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got a new camera today

4 Jul

london 11.20am 19C sunny saturday 2020

i got a new camera to replace the old one that stopped working. it is a black one this time, because argos has run out of stock of the blue ones. it is the same brand. kodak camera.

but at first i was told there are none in stock. the computer simply told the truth that there were no blue ones in stock. as it can only replace like for like. and it seems i cannot get the old one repaired as due to covid shutdown, all the repair shops are closed. so it seems i can only get a refund, and since i paid cash £59.99, it will be in the form of a gift card, not cash.

and if i want to look up another camera to buy it seems i have to use my chromebook to get online, as all the store computers were shut down. no one allowed to order instore, everyone have to do it online . i said i dont know how to do it, but the store sales woman said she can help me with it. when i got online i saw they have this same brand of camera on sale, even though the computer that the sales assistant used said they were out of stock. but i think it is the blue ones that are out of stock, because she clicked on the black one and it allowed her to order. 

the wifi in the store was very slow, so that it took some time for the transaction to finish.  but eventually, after we had to walk all the way to the front of the store to get a better wifi speed, she helped me make a purchase. and it was a black one, because i think that was all they have in stock in the store.

anyway it was quite a easy experience, maybe because the shop assistant did all the work for me. and i was able to leave the store with a new replacement. and this one even got a sd thing, which i had to pay extra for the last time i paid for this camera. so now i got two of these sd gadgets. i dont know what sd stands for , but they are for storing all the pictures .

the one i bought had 32G storage, i dont know how big is this one i got with the new camera. anyway i am now charging the camera, and shall try to be more careful where i stick it into,  and more gentle when i press the buttons on it, if it is so fragile as to go wrong with rough handling.

fortunate that they could trace my original purchase of that previous camera, because i dont have the receipt, only the collection reference number, and lucky that using that she was able to trace the original records.

i think they got my email wrong, when i did the first purchase;  because i never did get the receipt which they say they will send to me. this time i made sure she got it right, so i am able to get the email with the receipt. in case this one also died on me before the year is out. i bought the old one mid nov 2019. so it is still within guarantee. this new one shall expire its guarantee on 4 july 2021.

i went to the library after this. the victoria library was the only one in the area to open. i only found out when i looked in their website to see which libraries are opened. paddington, charing cross and church st branches are opened too.

i returned the book i borrowed before the lockdown and which they have been renewing all these months. 

i was hoping to read the papers, but there were none. they are not ordering any. and the selection of books to borrow was rather poor, so i left without borrowing any more books.

its a pity that  i cannot go there  to hang around reading the papers. all the tables in the reading room were taped off too, so it looks like they are not encouraging people to sit there. it is possible that they might use this excuse to shut down libraries, because i have been reading that a lot of libraries are not being adequately funded what with so many other things claiming attention and money.

we can all borrow books via the online system, so it does seem that is a good alternative, and better too as it avoids contact with people. so they might expand that service and cut down on the physical aspects of storing books and handling them. digital books are also easier to read for those of us whose eyesight is not so good anymore. i find that is true for me. i can enlarge the size of the font, so that it is comfortable to read. 

in fact, now that i have experienced the new way of shopping, i can see how that might be the new shopping thing. just order online and use the shop just to collect the goods straight away instead of waiting for it to be delivered. as the future unfolds we shall all find new things to adjust to, the old ways will be gone all because of this corvid thing.

first picture i took with this new camera.