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Most cancers are caused by bad luck not genes or lifestyle, say scientists – Telegraph

2 Jan

Most cancers are caused by bad luck not genes or lifestyle, say scientists – Telegraph.

interesting finding about cancer. seems it is part of nature, the more times a cell divides, the more the chance of errors in duplication and getting cancerous changes. 1/3 due to lifestyles and environment , 2/3 of cancers are random. but u can see how it is random because even getting cancerous cells does not mean u will die of it, because the body has other defense mechanisms that can detect these cells and destroy them . it is the coming together of failures in all these safeguards and defenses that will allow cancer to develop and even then it might be so slow that u die of other things. makes u see how random it all is, doesn’t it?

seems to me just natures way of killing us. a doctor said cancer is the best way to die, so maybe it is how nature kills off people, as we dont have many natural enemies. viruses and bacteria are our most serious enemies, that can kill us , but even then our own natural immunity plus our clever brains that invents medicines and vaccines have made them less killers than in the past. so there is only cancer left.  i bet aging is a factor, as we grow older our cells dont divide so good anymore and more errors comes in. that is why if u live long enough and escape heart and lung diseases or fatal accidents, u will get cancer even if u follow the lifestyle book and live a blameless life.

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