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rain and flowers and… chickens

9 Jun

london 7.38am 14.1C cloudy thursday 2016

the rain is causing the flowers to bloom and burst out. rather nice.

this morning i got this from my wordpress reader. it is about bill gates giving chickens to women in africa so that they can make some money. 

i imagine it is easy to rear chickens. when i was a child, we used to visit my maternal grandmother, she lives in kajang, my home town, and we would pile into the car and drive from petaling jaya where we live to go to her about once a month.and she would always cook a chicken for us from her flock. it is always an old boiler, who has finished her egg laying life… its a tough old bird but very flavourfull.i always associate the smell and taste of it to my granny now.  they run wild , scratching the ground, and freely wander about the place feeding themselves eating whatever they find. i used to wonder how she knows which ones are hers…i guess when she feeds them daily they come running though how tempting to catch  a stray stranger bird who is visiting…  she lived amongst a big household and she have a huge mangkak tree… which produces the best fruit ever… mangkak is the hakka name for jackfruit.

so giving chickens to families seem like a good idea.

without realising it, after reading it, i found i have fulfilled his three requirements to gain points that will donate chickens to them. so i signed up. it would be nice to see a family that got the chickens and see how they get along with it. haha. i wonder if he will post something about that in future. 

added. found this link about the chickens in africa. this one says they are introducing a species from india that is better than the local breeds. lets hope the introduced species can look after itself rather than have to rely on being mollycoddled with special feeds and all.haha. certainly i noticed my grandmother’s flock are scrawny things. haha. very unlike the plump birds i see in london’s supermarkets. but then, the plumb birds are hopeless in foraging for themselves. 

all this rain is making the flowers burst out

added. 1.20pm sunny 19.5C today is forecast to be dry, the only dry day in the forecasting chart. it is really very pleasant today. blue sky and all that. 

added.13.6.16 more lilies


7 Jan


i got very excited when i saw the waitrose advert in the times newspaper which i read in the library this morning.

they are having their half price month it seems and of all the offers the chicken ones are what caught my eye. £1.65/kg. which is lower than any offers of the other supermarkets.

so i hotfoot it to the local branch in pimlico, and saw two half price chickens with half price labels on them,  reduced to £2.37 each. they were 1.3kg.(which is £1.82/kg i did not calculate the per kg cost. which turned out to be a mistake on my part. 

fortunately  the self service till made a mistake and  it charged me £2.47 for each chicken. and so  when i came back and i found out the mistake and i took the chickens back to query it ;( if it had been accurate i would not have gone back); and it was back at the shop when i told them about it that  i noticed that the chickens were not £1.64/kg. 

i showed them the advert in the times newspaper; they sell the newspaper in the store too,  and i said maybe the new chickens at that price has not been delivered yet;   to be told that that branch dont stock those chickens.

well, well, well. who would have noticed this.  i asked for the whole refund of the chickens  instead of the 20p difference, as i wanted the price as advertised. it seems it is only on offer at big branches so i decided to go to the biggest branch of all, the one at john lewis, in oxford st. there was a long queue to pay , it was lunchtime, but it was moving very fast, and i found 4 of these chickens there. i bought 2. they were rather larger chickens, 1.9kg so cost about £3.10 each. the offer of the chickens ends 27.1.15.

the lesson here is u have to be careful to calculate the per kg cost. rather tiresome i know and it is not easy to do a mental calculation but if u want to get the bargains u will have to. i noticed there was no 10% off with the waitrose card. i wonder why or is it because that discount do not apply on these half priced offers.

it is still a good offer. there are plenty of other half priced offers on other meats and products, but i dont eat those so not so useful to me. others will find something that they can use though. just go to the waitrose website.

but all this excitement over the chickens was overshadowed by this devastating killing of 12 staff of a satirical magazine in paris, which had been provocating the muslims by satirising the prophet muhammad. it was a shocker that.

i much prefer my world where the only excitement is the price of chickens. 

another thing to be excited about, a new antibiotic. teixobactin

Teixobactin has been found to treat many common bacterial infections such as tuberculosis, septicaemia and C. diff, and could be available within five years.