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17 Nov

london 2.07pm 14.2C sunny virgin lounge friday 2017

i saw the power of the sun in bleaching things, when the bus passed the shop window of some expensive carpet shop on piccadilly. they have huge carpets hanging on the window display and all of them were bleached white, all their colours and patterns gone. i thought it was quite an unnerving thing to see… and certainly did not make me want to buy a carpet. haha. but it did forcefully show how the sun is great for making whites whiter. if u have often wondered why indians in india are always seen wearing such brilliantly white clothing, making you think how do they get their clothes so clean and white… and spotless… now you know. it is the sun. 

i have been talking of how unfuturistic my world is and have wondered is it just me, or   maybe others live a more futuristic life with voice command in their houses to control things. and i read this today about a parrot who have discovered it…. ordering alexa to switch on all the lights and when it did, having a good chuckle over it. haha.

nothing much happening

1 Jul

london 10.40am 18C light rain friday 2016

the start of july.

london 7.07pm 17C sunny . the day has been a mix of sunshine and rain.

this morning i saw a large carpet rolled up near the recycling bins. it was v heavy. it would be nice to have got it, but then, i also think i dont really have anywhere to put it. my flat has more than enough of carpets. it is strange that i like carpets. i wonder why because living in malaysia I never have any experience of carpets. all the floors in malaysia are either wooden, or tiled. carpets would just make it harder to sweep clean, because u have to lift it up first. not to mention having to beat it now and then. here in uk, we all mostly have wall to wall carpets. but it is not the same thing. the patterns in the carpets are what fascinates me i think, and what makes a lot of people like having them. anyway, when i returned from the library, it was gone. the whole area swept clean, so the removal men have been to clear up i think.

my life now is rather uneventful. my friend john just now wrote me an email talking about what he intends to do with his bedroom. he is (at last) putting in a double bed. it is very small bedroom so he has to juggle everything else to make it fit. for a gay man to have a single bed for so long is v unusual. most of us like to make room for another person to sleep with. so he is spending a bit of money to upgrade his bedroom.

there is turmoil in the political world where two major parties are trying to change their leaders. i am not too bothered with it. there is much jockeying for positions but it is all an internal affair involving the members of the two political parties. i think to all of us on the outside, we just want them to get on and vote and select a leader and then they might get on to the real work of preparing the country for brexit.

the world goes on as usual, with tourists flocking to uk. i see lots of student groups wandering in line or milling about in a crowd around the westend and quite young children too. now of course they must be rather happy as their foreign money goes further what with the £ being cheaper to buy.

as for me, my life really goes on much as before. if anything things are cheaper… the 10kg kohinoor basmati rice which i bought for £10 has gone down to £9 and now go down to £8.50. there seem to be a glut of them now. i wonder why? commercial things like this are a mystery to me. why some things goes cheaper and others not.

veg is going cheap too. right now lettuce and celery are 29p each. usually they are 50p-80p. so i am gouging on them haha. but of course u cannot really glutton yourself on veg. it is impossible. 


Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

lots of kids from europe or at least that is my guess, but dont know why they are all wearing union jack caps; come to london for their holidays. under eros statue in piccadilly square.