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free hamburger

9 Nov

london 11.24am 6.9C sunny wednesday 2016

yesterday i had the most filling hamburger ever, from byron restaurant in covent gdn, and it was free too. they were doing a promotion so were giving away 100 free burgers plus beer. and then for the rest of the 1000 customers free snacks and beer.

i got there at 5.20pm, it starts at 6pm, and managed to get within the first hundred and got chatting to the guy who joined the queue just after me. actually i thought all 1000 will get the free hamburger, but he told me it clearly states otherwise. funny i did not read that when i first read the email they sent me.

 his wife joined us later. she works nearby, whilst he is a student , doing his master of science, in a college near by. he cycles to his college he says. they live in tulse hill. they rent a studio for £800 a month.

we shared a table, and it was really free. no gimmicks. amazing. we all ordered the double burger, two 6oz of hamburger in the bun. that is 340mg of meat. it was so filling, even i found it difficult to finish. his wife could only finish half. he wolfed his down so fast i was amazed, but he could only manage one spoonful of his wife’s.

they are mormons, and so asked to change the free beer for milk shakes, which the restaurant allowed them telling them to keep it secret. haha. and he ordered a side dish of fries as well. i dont know how they managed to finish the fries. i was so full i could not eat another thing.

afterwards i was so full i could hardly walk to the bus stop to take the bus. and i was thinking the poor guy have to cycle back, whilst his wife have to take the tube to elephant and castle and then the overground train to tulse hill. not for the first time i am so glad i live so near. i can say this is easily the best hamburger free meal i ever had. normally that beefburger will cost £12.95. i think u can share that with another and still feel well fed and have room for dessert or a milkshake. 


i got this picture from their website. i tried to take a photo with my camera but it did not work. so this is the one we ate. ours have  a huge circle of fried onion ring on top.

illegal workers in uk

28 Jul

london 2.36pm 20.7C cloudy 2016 thursday

there is the news of byron, the hamburger chain of restaurants, having 35 of its workers found out to be illegal workers. the company is not to be fined, as it has followed all the procedures. it was the workers who gave false documents. when u consider they may have 1500 employees, 35 is not a lot of illegal workers. it seems 15 restaurants in the london area were targetted. it might be just  a message that home office is signalling to all illegal workers that their days are numbered.

.this is old news in a way as the thing was done on 4july. it only came to light because one of the workers who was not an illegal and still works for byron told a spanish newspaper, about it. the illegals were from non EU countries.

the social networks are calling for a boycott of the chain, saying they set up a trap by asking the workers to a health and safety meeting at 9.30am, the restaurants open at 11am.

i think there is no reason to boycott the chain. they are following the law after all. illegal workers are not wanted.

it is tough on those who have been here long time working as illegal workers. some of them in byron have been there for 4 years. but they must know at the bottom of their hearts that they are living on borrowed time. sooner or later they will be found out and then they will have to leave. unless of course they find a citizen to marry. even that is being tightened up. in this country no one can work without national insurance, so they must have it. how did they get it? unless those who issue the national insurance numbers never check that they are legal. or they might be legal when the first applied, say as a student here, and then overstay their visa. 

but it might be a future indication of what will happen to EU citizens when we brexit. they wont have automatic right to work here.

also there will be a shortage of workers in the restaurant and catering trade that is for sure when we brexit. though other countries outside the EU might benefit, as more work permits might be given to those in south america, asia, etc if europe do not allready fill up those vacancies.   as it is byron will have to find more recruits, to replace these illegal workers and i wonder how easy it is to find them.

london esp is a magnet for jobs, that is why it attracts so many EU citizens. after brexit, they might not find it so easy to come here to work, and maybe more of them will stay in their own country and  it may be they will take more interest in the politics of the EU, and elect leaders who would promise them jobs. rather than run to england and get jobs here. it might make them vote for a govt that would be anti brussels for a change. as it is by coming to uk they have let the govt of their country off the hook. with more of these people having to stay at their own country they might create a pressure cooker effect, where the lack of jobs make them elect govts that will promise jobs and not let brussels dictate to them.

without uk to run to for jobs, they might not be so keen on supporting the EU. they might well ask what is the point if u cannot get automatic rights to go for jobs in uk.

and they might have to change their hours of work. no more long siestas and early closing. the workers will really have to work … instead of running their shop as a convenience to themselves rather than to the customers. 



byron hamburger

6 Oct

london 2.51pm sunny 19.5C tuesday 2015

i have just been to the charing cross branch and eaten their hamburger. i chosed the double cheeseburger, and boy is that the truth. there were two 6oz hamburgers in there between two round buns, and it was so high, i could not get my hands round it to eat it like a mouthful. i have to cut it up in pieces with the cutlery they provide. all i have to pay is 25p, and this one cost £12.50. so quite worthwhile to order. it was so good, i could not help telling the chap sitting on the next table to me to order it. i was craving hamburger and this one filled that crave completely.

i went there earlier, at about 12.30pm, but the line was a bit long, and since i am not a office worker with a limited time for lunch, i decided i shall avoid the crowd and go into the charing cross library nearby.

by the time i finished there and went back, there was hardly any queue and it was only near to 2pm, when the office workers rush is over.

the food came very quick too. all in all a very pleasant experience. and very nice of them to do this. 

capitalism in action

2 Oct

london 11.08am friday 2015

i am in the library now, having just used the library computer to access my email and get a email from byron , a burger company, who are giving away 25p burgers on 6th oct as a promotion for their charity giving free lunch to children, or something like that. i got notice of it via londonist who send me a daily email about things happening in london, but i found an article in the evening standard online. rather nice of them, is this a form of capitalism in action, dont you think? not exactly free food, but close enough. 

i am writing off line as the library wifi is not safe enough for chrome to log on.

i had some problems getting the library to print out the email. the first time it did not print anything (@20p a print) and the library assistant have to come to the computer to see what i did … i found out that the email have 3pages and i did not specify which page i want printed , that explained why the page came out blank.

 the email contained a square picture code on page 3. that i have to present to the burger joint to get my 25p burger. so it came to 40p  all told that is the cost to me because of  a repeat print. ah well, such is life. haha. its still cheaper than having my own printer at home. the ink is very expensive and tend to dry out… anyway, if u want a 25p burger just get yourself registered. and get yourself down to a byron burger joint on 6oct.