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what are the jobs of the future?

24 Apr


I have to say i wont want to be a career adviser to the youngsters now. a lot of jobs are being replaced by robots and machines. the bank cash machine is one. the supermarket self service tills are another. and we are talking of driverless trains, and ticket readers that do away with the ticket collector. 

I am thinking of this because i am looking at a tv program talking about this … called man and machine. Things are getting automated. the program ended without much hope for people, concluding that jobs will be lost from automation, but not saying what will replace it. 

I am guessing the future jobs will be in the service industries, police, shop assistants, catering jobs which will  include restaurant work like chefs, kitchen staff, waiting staff, because those jobs wont be easy to replace with robots. and the hotel industry will still need people to clean the rooms and laundry and needed in reception. 

hairdressers, and health staff, nurses, doctors, dentists, etc. will be still needed in future and robots wont take over those.

maybe office staff may still be needed.

care workers may be the biggest growth industry. but it is such a thankless job with long hours dealing with old people, it wont be very nice and wont be well paid either. nursery staff will also be booming i guess. what about education? teaching will still be needed at all levels, primary, secondary, college and university. but it is rather a dreary prospect to be a teacher. 

construction will be another people business, i think. 

oh, electrical , gas, workers will always be needed. plumbers too. so those will be safe jobs to go for. and vehicle( car) mechanics will also be needed , i guess.

but these jobs sound rather low paid with long unsocial hours. maybe not gas , electricity and plumbers. they certainly charge a lot just to come to the home on a callout. 

what jobs are there for us to take in future??? 

maybe with the rise of technology in future there will be jobs that are not even heard of now for us to take. I am glad i dont have to advise future generations about what career to choose. 

i go swimming and i go to the library and i enjoy both very much but it seems they have calculated the monetary value of it, in terms of making us happy, and it seems it is equivalent to a pay rise of £1300 a year. and guess what… going to the gym is not the same. it does not make u happier. of course they dont know if the reason for this is because sad people go to the gym, and happy people go swimming and to the library, and not vice versa.