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lots of carrots

23 Nov

london 9.45pm 10.1C dry wednesday 2016

you might be forgiven if u think i am referring to the autumn statement by the chancellor which he is giving today. but no it is literally about carrots.

i was in the tesco near me and there was a 2.5kg bag of carrots reduced to 27p. it was originally £2.49. my immediate thought was that i can have them roasted as i suddenly crave roasted veg. and i guess i can think of other ways to use it up. boiled with some meat (pork)  of course to make a soup,or a curry, or a stew, stir fry, grated to make a salad. 

Digital StillCamera

10.52pm . i crave roast carrots , so cannot wait till tomorrow. i have put in a batch of it in the oven. so i shall have roast carrots tonight.