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why do some of us seek excitement in our lives

9 Jun

london 6.32pm cloudy saturday 2018

8.32pm18C dry now, but rain at 9.30pm

earlier, they have been running the naked bike ride here in london. a chance to cycle naked through the centre of london. i remember it was quite an exciting thing to do when it first started , this is the 15th year. and u can imagine it was quite a novelty when it first began. that was what made us so excited and we joined in. but now it has become quite normal and it has lost its excitement for me. that is why my friend, john, who lives in bournemouth dont join in anymore. it was fun while it lasted for us.

i find we humans like to find exciting things to do. travelling, i think for many, remains the most popular form of excitement. used to be it was only for a few, but not now. it is for the masses now.added. 10.6.18.found this link to what tourist spots to avoid. 

i have a feeling that many people judge how well they have lived their lives by the excitement they generate out of it. so u will find these people are like excitement -junckies. that is where u get people saying, do a new thing everyday. make that a goal in life. i find that very tiring… but then they would say i am not really living, but existing.

where u lie in this depands on your philosophy or your age.  when i was young, i used to think that life is  about seeing and doing new things. i think that is the characteristic of the young. that is how we humans make progress. that is why the world belongs to the young.

old people dont like change. its a generalisation, you could say that, but is it true? i think it is , generally speaking.


2 left feet

28 Feb

london 8.30pm -2.9C snowing slightly. wednesday 2018

it snowed today in london and in the middle of the day as it were too. it did not last long. it is very nice actually like one of those snow globes that u see when u shake them. but the day had been cold, i mean below zero, so much so that the snow on the ground did not melt as it would normally.

after the snow episode, the rest of the day was very bright and blue sky… but it did not warm up the air… and now they say there will be a storm from the south, storm emma, named by the portuguese weather people. it should be warm , coming from the south, but it will meet this cold wind from siberia, so there will be song and dance happening.

it is all rather fun for me. maybe if u are a commuter it wont be so much fun as the tube and trains and god knows what else will be disrupted.

earlier tonight i went to the tesco to buy some breakfast things, eggs and tomatoes and mushrooms, and it was only when i got home that i found out the cashier gave me an old £10 note. and tomorrow it becomes invalid.

i was rather angry at that cashier, i can tell you, and was saying to myself i would tell her off and ask her why would management not replace all the human cashiers with machines, if humans can make this kind of mistake.

but later i felt we humans do make mistakes, and it would not be a good thing to get her into trouble if i make a complain. and it is no big thing to just go to a bank tomorrow and exchange it. in fact, from tomorrow the cashier will have to make sure no one pay them with old £ 10 notes, otherwise it might have to come out of their pockets if they accept them. but it makes me realise that i must scan my change very carefully from now on haha. to make sure i dont get these old bank notes given to me.

this is the first time it happened to me, to be given an old bank note in change and i have been using my £20 notes all the time whenever i buy things, so that i get a lot of £10 notes in change and always got new bank notes. till now. such is life i guess.

life as usual is very pleasant, i mean my life. i have been getting my weekly exercise by going to my circuit class… today there was just 3 of us, one of us discovered that his gym shoes he bought were two left feet. it gave me a good laugh… they look the same. black nike shoes, and he must have got two of the same pattern and picked up the two left feet in his haste. he had to do the exercises in bare feet. oh, i forgot, another joined us later. he was late. 

the new wordpress editor

17 Nov

london 8.33am cloudy 13.7C tuesday 2015

my word, this new editor is real fast. before it always begins with a boop beep de boob haha. which i find rather fun myself, but i know it irritates others. they complain about it but never realise it is an option that u can disable if u know how.

but this time it just comes up so fast it sort of shocks you. at least it did me when it happened to me first time.

it looked so strange too. and the words are so much smaller. my old man eye sight noticed that straight away. luckily i can make it bigger by selecting heading 3, and i think they realise a lot of people need this option, because now it is placed prominently on the first line of the toolbar. before it was hidden in the second line. now the select colour button is on the second line.

hmm, i can anticipate a lot of people moaning about this new editor, it takes a bit of time getting used to , then u adjust yourself and it does not become strange and u find it may even be better. haha. it must be a great boon to people who like newness, and variety . another thing to play about with. haha. 

it may be useful one day

14 Jan


I had a bodum tea pot, a clear glass pot which I have been using for brewing my tea. It is very nice, and I learnt something from it… that u don’t need a filter for the tea leaves.

It is perfectly possible to let some tea get onto the cup as you can see it at the bottom of the cup. This can only work if u drink your tea black, no milk in other words as the milk make the tea opaque.

So that made me realise u don’t need a filter for tea leaves.

Then recently I broke that tea pot. I was rolling out pastry and accidentally shoved the pot off the table and crashed on to the floor.

And now I am using a old tea pot that I like and have its spout broken but kept all this time. I like it that was why I did not throw it away. Usually when the spout got broken u throw away the pot as it is not good anymore . You would think the tea will dribble all over the place when u pour tea out.

But since I broke my bodum, I was forced to use it and to my surprise I found it poured tea very well, even with that broken spout.

Hmm, so now I get to use a tea pot whose pattern I really like and back to square one as it were.

It was like my bodum stage had never happened.

The reason why I am writing all this down, such mundane goings on, u will think, is because I have been reading blogs saying declutter and throw away things that are broken, and u are not going to use anymore.

Well, if I had thrown this old tea pot away I wont be able to reuse it now. So I am beginning to think not all broken things should be thrown away. That chestnut excuse that it might come in useful some day, can be true. Haha.

Anyway it certainly came true for this old tea pot.

And I discovered another joy, it pours tea effortlessly, whereas the bodum one has a lid with a slot from which the tea flows out and that slot restricts the flow.

The set has lovely tea cups, with patterns both inside and out. But I don’t drink tea from a cup anymore. Though now I am using it I might.
The thing with tea cups is that u only need to pour out that amount of tea and drink it hot.

If u use a mug, as I have been doing, I realise I don’t drink it all and what remains go cold. So there is something to be said about using tea cups, and these are real pretty. So maybe this is another one of those things that I kept and can be useful one day, and their time has come. i notice my habits change when circumstances happen that force me to change and then i find i like the new situation. which is why i dont mind things changing. it can lead to better things. or different things that might not be better but just as good.