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a new year is coming and calendars for it.

17 Dec

london 3.12pm 6.8C rain, sunday 2017

i have been collecting calendars for the new 2018 year. first the daily mail on sunday giving away free royal wedding calendar. showing harry and meghan, even though they are not married yet. we can see it is a rush job, an extra calendar since they allready had given out a calendar earlier featuring the royal babies.

then i went to chinatown just to see what bargains they got. and saw the sambal sauce that i bought for 50p has reduced further to 20p each;. so i bought 4… only yesterday i got a phone call from my friend who lives in slough telling me he went to his local chinese grocer to buy the same sauce for £2.50. hmm, i wont tell him about this ones i bought, no point making him feel bad about it. and anyway he might be the kind of guy who dont want to buy reduced foods that are near their sell by date… human beings are like that. some are too proud to buy reduced price foods. some actually would feel insulted if u think they are so poor that they have to buy sell by date foods. and would get angry with you for telling them about it because that would imply that u think they are too poor.  to me, i would consider it a great tip, and a bargain… but dont tell people otherwise they will think u are fallen  on hard times, reduced to scrounging for food bargains and rifling through the remainder bins and scraps and they will feel sorry for you. haha. 


i got the sauce at the new loon moon in chinatown and they were giving away a calendar. this year they are not putting it out for people to take, but giving it out at the cashier till. they have a small calendar and a large one, and i ask for the large one, just for a change. it is rather pretty, with a gold cover, and a bright red inside… the dates are just full of chinese characters, which i cannot read. it seems this coming chinese new year is the year of the dog. the size is lovely, big enough so that i can use the back of each month to make my own calendar next year. i would have lots of room to write things down for next year’s calendar. the cashier asked me if i want a calendar, and i wonder it might be because my purchases came to nearly £5. i bought 3 packs of the ho fun noodles which are great for making char kuey teoh. perhaps if i have not bought so much i might not have gotten the free calendar… i might keep it in mind to buy something from them around this time next year, just to get any freebie calendars that they are giving out. a new calendar for a new year is a very uplifting gift i think, just for the symbolism alone. 

more calendars

14 Jan

london 4.37pm 4.3C dry saturday 2016

every year the daily mail gives a free calendar , usually depicting the royal family, this year it is depicting the kate and harry’s kids. in past years i never can get hold of it, as it is given with the paper, and it just gets taken but this year they are printing a voucher in the paper for you to take to a tesco to get it. so that is how i managed to get hold of one.

it is rather a nice souvenir, but it is one of those things, when i allready got a good calendar ,i now get so many of them. typical isn’t it? but maybe they can be kept as souvenirs and royal trivia to collect for those inclined to collect such things. and of course the kids will grow up and change beyond all recognition. 

maybe i can put down in it all the highlights that happen in the coming 2017 though i hope it wont be full of deaths of celebrities. at least we know when their birthdays are haha. and what star sign they are. prince george 22 july , charlotte 2nd may. so what star sign are they?

 actually there are websites where u can use your own photos to make such calendars like this. a nice way of remembering the growing up stages of your children and family i think.