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lee kum kee competition

10 Feb

london 1.24pm 10.1C cloudy wednesday 2016

i saw an advert by leekumkee, in the time out free magazine today; it is to link it to the new kungfu panda movie 3. that movie has come out in america during the superbowl.the trailer made me laugh. that mention of ‘master chicken’ at the end, just got me laughing and couldn’t stop… the cartoons are beautifully drawn and have many funny jokes that are adult related too. i saw the previous two on tv not in the cinema, and even on my tv screen, it looked fabulous. 

the competition gives4 winners a chance to win a trip to brussels, madrid, edinburgh, to watch the pandas there. plus u get to win the set of 4 noodle bowls, which i much like, and prefer to the city trips. haha. i bought a leekumkee sesame oil recently. from tesco of all places. they were selling it for £2 , normally in chinatown they are like £2.80 for a 207ml bottle.

i use the sesame oil quite a lot in my cooking. just a dash of it will do , added to the final stage of the cooking. and it perks it up no end. i have used this bottle, and it is very good. very authentic, with that intense flavour. i have tried other supermarket oils  , labelled toasted sesame oil, and it is not so good. so dont buy any that are toasted. 

i have read some people  tell u to use it for stir frying, in liew of vegetable oil. that i think is a mistake, sesame oil is not very good when heated too high, as in frying… it gets burnt easily with high temperatures. but add just a dash to the vegetable oil, and it gives it a nice aroma. 




tintin exhibition

13 Nov

london 4.39pm friday 2015

this drawing epitomises for me the tintin character. hiking with his dog snowy. it is quite  serious story lines in the cartoons now that i am able to browse some of the cartoons that are on sale in the shop. they say there are lots of laughs there, but it has pass over my head. maybe the humour is very serious too and too high brow for me to understand. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

somerset house has a nice terrace where u can watch the sunset over the thames. it was high tide when i was there. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

view over the thames, the boats are riding high as the water is at hightide. at low tide, the boats would be below street level.


4 Jan


it has its premier on terrestial tv, just now.

i have never seen it, inspite of hearing it mentioned often.

so now i have seen it, i suppose i have gone too old to appreciate it like a child. perhaps i would have liked it if i were a kid. who knows.

it is rather famous for introducing death into a cartoon.

i was expecting a death bed scene with bambi all tears and crying for his mother to wake up because they all said of the film that bambi’s mother deer died. but the actual scene was very indirect.

it shows a gun shot and bambi looking back and him running around looking for his mother, and then the leader stag came and led him away. and that was it. no more scenes after that about the mother. she had just disappeared.

 i wonder whether this film had been cut and the death scene was removed.

must be quite traumatic on any kid to see. but as it is , i would not have realised  that the mother had died and shot by hunters if i did not know of it from all the talk about it.

i have a feeling a lot of kids viewing it now would never have known either.

maybe just as well, as death i think is too early to introduce to kids. let them live their happy carefree lives without knowing of life’s harsh reality just yet. 

the art work is very beautiful, it was done in 1948, where it was all handdrawn with fuzzy edges and merging colours. all very pretty. but i think i am too old now to enjoy it. you need to be a child i think to enjoy it.

to my old age viewpoint, i felt it dragged a bit, too slow to us used to fast action.

there is no going back when it comes to re -living our childhood. that innocence once gone is gone forever.