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not a nice shopping for a camera from argos.

12 Nov

london 1.29pm rain 7C tuesday 2019

i went just now to the argos near me, (it is inside a sainsburys store, as argos has been bought by sainsburys. though i found out later that they are not in the nectar scheme, so i could not get any points). i bought a small kodak camera and a memory card because the assistant says it hasnot got one. but now i am thinking of returning it because when i got back i found it has no adaptor. i have read in the letters column somewhere of a person complaining of it, saying they bought a camera to find it has no adaptor included in the price. now this had happened to me, and i wished i had opened the pack and checked it at the store. now i have to return to the store, and it is raining, so wont be so pleasant . ah well, it has put me off buying anything now. i thought it would be a simple thing, just plug and play as it were.

i lost the previous camera, and it was simon’s so came with all the gadgets and i did not have to figure it out. and so i never did have to buy any gadgets myself or set it up.  and i can see times have moved on. even the argos store is fully electronic now.

in the past u choose a catalog number and go to the counter to place the order, and then wait for it to be taken from storage. now i had to ask the assistant to help me with ordering it from the screens in store. and she told me i have to get a memory card, as the camera’s own memory is very small. and she found one for me at £10. so the camera costs in total £70. and it is a  very simple camera. it looks like a toy actually when i opened it . 

simon’s old camera which i lost is much more sophisticated than that. but i figured it should do me as i am only taking simple photos that is all. but now i find it has no adaptor, it has put me off the whole thing. so i shall go back and ask if it is a mistake that it has no adaptor, and if they tell me there is no mistake, (even though in the contents list it includes a adaptor), i shall return it and abort the whole thing. 

added. 2.46pm 7C cloudy .

i got back from returning that camera to the argos store. just after i wrote the above, i read a sticker on the box saying no adaptor included. so that answered my question so i took the whole thing back and just asked for a refund. she checked carefully the contents, and mentioned the plastic cover over the camera , another one it seems, was missing. i dont think there was one, and i think she overlooked the big plastic which i returned with the camera. anyway she went to the back and got a small plastic cover which she put in and then over that put in the big plastic cover, and so i was able to get my money back. so no questions asked as to why i wish a refund. haha. or i would have told them that they should include a adaptor, otherwise how am i going to charge the battery? the shop dont seem to sell adaptors, and even then how do i know which ones fit the camera? i think it really curious that they can sell these things without the adaptor. or are they thinking that everyone got a ion battery charger in their house . i got the adaptor for simon’s camera, but it does not fit any hole in the camera i bought.

i read somewhere that these digital cameras are not selling, because everyone got a smartphone with a camera attached to it. so like watches they are becoming redundant.

steve was telling me when we were waiting yesterday in the queue for the free chicken burger that he had bought a newer smartphone, an android something 9, to replace the old one which was something 4 or 5. it seems the old one wont accept newer things anymore. well he explained it to me, but i did not understand half of what he said. haha. all i gather is that you have to regularly buy a new smartphone, or a newer one, whether u like it or not. so i am wondering, can i get one of these obsolete ones just for their camera???


snow globe

23 Dec

london 12.19pm 10C light rain sunday 2018

Digital StillCamera

i thought my camera has kaput, because the screen just went blank, and i thought i shall have to buy a new one, i was eyeing one costing £39 in argos, but it seems to have corrected itself and is working fine now. i took this picture of a snow globe given to me by peter, when he came to stay at my place recently.