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levitating cars/truck

28 Nov

london 12.47pm 9.2C cloud saturday 2015

i did notice this video asking why the cars suddenly levitating from the ground. i didnt bother to click on it to see what the fuss was about. but i saw this in my news feed saying the mystery was solved. it is a cable lying on the road which got snagged by a road cleaner on the right that swept the other vehicles off their feet (wheels) as it were. nowadays with cameras everywhere, we get to see such things quite often now and people will post them on to the web. the force must be really something if it can do that to 3 vehicles.

its possible that the cable is a trip wire that counts the traffic as it crosses it.

living in london pt 19

11 Aug


yesterday as i was walking to the library at about 2pm, there was a long queue of cars on all the access roads to vauxhall bridge.

it was a sunday and normally there would be hardly any traffic but that day the prudential bike run has closed down a lot of bridges and vauxhall bridge must be one of the few left open.

well, i did not have any sympathies for those car drivers. serves them right for wanting to drive across the river knowing full well that every year when this prudential ride happens, it causes huge traffic jams, with the most serious being the lack of bridges over the thames that are open for traffic.

it is not a good time to be driving  in central london or south of the river, and anyone living in london should know that. i got emails from tfl telling me of it and so should many of those who live in london.

all the buses would be disrupted too, and that we all know. that is why i did not go on the buses to charing cross library which i would normally do on a sunday.

Though come to think of it, i nearly did, and the only thing that stopped me was the torrential rain that pelted down in the morning just when i was thinking of taking the bus to the charing cross library.

my soul does not want to make my life difficult and i would like to think that it send the rain pelting down just when i was thinking of going to the centre of town.

you may laugh , what is all this talk of souls making your life difficult; but it stopped me from going there and suffering all the disruptions of bus routes and timing. it would have been a miserable time for me if i had gone.

so i guess i should not blame the car drivers…those car drivers driving around may have forgotten about that day, and took the car out and then got stuck in traffic jam and realised they forgot about the ####y bike ride. by which time it is too late. well they should kick themselves for being so stupidly forgetful, and tell off their souls not to make their lives difficult.

i have noticed the car drivers stayed in the queue, i saw only one van making a u turn and getting out of there;  instead of turning round and just go home and take the tube or train. 


minor things in life

16 Jun

There was a long line of cars waiting for the lights to go red, and this car was honking and trying to attract the attention of the car next to it, but slightly ahead.
It turned out when they moved off, that the car had a flat tire on the back wheel, and the other car was trying to let it know. It is one of the mysteries of life that when u are driving a car , u can never know if one of the tires go flat. nowadays, tires don’t go flat with a bang, but quietly lose air. I am sure he would be damaging his tire hub rim by driving on it with a flat tire.

It made me realise how glad I am that I don’t have a car. These things really can make life irritating…I mean things going wrong with the car; and we are not even talking about the agro u can get from other road users.

I go through life now getting lots of evidence of these minor irritations, and reinforcing to me how wonderful my life is without having those things.

So what I am saying is if u feel life is depriving you of its enjoyment because u cannot afford to run a car, just be happy that u don’t have a car and never have to tolerate the nonsensical irritations that owning a car will bring to you.

I happened to find a daily mirror newspaper in the library the other day, and saw an advert by asda of 50p celery and 60p brocolli. That is the good thing about these cheap tabloid newspapers, u get adverts about bargains in the supermarkets. Unlike the so called quality papers. So often, it is the only way I can know of these special low price offers. Vegetables are cheap now, maybe because it is the summer and so the harvest is plentiful.

Also, mywaitrose card arrived by the post. I registered for it online. I tried it out by going to the Tottenham court waitrose, to get my free coffee. It was a self service, and the cashier did not even take my card to swipe the number. maybe he rang it up on the till but he said to go ahead and get the coffee so i did.  It normally costs £1.80. The coffee was v weak, and I realise it was because I used a large cup to make the cappuccino. The trouble was this was the only size available. I thought the machine will just dispense the small amount, but it seems to be controlled by the cup size.

Another day I went to the waitrose in john lewis, and this time the cashier rang it up in his till and gave me a receipt for it. It was normally £2.10 . But foolishly I spilt all of it when I went to add the suger. So I never did taste it. I shall have to go again to try it properly next time.

But it is a great service of waitrose to give free coffee every day with the card.

I think u can get free coffee everywhere in waitrose branches that serve coffee. The john lewis one is the only one I know that actually have someone make it fresh for you. I am kicking myself for spilling that coffee because it looked like a really good cup of coffee. The others seem to dispense it from a machine.

I saw the new waitrose in Vauxhall have a coffee making machine so maybe they too will give me free coffee. It is not listed in the list of branches that offer this service. I shall have to ask them one day when I happen to be waiting for a bus in Vauxhall.

Even though there is this great coffee offer from waitrose , I wont be using it much. I don’t really like strong coffee.

But isn’t London lovely to have this free coffee available?

I heard about this waitrose coffee offer from a blog about frugal living. Now that is one good reason for reading other people’s frugal blogs.haha.

My gym membership is going to expire in august and I am thinking of not renewing it. At the moment it is £11 a month, but come august it will be a year and the introductory offer expires and so the membership goes up to the normal £20 a month. I am wondering if it is worth the £20 a month.

I go regularly, but I have free swimming sessions at the local sports centre, and so I could get my exercise from swimming instead of the gym.
So I think I shall terminate my gym membership come august and see if I can just do swimming.

It will be a change from the gym. I am getting a bit bored with the gym.

Life is so carefree now, that this is the kind of thing that exercise my mind. Minor things as u can see.