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telephone and car, letting go

2 Aug

london 10.14am 17C sunny thursday 2018

i just had a online conversation with talk talk, my telephone and broadband provider. it was a chat function on their website that enabled me to contact them and have a real time conversation. usually we have to call them on the phone. i wanted to give notice to them that i dont want to take up their £3 a month subscription to the free sim card that they gave me. at the moment, i get free calls for 200mins and unlimited text and 500MB of data on the mobile but this will end in sept. i just had to give notice and let them know i dont want to join their plan where i have to pay £3 a month. and it was all done painlessly in a short conversation online. isn’t technology great? so now i have the use of it till 1sept, when it will close. and since i dont want to keep the number, that number will disappear forever. (or more probably, it will be given to another person.)

i shall replace the sim with an ASDA pay- as- i -go sim where the tariff is quite low. i wont be using my landline phone to make calls, as talk talk charges a lot to use it. i still keep the contract to supply my landline telephone and broadband , it expires in 2020. so that wont change. it is only £20 a month for unlimited broadband and landline for incoming calls only.

i think i might be unusual in not wanting to keep this talktalk mobile number. most people want to keep it. but i hardly make any calls and it is easy to inform friends of any new mobile numbers or in my case reverting to an old number. i think people can get to love a phone number… and be reluctant to move their mobile supplier, in case they lose the number. but nowadays u can get that number to follow you. it can be a bother though. 

simon too have been letting go recently. he told me he had sold his car. he took it to a garage for its MOT test and it passed. and he asked the tester if he wants to buy it and they agreed on £400. it is an old Ford Ka. and he told me while he was parking it, his clutch stopped working. haha. by that time he had allready sold it. so he was quite glad he got rid of it just in time. the garage he sold it too can most probably replace the old clutch and resell it for a profit.

simon will save a lot more money by getting rid of the car. there is really no reason to keep a car in central london. for some people, letting go is easier than for others.