself taking the tube to baker st, expecting to catch the hammersmith and circle line to royal oak station, to find that line was not working. so i got out at baker st and took the bus 27 to reach the paddington library , my destination. (which is not near paddington at all) .

coming back i met a old lady waiting for the bus, who told me she  had waited a long time, and we were going away when i had second thoughts as my online timetable says there should be a 36 arriving any minute. so i asked a lady waiting there to check her mobile to see if it is coming, and she said 1min. but the bus only goes as far as marble arch. and when we arrived we soon realised why. the march was on, and we could see the people on the other side of the marble  arch. it was about 2pm.

 so i took her to the tube and we got to victoria by tube. she wanted to catch the train at victoria to wandsworth common. even though she lived near royal oak station, she said she have seldom taken the tube nor taken the bus, even though she have free travel as she got the freedom pass.

she said her daughter in law is a malaysian. who lives in epping in essex. what are the chances of that coincidence huh?

yesterday they were demonstrating against bombing syria. today it is against the cuts in welfare, got that wrong, it is climate change. its much bigger in paris of course, because right now they are hosting the climate conference. 

simon discussed the question of bombing with me yesterday saying we should not do it, as it serves no real purpose… in that it would cause even more refugees to flee to europe, but also make uk a target for any bombings by them.

at the moment they are concentrating their target at france and america, and russia.  

i think also  our joining in with russia and france won’t add extra to the bombing. those two can do all the damage without uk. some might even ask if the uk have enough bombers to do it, seeing we  have decommissioned so much of our forces. 

but i can understand this desire by france to avenge the paris bombing, but other states should not go for revenge politics. i daresay it is a dilemma.

politicians must feel the public wants some kind of grand gesture to show they are on top of the threat but i think from our experience of past bombings, they dont really solve anything. we bombed afghanistan, then libya, but it seems to just make things worst.

so maybe corbyn , who i dont support at all, may be proved to be  the only sane voice in an increasingly hysterical response to the paris bombing. 

i am sure a lot of others feel it is justified as a way to hurt the terrorists in their  home ground,and to bring the war to them.

i dont really know what is the best way to go about it.

even now, there is a news article by christopher booker in the telegraph (which u might not be able to read as your quota of news may be exceeded.)which says prince charles is wrong to attribute the syria troubles to a drought that lasted 4-5 yrs. it seems there is no such drought.

An even more comprehensive recent paper by Roger Andrews on Energy Matters shows that there was nothing unusual about the brief drought in the late 2000s. Going back to 1950 there had been several worse droughts before. The real driver of the move from the land was Assad’s near-tripling of diesel prices, badly hitting farmers who relied on irrigation-pumps to feed Syria’s population.

The uprising was caused by the infection of the Arab Spring, Facebook and Twitter, not much patronised by those displaced farmers. The claim that the Syrian civil war or the rise of Isil were “in any way, shape or form” due to man-made climate change, the paper said, is “without foundation”.

there was one year of it, and then wheat production, which it seems is allready very high, dipped and then recovered. it was assad increasing the tax on diesel the article says which drove the farmers away as it cost so much to pump water … that is more likely to be the cause of the farmers’ hardships. but even then it said the farmers did not figure prominently in the so called arab spring.

it is quite difficult to see what is really going on and what is the true cause of anything. because it is difficult to see what unexpected effects can accrue.

u could argue the scenario that bombing the villages will destroy the infrastructure that those rebels rely on, and bombing the oil pipelines and wells, will remove their revenue source as well as petrol to power their vehicles and villages. ..and so they cannot live there any more… so have to abandon it and go elsewhere where they might not be able to dominate those places because their enemies are stronger there. so bombings of targetted villages can be very effective in dispersing them and stop them building up a power base. 

the whole region is riddled with sectarian rivalry and enmity between sects and tribes, and even within the same muslim religion between shiites and sunis. and numerous other religious groups.

i even think that so called dictators like gaddafi, and assad have been keeping a lid on these conflicting sides all these years;  but with the west mistakenly taking sides to topple them thinking that it will bring in elections and democracy… but instead enabling revolution,this have created a power vacuum, and allow even more extreme factions to seize power.

i think real bad forces have now been unleashed, and there is no putting the cat back into its bag. we all  have to deal with isis and any other more extreme groups that rise out of this in future.

what is more, opinion and prejudices are hardening, with people feeling all muslims and the islam religion is to blame. it is understandable that people should think this, as daily they see attrocities dealt out in the name of islam, by its fanatical followers, and it will lead to more innocent muslims being hounded and that will create anger amongst them and the circle of hate goes on and round and round. the trouble is we cannot see who is a good muslim and who is a bad one who thinks he is a good muslim because he is furthering the cause of islam by killing. 


london fares for 2016

15 Nov

london 8.33am clear 15.3C monday 2015

rather good actually, not much increased.

it still penalise people who do short journeys but i guess this is ‘what u lose on the roundabout u gain on the swings’ sort of thing.

i remember when they removed the short journey fares and replaced it with a flat fare for any length of journey, it hit me, because i live in central london and all my bus journeys are short one. that was when i took to walking to soho, and then took to cycling there because it was quicker. that was when  i found a bike in the recycling bin. haha. it certainly gave me some needed exercise.

and the single bus fare crept up from 60p to £1.50 now. but it made more incentive to cycle, because u save more if u do. one of the perverse things about us humans. haha.

that is why i am not too concerned with raised prices. it is a good way to social engineer behaviour. make it so that people lose big or gain big if they do a certain thing, and you can make them do it or not do it.

with the fare structure now, it makes people think twice to start a journey but once started it does not take many journeys (only 3) to make it so that they can go wild and take as many journeys as they want. its great for tourists, who can take the bus to tour all round london and grab a wonderful slice of london at that all for £4.50

its front loaded so that practically everyone who uses the transport end up paying the full daily limit, and no more. so those who manage to  plan ahead and do all their travelling on one day gain an advantage. that would engineer a change of habit dont you think?

it’s a bit like charging for a shopping bag. i think that is a good bit of social engineering.

thoughts about my day

13 Sep

london 8.20pm 15.2C sunday 2015

i see from a video taken in penang, malaysia  that there is a haze over that town. if it has spread so far north as penang, than the haze is really widespread and the south of malaysia and singapore must be affected too.

the news never mention this haze but it is really irritating, not only physically but mentally as well, i am sure.

but here in london we might be having cloudy skies but there is no smell of burning. though  they say london is polluted but if it is , it is all unnoticed in that it does not look polluted, it is invisible;  and that is more bearable. 

i was coming back from the library at marylebone, which is my usual habit, and it was such a long wait for the 88, that after the third C2 bus that goes to victoria came by, i decided to cut my losses and take that bus. and when we approached oxford st, i found out why.

the top end of regent st was blocked and the bus had to divert down oxford st to marble arch and then go down park lane to hydepark corner where it took up its usual route to victoria.

later i found out why. the tv showed live the final leg of the round britain cycle race. it was supposed to be from 3pm-6pm, so i must have caught it just when they closed the street. this time they held it between regent st and whitehall, a circular route going up one road direction and circling back the other direction. it all seems quite pointless, and so disruptive but i guess we are resigned to it. not sure if the businesses in regent st and chinatown lost money from it but the crowds were still there, at least all along oxford st. so maybe there is no damage done to the businesses in central london. and of course the tourists can still get around easily by tube which they tend to do anyway, as not many are familiar with the buses.

well, it was a pleasant diversion as i had all the time in the world and in no hurry to get back home. life is very pleasant in london, at least for me.

i read of all the pickpockets in paris , even seeing a video of a woman taking money out of the ATM machine and two gypsy women openly grabbing the money as it comes out of the machine. and walking calmly away, with the victim futilely trying to detain them. so brazen these pick pockets.

the pickpockets have certainly got more forceful and openly aggressive now in their stealing.

in the past, when i was there, it was kids, gypsy kids doing it.  they mill around you and then they all leave. and one of them at a safe distance,call out to get your attention and place something on the ground which u suddenly saw was your wallet. and that is when i realised i had my pocket picked.

luckily they took only my money and not my credit cards or documents. they are so clever i never realised my pocket was picked. but that was like 20 yrs ago, 1995 and now i see it has gotten worst.

needless to say i never reported it, as i dont know the french and it dont even know how to go about it. and as far as i was concerned they did not steal my passport, which they must have realised would get a very different reaction from me. losing a passport is so terrible, i know for a fact that with us malaysians, that is the single most horrible thing that u can do to us when we are abroad because to replace it is nigh impossible.

added.5.15pm monday 14.9.15 i saw a video showing a this kind of money grab from ATM machines happen in uk too. so lets not just think it happens in paris and with gypsies or with women muggers. this video and words  shows men hanging around and then barging away the woman and taking the money from the machine.

when i come  here to uk and see all the british people so blase about losing their passport when they are abroad. i can only marvel at them.  they just laugh because they know the govt will replace it easily without much proof. 

 i would certainly have chased them and done anything to get it back and reported the theft which i think would then bring the police on them. but this way, just stealing money, they know tourists wont bother to report it.  

there is an article in the guardian comparing london with paris, and saying london is much better. and it mentioned how paris is surrounded by very poor ghettos, with hardly any public transport nor high street stores. which no tourists ever goes, whilst at least in london there are no no-go areas. 

added. 14.9.15 as the video above shows it can happen in london too, atm robberies. i suppose it is the human thing, we prey on each other now, stealing money from each other instead of killing each other for food, like other animals. ah well, at least we dont kill each other, at least not that much. though we still kill each other too, but not for food. 

Apple Pay: TfL says users will face penalty charges if their battery runs out on the Tube – News – Gadgets and Tech – The Independent

17 Jul

Apple Pay: TfL says users will face penalty charges if their battery runs out on the Tube – News – Gadgets and Tech – The Independent.

u can now pay the tube and bus fares with an apple iphone 6 in london. and in fact you can use it to pay in shops that allows it for goods or services up to £20. (to be increased to £30 in future).

but london transport warns that if the battery runs out between going in and coming out of the station u will be charged the maximum fare for the journey.  or if a inspector comes and your phone is dead, so he cannot verify your ticket, u will be charged the penalty.

and watch out for card clash or remember to use the same device when u get in and out of the station.

and you are not allowed to charge it on the train using the sockets … this is an overground train, as the tube trains dont have sockets. but it seems the guy was arrested for not removing the plug when asked to do so. the sockets are for the cleaners to use, and there is a sign saying not for public use. (though this sign is not there in all cases, because i have seen a chap powering his laptop on a train using one of these sockets and there was no sign saying otherwise. at the time i thought how nice of the overground trains to provide this facillity haha.  i think if u are discreet enough you could get away with it. or even then, if caught, they will just ask u to remove it and u can do so. just dont get angry when caught out doing something u are not allowed to do. haha. a lot of people try to bluster their way and think that making angry will get their way. it is a form of bullying. in a way i am glad he did not get away with it. serves him right.

so maybe better to just use a ordinary charge card or credit card. it has to have the contactless logo on it to work. it saves a lot of bother and have a weekly maximum fare cap. the oyster card has a daily cap, not sure if it has a weekly cap too but i doubt it, so it is better to use a charge/credit card.

and does paying with the apple iphone also have a daily or weekly maximum fare cap too? a weekly maximum fare cap is the better deal, rather than a maximum daily cap. sometimes u may make 8 journeys on one day ( dont laugh, i have done it ) and none at another, but if u have a weekly cap, u might fill that cap by the third day and the rest of the 4 days will be free.

amendment, i found out it does not work that way. u have a daily cap and you dont pay anymore so it does not mean u make 8 journeys in that one day and u pay for them all . effectively the oyster dont have the weekly cap, so u may pay quite a lot .

but if u use a contactless,  3 journeys a day will bring u to the daily cap. and u will use up the weekly cap in 5days. that means sat and sunday are free to all intents and purposes.

i use the buses a lot but then i dont have to pay.

if u pay the daily cap for the buses is £4.40. weekly cap mon-sun  is £21. each journey is £1.50. so the first 14 journeys you have to pay and after that it is free…haha. but the catch is this… you must pay it with a contactless card, if u pay with an oyster, there is no weekly cap. only a daily cap. so 21 journeys are paid. every day 3journeys have to be paid for. then it is free. you can get the £21 weekly fare , but only if u pay upfront for it by payng  for a 7day pass. a good option for you if u know u will be making 8 journeys in some days and maybe only 1 or 2 or no journeys in other days.

added. this link shows all the pitfalls to using a applephone to pay the tube fare. haha.

also i found out that if someone calls you when u are making a payment, the whole thing is cancelled and u have to start again.

a snapshot of some happenings in the world and london

3 Jan


in 1990 i had wondered what people in 2015 would be worrying about. i did not keep a blog in 1990 (because they were not invented yet haha) and here are some of the things that seem to be in the news today.

a novel way for smugglers of illegal immigrants to bypass the controls and just aim a unmanned ship towards italy and rely on the coast guards to steer it away from the rocks. very effective too.

it also shows up how attractive europe is to refugees.

i read somewhere , in a book talking about india and delhi in particular, actually saying its huge population is producing so many people, that there are not enough jobs for them.

in the past it said, europe too had this problem but it was damn lucky to have so many new countries being discovered during the early 20th century;  that could absorb these extra people.

america, australia, canada, africa (to a lesser extent) , these vast empty lands were discovered with very small native populations and ripe for immigrants.

 america was the jewel in the crown its huge empty continent that was desperate to have new immigrants.

but now in this year 2015, there are no places that are not full of its own people so where are these economic (maybe both economic and asylum refugees) going to go?

well here in 2015, they come to europe.

added. 4.12.15. the socalled arab spring has been a disaster in my opinion, it spawned so much unrest and regime changes in northern africa and the middle east and destroyed their economy that it drove lots of people away to seek new life in europe. 

in future we will have to colonise the moon to absorb all the extra people that the world will generate. but for now, europe has the jobs. esp uk. so they all come. i am talking of people in northern africa and the countries bordering the lands south of the mediterranean obviously, as america gets refugees from mexico and cuba. 

we got a very infectious disease called ebola to worry about. though the worry is more health workers going there to do their charitable good deed and then coming back infected to potentially infect us all. so far we have the 2nd case of infected health worker, but from what i read she is getting worse instead of better.

each time there is a case like this , the country panics and shit bricks. i wonder when the country will finally recognise that it is not good to have these people go there for a few months, and then come back potentially carrying the disease. sooner or later, one of them will infect people here and then all hell will break lose. there is really no way of screening them all. may have to quarantine all of them like new york does it.  but it will be costly. i have been in central london, near soho and am surprised at the huge numbers of buildings being pulled down. whole blocks gaping empty. one whole side of leicester square with just the facade and empty blanks where their windows would be. and another block razed to the ground with a big hole inside it. its amazing that london is having this big wholesale destruction of its existing buildings when u consider its whole reputation has been built on its old history and ancient architecture… it started in the city of london, and still do, but that seem to have crept to the west-end too. there is a big chunk taken out in regent st too. 

bus fares has gone up 5p from £1.45 to £1.50 with the limit set at the same, £4.40 a day. so just taking 3 buses will kick u over the limit, and subsequent trips by bus will be free. i dont have to pay of course which makes me very happy.haha. lots of other things happening but it is impossible to give them all. not to mention if i anything grabs my attention it is small things like lidl offering 1.5kg oranges for 74p. haha. i bought two packs.(8 oranges in each pack) it is nice to have oranges in winter. they are from spain hope the local spanish people are not deprived of their oranges to serve us in london. haha. not that i care, ho ho.

sunday stroll

24 Aug


it is a bright sunny day outside my window, the sun streaming in and casting a bright spot on my carpet formed by my window.

Digital StillCamera  

i am pleased that the sun is out, because we have been getting dire warnings of rain and gloom over this bank holiday. however, from the weather forecast online i see we are going to get 100% rain on monday. first time i see the graph going up to 100% .haha. it will be about 3pm tomorrow, with a solid block of over 50% chance of rain from 5am to 11pm on monday. 

so it looks like the bank holiday monday is very wet and that is not favourable  for the nottinghill carnival. but i think people will overcome that and enjoy the rain as well and dance all the faster and harder.

we londoners are used to bad weather and know not to let it dampen our spirits. today is going to be sunny and dry though so the children’s parade which is on today would be very much fun i think. i think all this just makes me very appreciative of the sun, but because it does not stay long to make itself unwelcome, as it would be if it were to go up to 30C or more, i welcome the rain too. 

today i am minded to go to aldi and buy vegetables. they got a good bargain with 39p each. 

later 1.51pm. i just got back from aldi (where i got 1kg carrots and broccoli for 39p each, cabbage 45p) and lidl (where i got 39p onions). aldi was very busy with long queues and people buying cartloads of things.

one guy even wanted to buy a cartload of salt, but the cashier refused him and he left empty handed. I only noticed it because i see her wheeling his trolley full of big packs of salt back to the back of the line.

i wonder what is that about? are people buying from aldi and reselling it overseas? or is salt a secret ingredient in some drug or what? you can tell there are a lot of unknown unknowns in this world. 

well as usual, google it so i did. and from the question ‘is salt used in making drugs’, i got this. it is used in making methamphetamine. 

its interesting that lidl was quite empty with only two tills open and very short queues. 

parliament square was full of tourists. i have never seen so many. what is going on there i wonder. the whole of whitehall was closed to traffic earlier on in the morning (at about 11am) with my bus diverted. but traffic was flowing and it had all got to normal on my  return (about 12.40pm).

again, what is going on? today is a bank holiday sunday but i dont recall anything going on in trafalgar square to warrant the closure of whitehall to traffic. ah well, london is like that, i think us bus users are used to buses being diverted on the routes. we just sit it out or jump out and walk. 

its quite a nice day, very sunny earlier on, but now cloudy but still dry. 

i am going to have a bit of lunch, not sure what i shall have, perhaps a stir fry fried rice with all the veg i bought. then off to the library, and then to the tesco and sainsburys near closing time to see if there is any bargains reduced foods. 

added 4.15pm. bought two loaves of bread from sainsburys, one a warburton white bread (£1.45 normal reduced 34p) , and a half and half warburton 50%wheatflour, 50%wholewheat flour. usual price £1.35, reduced to 34p. i have noticed this kind of half-half bread being produced now. is it a cost reduction exercise do you think? or is it to satisfy people who like the taste of white bread but feel they should be healthier and eat wholewheat bread. 


living in london pt 19

11 Aug


yesterday as i was walking to the library at about 2pm, there was a long queue of cars on all the access roads to vauxhall bridge.

it was a sunday and normally there would be hardly any traffic but that day the prudential bike run has closed down a lot of bridges and vauxhall bridge must be one of the few left open.

well, i did not have any sympathies for those car drivers. serves them right for wanting to drive across the river knowing full well that every year when this prudential ride happens, it causes huge traffic jams, with the most serious being the lack of bridges over the thames that are open for traffic.

it is not a good time to be driving  in central london or south of the river, and anyone living in london should know that. i got emails from tfl telling me of it and so should many of those who live in london.

all the buses would be disrupted too, and that we all know. that is why i did not go on the buses to charing cross library which i would normally do on a sunday.

Though come to think of it, i nearly did, and the only thing that stopped me was the torrential rain that pelted down in the morning just when i was thinking of taking the bus to the charing cross library.

my soul does not want to make my life difficult and i would like to think that it send the rain pelting down just when i was thinking of going to the centre of town.

you may laugh , what is all this talk of souls making your life difficult; but it stopped me from going there and suffering all the disruptions of bus routes and timing. it would have been a miserable time for me if i had gone.

so i guess i should not blame the car drivers…those car drivers driving around may have forgotten about that day, and took the car out and then got stuck in traffic jam and realised they forgot about the ####y bike ride. by which time it is too late. well they should kick themselves for being so stupidly forgetful, and tell off their souls not to make their lives difficult.

i have noticed the car drivers stayed in the queue, i saw only one van making a u turn and getting out of there;  instead of turning round and just go home and take the tube or train.