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low prices of food

5 Feb

london 8.18pm 11.5C drizzle. ( very mild, dont u think?) friday 2016

its the start of the weekend i suppose, so not know what to expect in the bargain foods dept. i had run out of bread, so decided to try  pot luck when i got to the supermarket. l saw this tower of crates with lots of them, selling for 6p, 4p, 10p, 13p i bought 4 packs. 3wholemeal800mg @6p each, and the warburton toastie at 10p. it will fill my freezer this lot. haha.

Digital StillCamera
Digital StillCamera

the cashier forgot himself and asked me if i got a tesco points card. until he realised that it is less than a £1 and so cannot apply. haha.

i bought a 20p tesco spaghetti, hoping to kick it to £1 but even with all those items it still fell short. i dont mind, as i prefer to get cheap stuff than have lots of high priced goods just to get the points.

i consider the beef mince (500mg) as a good buy at 40p. and of course the breads are great. the milk was so cheap that i bought one even though i dont really like skimmed milk, far less fatless ones.  there were many of them on the shelves 2L sold for 10p each. it is a special brand, no fat… so not even semi skimmed but fatless milk. i prefer full fat actually.

i drank a cup of it to  taste it, when i got back.it’s very watery… haha. i dont understand why anyone would pay good money to buy such milk. what is milk without its fat? just coloured water really. it retails for £1 normally.

on the way there i was walking over the vauxhallbridge, when suddenly a cyclist fell off his bike in front of me. no reason that i can see. it makes me realise that if that lane was not separated from traffic, he would be a dead duck. so i guess it is good that they are spending money and disrupting everyone by building separate cycle lanes . cyclists can be their own worst enemy.