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5 Feb

london 4.44pm 4C overcast, monday 2018

i am seeing a tv film holiday camp, 1947. i noticed everyone of the actors are not very good looking. the only name i can recognise is jack warner, or at least i thought i did, until i google him and saw that it was not the jack warner i was thinking of.  i thought jack warner was that actor whose wife was natalie wood. i guess it must be because he is in the news now because they are rehashing the case of her death on board a boat. her husband was robert warner.

but anyway, looking at this film in black and white, i recognise the actress flora robson. she was quite old in this film. ( i said was but i am not sure if she is dead or still alive now) but have you noticed, british film actors dont seem to be as good looking as those from hollywood. here they chose talent, rather than looks, and so we dont get all those old actresses coming up years later accusing men of rape and other things in the british film industry. it is all hollywood and american films people that have these accusations. which just goes to show the casting couch is alive and well there. now it has come to haunt the men after all these years.

its quite a overcast day today. suppose to be cold but of course if u are wrapped up warm, you wont notice it, and so i did not. it is not windy that might make it even more unnoticeable.

i am glad for the camelia bush in the communal garden, it is the only one bursting with flowers and making things more cheerful with their colour.

but also the mimosa tree is coming into flower. i have noticed this tree, growing on its own near the pimlico library , and never knew its name, until i read a account of it, in a article about trees in london. it seems it is one of the few mimosa trees in london. it has yellow flowers , very small but grows in clumps, and can cover the whole tree so that you dont notice the green leaves; and it got a scent, which is unusual nowadays when everything nowadays is grown because it has no scent. and it flowers in winter, another unusual plant that does so, like the camellia.