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19 Sep

london 7.40pm thursday 2019 17C dry night

its been a very nice day, cloudless blue sky and all that.

we have been out and about a lot, eating free food, because there have been a free aubergine promotion in camden market, they give away a aubergine for u to exchange for a aubergine based dish in those restaurants that are around the north yard in camden market.

we got our aubergine quite early at about 10am when they first start giving it away, and the restaurants dont start their kitchen till about 12pm, so we decided to bus to goodge st, to a shop near it, who are giving away yaar quark bars, it taste like cheesecake, and is sold as a snack, though here they give us free samples topped with various things. it is quite nice actually as a snack.

it  is on tuesday too, and some friends went there to get it, and we met them at the virgin lounge and i got one to taste. it is quite nice esp with coffee. this time, we ate it sitting near there, and we had no coffee, so it did feel a bit too sweet, but the taste and texture of cheesecake is rather nice.

since i ate that blueberry cheesecake from john lewis’ cafe, i seem to have a liking for it now. i can see how someone can get to start eating it a lot, and upping their suger in their diet. i even went to the supermarket , lidl , and bought their frozen cheesecake. so it even got me too. for someone who normally dont like sweet stuff, it seems to have got me even… but i think i wont be eating anymore of it, not even cheesecake, because i am not buying anymore of it. haha.

i guess the downside of all this free food and samples they give away is that you do get to eat a lot of suger. like today when we went back to camden, and  i exchanged my aubergine for a vegetarian pizza… the cheese in it was lovely, all hot and gooey, and so salty, which is nice, but i can see not something you want to be eating everyday. i could only finish half of it, and pack it to take home to eat later… it was so filling. though my friend, she ate all of hers in the restaurant. and so quickly too… it just shows me up, eating mine so slowly and being full so quickly. last i saw of her, she was in another restaurant , so she was still going strong eating her way . she is 25 so when i was her age, i too could eat a lot. it seems it is true that when we get old, we cannot eat a lot anymore. but then, i know of a friend who is fat, and he is older than me, so it never is good to generalise.

 there are a lot of free eats around, i thought at first that it would die down, but no, it seems the restaurants want to advertise their christmas office parties, and are giving us free food to show us what they have, hoping that some of us would go back to the office and recommend them and so they get bookings  for the office parties. there must be plenty of offices in london all looking for venues to host their staff christmas parties. i think they make their profits from the drinks bill. i know that it can be as much if not more than the food costs. and the profit from drinks is very high and easy to serve as it hardly needs any preparation or cooking unlike foods.

its no wonder pubs were so plentiful in the old days, where someone can make a profit just by selling nothing but alcohol. except now everyone have been told how bad alcohol is for us, so like cigarettes, people have moved away from just drinking only. now they need eating as an excuse to drinking. haha. so now you not only can get to destroy your liver from alcohol, but can destroy a whole lot of other organs  from overeating too. it seems no one can win. haha. life is a losing game. and we all lose in the end, because we all die dont we? i guess we can win if we enjoy our life as much as possible between being born and death. maybe travelling for leisure is a good way of enjoying life. jetting off all over the world, seeing sights and meeting people, and eating your way through all those cultures, that is a way of spending and enjoying life i guess. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

there are some small pieces of aubergine in there. but it is nice for the cheeses in there. later, i found out from one of the others that the shop gave them the aubergine after removing the stickers and she got 13 aubergines, which she gave away to friends to cook dishes with it. i myself would not mind having a few , because they are nice in mackerel fish curry. and they go well in lasagne.