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caribbean festival

25 Aug

london 3.19pm 16C cloudy. saturday 2018

this weekend will be the last holiday weekend before christmas. so those working will try to make the best of it. the nottinghill carnival will be on this sunday and monday, though weather forecast says it will rain heavily on sunday afternoon and night. sunday is for families. it begins today too so families might like to go there today instead of tomorrow.

i have never been to the carnival, in all the time i have lived here in london. it is strange now i come to think of it. even in my early days here, when i would go to anything really, so eager was i to join in on any celebration, i have not thought of going there.

i have been to brazil, during their mardi gras festival, and it is a lot of fun. yet when i got back here, it never occurred to me to continue that festive mood by joining in the nottinghill carnival. i still cannot explain why i dont join in.

recently jamie oliver promoted his jerk rice, and people have been accusing him of cultural appropriation. the jerk sauce is usually meant to be used on meat, esp chicken , or so i gather. to use it on rice seems to be a step too far. haha. i have seen jerk chicken being sold by the hawkers in brixton. i have not tasted it. it sounds too similar to s.e.asian cooking. goat curry is also another dish favoured by caribbeans, though how it differs from indian goat curry i dont know. maybe it seems too similar to s.e.asia that is why i dont have a huge desire to sample caribbean cooking.