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what it is like to live on US$600 a month in chiangmai

17 Aug

london 8am 14C sunny friday 2018

i had a enjoyable time looking at a video by this guy living in chiangmai, asking the question what it is like living there on US$600 (£471) a month. it is fun to see how other people live, and wondering if i were there , living an expat life in chiangmai , what would it be like on that budget. he wrote it in his blog with all the figures, making it easier to read it. 

almost two-thirds ($421)of the budget is for accommodation… it is the rental on a flat there. so perhaps that makes this video not suitable for a single expat. because it might be possible to get accommodation for much less if u rent it for a year… or live away from centre of chiangmai.

he reduced it to $213 a month by calculating it as a split rent with his girlfriend. and making it a more reasonable one third of the budget. allowing him to play with a $20 a day budget instead of $10 a day…

my take from all this is that accommodation is the biggest expense in any place u stay… that is why if u are retired, or making a plan for retirement, u must make sure that your accommodation is free… that is you have bought the place and is mortgage free. i would say that is the single most important thing to do on your retirement plan. and by good luck , i have done it with my place. didn’t plan it but it has turned out that way. and i realised it is the single most important factor to why i find living in london as i do, so cheap and affordable, even on the low pension i get.

 i noticed also that he likes western food, which of course is not surprising seeing he is a westerner, but it does affect the affordability… as western food in thailand is expensive. and i dont just mean steak, but burgers, pizza, pasta (what we here in uk would consider junk food) would be western food in thailand and cost more than the local pad thai, and street food.

he would love living in london, as those foods are relatively cheap by comparison… here pad thai will cost a lot… 

there are comments there which says why dont he cook a lot more at home… of course he would save a lot more… but then, i can imagine living in s.e.asia, what is the point of cooking it yourself? the whole idea of going there to live is that not only is it cheap, but you can live a lifestyle of eating out on that budget… i mean to say u can get all that service, getting others to cook for you, do your laundry, etc,being driven everywhere by uber,  that is the lifestyle of the rich, on a low budget.

added 3.32pm i went to the lush premises, which is giving away the free vegan coffee…if u bring your own cup, or if u dont, u can buy a cup from them for £4. i brought my own, one that i brought ages ago from a charity shop for £1. it is an insulated cup which keeps the drink hot. anyway they use almond milk. it is quite nice, very creamy. i had a latte. and it looks like u can go back and have another cup if u want… i did not do it of course, but wandered around the area, esp going into the shops in carnaby st and nearby. lots of shoe shops, selling trainers. the reebok classic is now selling for £75. the one i am wearing has a metal logo. they dont do that anymore i think. the logo is now sown on.

my camera has kaput. pity that because there was a shop that sells women shoes, and has heels that depict cartoon characters and i would have liked to have taken pics of those. they are called irregular choice.

Chiang Mai – 700 Illnesses – More Provinces Declared Cold Disaster Zones « living in the ‘Land of Smiles’

23 Dec

Chiang Mai – 700 Illnesses – More Provinces Declared Cold Disaster Zones « living in the ‘Land of Smiles’.

At first i was amazed that chiangmai can be so cold. if it is true that the temp could be -1.4C that is colder than london.(its a record that happened in 1974)

Granted, it should not surprise anyone that it can get so cold in north thailand, as it is hilly and in fact is a factor in so many foreigners living there rather than in lowland areas. Though i think it is not so much the temperature, but the range, for eg, it can range daily from 13C to 31C all in one day; and the body is not used to such extreme range.

it is one of those paradoxical things about human beings, that having moved to thailand for its warm weather, they decide it is too warm and opt for the highlands instead as it is cooler. haha.

it is all very well to like hot weather when u are there for 2weeks on a holiday, but all year round to live in that hot weather is murder. and they soon realise that and run for the hills. haha.

it is easier to get used to cold weather , esp the weather in london, which seldom goes below 0C, and seldom gets higher than 30C. you soon realise that you can overcome the cold with fleece clothing, and layering, and hot food; but when it is hot, and you have stripped naked, and it is still hot, there is nothing u can do to alleviate it. and u realise you are fucked. haha.

so finding the heat too much after they live there for long, they  head for the hills, and then things like this happen. it gets too cold. haha.

that is why there is no need to envy anyone who have left the uk and  regals u with the their lives overseas in hot countries. you know they will suffer cold, or drought, or insects, or hurricanes, or have to move from hills to beach and back again, or have the air condition ( the cost of it!!) on all day;  constantly trying to escape the heat; that same heat that they have moved thousands of miles from uk to live in.  haha.

like i said, be careful what u wish for, you will get it.