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26 Sep

london 9.51am 12.8C sunny wednesday 2018

sunrise 6:53 AM sunset 6:52 PM
Length of Day 11 h 58 m
Tomorrow will be 3 minutes 55 seconds shorter

i would say today is the real autumn equinox.

life in london is very pleasant. its been brilliant blue sky and sunshine. at least for me. if u are working, it might not be so good… because the piccadilly line (that runs to heathrow) is on strike from today till saturday morning.

oh, also google has done its changes and finally it has come to me… yesterday i noticed an update required on my chrome, and when it finished the tag has changed shape, from trapezoidal to rectangular. i have been told about this change ages ago, finally it came. i have heard they have made other changes but i think it is more applicable to people with smartphones. i dont see any other obvious changes on my laptop. the emphasis these days is all on the smartphone user. they are the ones targetted for ads and scams and what else. thank goodness if they ignore us laptop users it would be a good thing. then we dont get all that scam and stuff. but telephone scamming still goes on, and it seems have caught out a lot of people who should know better. usually they pretend to be from their bank and  tell them their account has been hacked and ask them to transfer money to a new account. there are still people who will fall for that trick.

now that my talktalk provider has told me of a protective method to stop scam calls, i dont receive so many of such calls anymore. they first ask the caller to identify themselves and then tell me who they are and ask me if i want to take the call. only if i agree will they connect me. this seems to get rid of scammers, as they are reluctant to identify themselves. and it is only done for the first call from that person, when they call subsequently, they are put through straight away. that happened to my friend when he called me the first time, and then later i got his call put through without them asking him again. its quite a good safeguard i thought. what i dont know will happen is if i were not in… what happens to that call? will the other person think i have deliberately refused them? 

added. 6.23pm 21.6C sunny . i have just come back from the circuit training. 6 of us there this time. two new guys.

earlier i went to chinatown where some restaurants were giving away free dumplings to celebrate dumpling day today. i managed to get dumplings from three of them. have to queue. and they only give a limited amount of dumplings so the queues soon disperse when the numbers were reached.  i did not see steve, and his wife, so maybe they did not make it. it was a young crowd who queued up. 



a rainy day

26 Aug

london 4pm 14C rain sunday 2018

the bus i was in, the 36, which goes to the paddington library, but is also the closest to the nottinghill carnival, was quite busy this morning when i took it at about 10.30am. i would guess about 60% of the people on board the bus are heading for the carnival. a family came on board consisting of two young girls, and their mother i presume. the girls were wearing very nice looking shoes, with sparkling sequins all over and big coloured glass jewels in the front. i thought, do they know it will rain today and that they will be ruined before the day is over? and sure enough when we reached our stop at the library, it was beginning to rain. 

i was earlier in the waitrose nearby, and saw the bean sprouts were reduced to 35p, from 50p 300mg, so i bought it and asked for a coffee too, which was free with my waitrose card. unfortunately they have implemented their policy of not giving out disposable cups, and i forgot to pack mine today, so i have to defer having a coffee. i wonder if i can use the receipt another day. i can get the coffee if i return later but i shall be moving about today…

when i was about to return from the library( both the newspapers there are taken by others so i did not read them) , the first bus to arrive was the 23, so since i cannot know which bus will be coming next due to the disruption in service because of the carnival, i decided to take it and go to the virgin lounge instead. and was able to get a coffee, as well as  read the observer newspaper (which is the guardian when it is sunday) when i was there.

also, whilst browsing the internet there, i found out that the C2 and the 88 have changes. they are going to scrap the C2 by extending the 88 to primrose hill, and thus take over the C2 route. so come early next year, the C2 will be no more.

transport for london tfl is really pruning its bus services , removing a lot of routes. they are trying to save money. hmm, so that means i can get to primrose hill, which is where the highgate ponds are , and where the men naked area is, from my doorstep by taking the 88 and going all the way. it might make me go there more often. though, even now it is quicker to take the tube to kentish town and then take the bus, any bus to primrose hill; and i still dont go. 

i can see how scrapping bus routes will mean there will be fewer need for bus drivers, and that means lower manpower expenses.

also they are going to extend the plastic bag charge to small businesses and raise the charge to 10p a bag. as for the recyclable coffee cups, word is they are going to charge 25p. all the more reason to bring our own cups, i guess. 


21 Aug

london 6pm 26C sunny  tuesday 2018

went to that pop up store, lush, for the free vegan coffee. the owner was telling me about how it is to raise awareness of disposable cups, and that they will be there till 7sept and asking me to come again. rather interesting these promotion ideas and freebies. are they effective in changing behaviour, i wonder.

a lady who came in after me wanted to buy 2 of their made -to- last cups, and when they asked if she would like coffee in it, said she actually came in just to buy the cups.

they are £4 each. (added 24.8.18. i misheard , twice, once when the assistant told me , and now twice, when a guy who was making a video at the shop today, was talking of the cups. i asked him why he said they cost £4 when the sign says they cost £12 and he said he did say £12. but i heard him say £4. i can only say it must be my hearing. even so these cups made from recycleable paper are expensive though elsewhere are selling at this price too, so it is the norm. but you do wonder why must it be so expensive. it wont encourage people to use them. ) i use mine, which cost me £1 from a charity shop. but i bought it years ago, now i doubt they cost that even in charity shops.

24.8.18 friday. the shop was empty of people today, when i went at about lunch time. strange isn’t it? earlier i was at berwick st, where there were lines of people queuing for the street food there. it was a short distance to that street, yet this free coffee place is empty… maybe people dont like vegan coffee… )

the almond milk does impart a strange taste to the coffee…cow’s milk dont cause such a distinctive alteration of the taste… or maybe it does but i am so used to it that i dont notice. i wonder if soya milk also alters the taste of the coffee. or maybe the almond milk dont disguise the bitterness of the coffee, unlike cow’s milk. and that is all there is, the difference in taste is just how effective they mask the bitter taste of coffee… 

i wonder if this campaign will succeed in persuading everyone to carry around a made to last coffee cup with them everywhere and use it to carry their coffee that they buy in the shops. what do u think? will it catch on? somehow i dont think so. the cup is bulky… and needs to be washed when u get home and dried. 

today my gmail looked different. i was rather taken aback when i opened it and their logo , an M on an envelope came up. i am still not used to it, and the initial response i got to it, is i dislike it… but i guess that is always the usual response with something new and i guess i shall accept it even though i will still like the old look. i only hope that i wont start getting adverts in it, like hotmail when they changed their look.

in fact a survey came up when i was in hotmail, asking me if i would recommend them and when i put a 2, very unlikely, they asked me why and i gave that as the reason. so many scam emails now and some of it with my own address, so i cannot block it. and i compared them to gmail and asked why hotmail cannot be like gmail, with no adverts and no scam. if gmail can filter out all those scam emails, why cant hotmail? of course, they could reply, then stop using our hotmail and go to gmail then, why dont you? haha. so even with all those scam and adverts i continue to use hotmail. habits die hard i guess.


hotmail changes

1 Jul

london 10.14am sunny 18C sunday 2018

i wonder if anyone else has experience of the new outlook hotmail format changes.

yesterday my outlook hotmail account, one of them, changed to the new update that they have been telling me for some time. i have not opted for it, as i was happy with the old way. i thought i shall let them force me into it and yesterday it came.

as usual i was confused by it. they split the screen so that when u click on a email message, instead of it opening full screen to show its full message, it uses half the screen and it was so small you cannot read it. this one really put me off, but fortunately after clicking around, i found the setting button, and that allowed me to select to hide it…and that seems to make it open full screen like before.

the other change was a ‘favourite’ folder, that they put on top ahead of the usual folders which contain all the usual ones. which to me is just a extra bit to overlook. fortunately, i discovered a way to get rid of it. 

then an old thing that they introduced long ago which i could not get rid of when it first came out.  the inbox has  a ‘focused’ , and ‘other’ section. it was a bother, because the ‘other’ section carries an ever changing advert as an incoming email. but in fiddling around , i found a way to get rid of it. i now have just the inbox for all my emails that are from my stored address book. all other emails from anyone else goes to the junk section. and today when i got messages, that advert that always comes up in the inbox has gone as well. so it is a good thing, this new change . it allows me to find the buttons that got rid of the changes.

and not all the changes are bad…there is  one that i like, it is a button on the top left, that allows you to get rid of the side bar containing the folders… so allowing you to read the messages really full screen.

simon told me he lost his hotmail account, because he did not send messages from it and it seems that counts as it being inactive. i thought all you have to do to keep it active is to go into the account at least once every 3months or so… i go into it everyday and delete messages. i have two accounts, and i do send messages because john has my two hotmail addresses and he sends messages to both of them and when i reply i seem to have fulfilled the active account requirements.

i think also, they have reduced the size of the account. from 15G to 5G. they informed me of it a long time ago, so that is not a recent change…but since i am ruthless in deleting anything that is sent to me, i dont use up a lot of space and so it does not affect me.

oh, there is another change, they have removed the block button and replaced it with a spam button. in the past i have great satisfaction in blocking the junk messages everytime, and if you wish,  you can block the domain , so that all emails from that domain is blocked as well, but now with this spam button, i dont think i can do that anymore. perhaps it might be more efficient and not allow spam to get in  at all. gmail is very good at that, but hotmail is really hopeless at it. but maybe with this change, it might improve. 

oh another change that i did not like. they have removed the ‘delete all’ button. it is one that i use to delete everything in the junk. and it is great because it does not send  into the deleted section but disappears into the unknown. haha. and another thing, in the past, when my inbox is empty it says’you’re finished’, now it is more polite, and say ‘you’ve fully caught up’.