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see and be seen

21 Feb

london 12.25pm 13C cloudy tuesday 2017

its cloudy now, so no sunny day today.

i see the gardeners of our little common garden (millbank gardens it is called) has a huge load of soil to spread on the ground under the bushes. he was doing it under the camellia bush which have a few more blooms coming out;  quite nice looking soil too, all dark and rich looking.

i was talking of how businesses will cater to any event in london. there are enough people who will buy to make it worth their while to go to the trouble of creating it, that is why. this is where being in a big city is advantageous. 

 it is the london fashion week now, and sure enough here is the hilton park lane doing a special fashion theme for their afternoon tea , featuring cakes in the shape of dresses and shoes etc. rather clever i thought, and i bet they will charge u (its £39 each). haha. oh, there will be lots who will be willing to pay it (its a fun thing isn’t it? )for the privilege haha. that goes without saying… but if u want to be amuse i suppose you would go for it.talking of afternoon tea reminds me i still have a free voucher for cake and coffee in john lewis cafe. i must go before it expires at the end of this month. it is actually rather nice to be able to go there and have a free cake and coffee. 

and of course there is the actual fashion events to go to. to see what is on, and what the trend is now, and what is the latest in thing. and naturally u will be going there to be seen as well.

  added. i write about this fashion week, but actually i dont have any interests in it anymore. fashion is another one of those things i am interested in a long time ago and then lost interest. 



a lot of baking programs nowadays

6 Aug

london 3.14pm thursday 2015, sunny 23.9C

yesterday was the start of another baking program on tv. i would not have known of it, myself as i dont bother to watch them, but the newspapers were talking of it, and that the betting shop has stopped taking bets on the winner because there was a huge amount being betted on and they suspect the winner has been leaked.

personally, i think cakes are bad for you. and i would not teach kids to bake as their first cooking lesson. it is easy to do, because teaching them baking is quite easy for them to master… but people should resist the easy way out and teach the kids to cook main meals, rather than desserts. i mean to say teach them to use appliances… a microwave, or  an oven, ( a halogen oven is the best way, so easy and easy to clean too) for eg, as it is really the easiest way to cook. for eg, roasting chicken, take a pack of frozen chicken pieces, thaw it out , then just season the pieces of chicken with salt, (add pepper , spices if u have them) and that is it, put in oven at 200C for about 1hr. if they want, put some potatoes , carrots , parsnips, in the bottom tray to roast.

teaching kids to stir fry would be another method i would urge people to teach kids. it is a bit more difficult to master but with that skill they can make a meal anytime anywhere. but my basic premise is dont teach them to bake. just as i would tell people dont give small kids sweet things or add suger to their food. that way they grow up in their early years never getting to like sweet things. and when they grow older and start being bombarded with sweet adverts, they might just not like sweets. i say this because that is what happened to me. as a kid , we never were given sweets, nor anything sweet… too poor. so i never got a sweet tooth. and that is a blessing now i look back on it. even when i started being bombarded with desserts,

when i came to uk, i was seduced at the beginning by desserts, but later as i realised suger  is not a good thing, i can very easily cut out these desserts from my life and never feel the lack of them. now i dont have desserts, (or starters, another waste of money) and dont eat sweets .

saves me a lot of problems in my old age now…avoiding  tooth decay and lots of dental fillings or extractions, being the best one. not to mention not being overweight. i can wear clothes that fit me now when i was younger.