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business competition

9 Aug


london 8.35am 14.3C sunny tuesday 2016

happened to come across this post about the impact on ola, the biggest ride sharing company in india in its fight for supremacy with uber , in the light of didi china buying uber china. it has been a big change in taxi services… i think allready in uk mini cabs firms will be vanishing. so that business i think will be gone , another victim of technology. maybe even courier services firms too will go. uber can do it all.

and it is also an opportunity for people to build their businesses on it. for eg, a takeaway offering to deliver using uber drivers, rather than maintain their own fleet of riders. though i would imagine what might drive these takeaways to use uber will be  that they might find no one wanting to work exclusively  for them when they can do so with uber and get access to a wider range of clients. 

added. 9.01am saw this post by a user of both ola and uber in chennai and bangalore. seems that uber is providing incentives to ola drivers to change to them. reading the comments, what one person there said is true, each company is trying to drive the other out of business, and so giving huge incentives to drivers and riders. it will all go when they merge… as they did in china. that merger in china means the drivers and customers will not get such a good deal and prices may rise now that there is no competition.

utube video about taiwan vs china

21 Jul

london 7.57am 16.8C sunny thursday 2016

the actual link to the utube video with comments there

from monkeyabroad.com it is a really good blog.


utube is really clever, in that i pasted the url link and instead of just having a link , i get the whole utube video pasted on and there u see it , the whole shebang on my blog.

his view about the chinese firewall hits the nail on the head.  he said it is the smartest invention in china because it allows china to create its own internet social media and keep it all in china and reap the profits for itself rather than shipped out via google etc. i agree with him it is a huge closed shop where the internet is concerned, not to mention what is more the desire of the govt to control the internet is easier when they own it.

the upside for us outside , is that we dont get plagued with chinese scammers sending scam to our emails etc… they are all in chinese if any get through and so we can block them straight away without even opening them. 

i think the west must acknowledge that the facebook twitter etc of social networking has helped the terrorists and formented unrest in the rest of the world. they can use those social media to communicate and recruit and coordinate. 

 and because china is so huge, with 1 billion people , the outside world wants to come in and blocking them they are the ones to lose out.

if india were more communist, it too could have done that… but india went a different route and now is more diverse than ever, which can bring its own downside… the tension between religious groups being one, and the huge income gaps between the few rich and vast poor. 

i think europe is trying to do that, by imposing conditions on google facebook etc. … and taxing them till they squeak.. and most probably the hidden message to all those american based social media like facebook, google, etc that if they dont pay their taxes, they will be barred from europe. in that sense europe has been good to the europeans. what they failed big way is their lack of leadership in dealing with migration and the terrorist threat, and the economy. if they had handled those well, they would be formidable and everyone would want to join them…(hang on , i just have a thought, all those refugees from north africa and beyond want to join them!!) but maybe to have so many countries all acting as one is quite impossible as each will want to gain advantage over the others.

the only way is to make everyone in europe give up their identity to their country but transfer it to a european identity. to think of themselves as european . not easy as each country has so much history of its own. 

uk is too small a market to twist their ( the big businesses) arm like that… that is why uk tax revenue and customs let them get away with it. but the uk has always been very lenient with big businesses not paying their share of tax. it wants them to stay in uk, it is too small to play tough with them, as they can easily move out(to ireland usually), so it keeps lowering corporate tax, it has been suggested it be lowered to 15% now.

but china can block them and does, and there is nothing they can do about it… whilst enjoying the plus of creating and controlling and profiting from their own social media. baidu is  essentially copying facebook, google, etc. no wonder it is worth so much.

he himself acknowledges that his videos are lifted wholesale and put on chinese media with chinese subtitles and those videos get far more viewers than his own videos on utube. ( and he does not get any money from them either, that is where the chinese act as internet pirates. haha)

added. 7.25am 29.7.16 friday it looks like some parts of this video has been censored in china. an opinion by his friend that taiwan still have the old chinese culture and practices , and a video scene of falun gong members meditating.

malware pre-installed in smartphones

25 Jan

london 8.31am 11.4C monday 2016 . sunny

seems that is what is happening. smartphones from china have been tampered with by a third party who embed malware inside the hardware which makes it difficult to remove. the malware sends you adverts. and steals your details, including passwords etc. the new thing in this is that the malware cannot be uninstalled as they are the fixed installations in the handset. i have noted the date when this was written up, sept 2015. so it is not new news. new to me because i missed it when it first came out. none of the newspapers in uk wrote about it. yet it is important news surely? has it been dealt with by now and the threat is no longer there? i wonder?

malware preinstalled

Here are the devices infected with the malware: Xiaomi Mi 3, Huawei G510, Lenovo S860, Alps A24, Alps 809T, Alps H9001, Alps 2206, Alps PrimuxZeta, Alps N3, Alps ZP100, Alps 709, Alps GQ2002, Alps N9389, Andorid P8, ConCorde SmartPhone6500, DJC touchtalk, ITOUCH, NoName S806i, SESONN N9500, SESONN P8, Xido X1111

Edit: A spokesperson from Xiaomi told Trak India that the malware is injected by a third-party supplier and not by the manufacturers themselves. “Unauthorized retailers can inject malware into any device bought from an unofficial channel. This is why we strongly recommend buying Mi phones only through authorised channels such as Mi.com, Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal

another link saying samsung phones are also infected. that report is dated 18.6 2015 so may be old news now. also xiamei 5 is the latest one so xiamei 3 may be old hat. the world of hi tech is fast moving. makes me glad i am with my chromebook and not have to bother with all this smartphone nonsense. haha.

seems to me that smartphones users are the targetted group now instead of pc users. but i think the companies are now tightening their security againt third party interference. 

how to give grandparents a grandson if u are gay?

27 Nov

london 9.57am friday 8.1C rain

here is a solution in china. gay guys are marrying lesbians, with the idea of producing a child. in the past, gay guys have hidden their gayness by marrying straight women without those women knowing of their gayness.

but this time,with this way no one is deceived, except the parents. even so, the parents might not mind actually, if it produces a grandson or two.

i think it is a practical solution, and enables a new generation to succeed.

i have to say the lesbian partner has to put in more of an effort, as she have to give birth to the child, that means carrying the child for 9months. so u might say she got the worst end of the stick.  maybe she should be given a monetary incentive. though u could argue she too gains as she will be appeasing her parents too. it is a mutual thing.

and then who is to look after the baby? they said they will let the grandparents look after it for the first 3yrs. which might seem logical as all this is done for their benefit, to give them a grandchild; and so they are the ones that want it so much, and fitting that they should be responsible to look after the kid. 

but i can’t quite see how that can be done, very small babies do need their mother, to breast feed or bottle feed. can old grandparents do that? maybe. i am not familiar with how easy it is for others to look after a new born baby other than the mother… i am thinking only a mother can have breast milk, unless u try to find another new mother to donate her milk.

all of this is fraught with complications. it is  easier to just come out. though it would not solve the lack of a grandchild. that lack is the biggest sadness to grandparents when they find out their only son is gay. China’s one child policy makes it worse.

when u are part of a large family, being gay is not that much of a upheaval, as your other brothers can carry on the tradition of children. that is why i am glad i got other brothers to take the load off me. haha.

but it must be difficult to be a gay only -son in china or any chinese (or for that matter , indian) family. though it is rare to be an only child in other countries. 

chinese visitors spend a lot

22 Oct

london 9.19am thursday 2015

the chinese president and his wife are here on an official visit. the first time for dont know how many years. considering that china is such an important trading entity, it is surprising it has taken so long. i read that the chinese tourists are encouraged as they spend so much. the british are trying to persuade them to come to uk, by giving them 2yr visiting visas for £85. this is to combat the schengen visas that the chinese can get to visit (practically) all of europe.

but it just struck me why these chinese spend so much when they visit abroad. it is because they want goods brought from europe as they will know these goods are genuine. even if made in china, the goods sold in europe have strict controls and so none will be fake. unlike goods bought in china. that is why they come here to buy. and i bet many would buy for friends or others… and take a commission for it. that is why u see them buying cartloads of stuff… 10 ipads, 20 handbags and all designer ones too. what do u think?

the whole of oxford st, regent st, bond st and the westfield shopping malls are  supported by these people who come here to trade, using them as a wholesaler might use for lesser brands. but these are high end goods so the mark up can be like 1000%. 

dont be naive, they are not buying for themselves all of them are buying for the hordes of their fellow countrymen who yearn for such products but cannot afford the plane trip over here. it is a business, like any other, to come here and buy things up like crazy and sell it on when they get back to china.

but i daresay everyone knows that haha. and it is only me who come to realise it, late as usual. hehe. such is life. but it is still very nice to have this ah ha moment. a bit of life’s mysterious working that i get to get a glimpse of… the underbelly of life’s strange machinations as it were. right?

blatant profiteering in china

6 Oct

london 7.25pm tuesday 2015

when we go to china, we foreigners know we will be shafted, and are resigned to it; but from this report, it seems china shafts even its own people if they dont come from the same region.

the restaurant is in qingdao ( god, how i hate their spelling, it is impossible to know how it is pronounced. q’s are impossible to pronounce and there are too much of it in that language. could it be chingdao,or jingdao.) i googled it and find it is a coastal town near beijing. the customer is from nanjing, near shanghai. so it is the typical northerner fleecing a southerner,( to him)… everyone is a southerner to a beijinger’s eyes. haha..

here is an owner saying he charges 38 yuan (£4) for each prawn. what a laugh, this is pure profiteering and cheating one of his own citizens, just because he comes from another part of china.

like some of the comments said it is shameful that the authorities do not cut down that owner to size and fine him heavily for misleading advertising of prices and for profiteering. i would jail him myself. 


18 Feb


I see robert peston is doing a tv program about china, and predicting its debt is so high it is unprecedented and the day of reckoning must come. It reminds me that entropy is at work here. In the end, things fall apart and chaos is the end result. in the universe it seems the most constant outcome is the tendency for order to fall into disorder. it is the most certain of all outcomes. one might add it to the ageold list of certainties… death and taxes. or maybe entropy comes first. So we should be used to the cycle of building up and breaking down. birth and death, and coming of order and ending in disorder. an endless cycle. 

Look around u, at all the works of Man, they fall into ruin sooner or later. buildings have to be constantly looked after and maintained or bits of it will fall off. this tendency to decay is everywhere. 

I am currantly reading amy chua’s ‘the Triple package’. in fact i have allready finished it. a very easy read. i borrowed the book yesterday.

So is there entropy in what she described? she has noted the drive to succeed, (as measured in money and prestige), dies out in the 3rd or 4th generation. So that is entropy right there. 

She first gave  the factors for the rise of immigrants viz a sense of superiority, a sense of insecurity, delayed impulse. At first glance, u might think hang on a minute, how can feeling superior, make you so insecure? but when u think about it, they go together. it is when u feel insecure that u have to invent something that will make u feel superior. it is a way of coping. So u end up having lots of money and winning lots of kudos. but it wont make u happier. 

As a child of immigrants who have done better than my parents, or grandparents, i am rather interested in the topic myself. Though i am glad my parents never pressured me and subjected me to such intense upbringing to win and at all costs. it must be a very tiring childhood to have a parent like amy chua. haha. I am 3rd generation. maybe that explains why my parents are not the tiger parents that amy chua is. or maybe my grandparents do not have the 3factors to start with and that is why my family is not wealthy.  

The book says home born african americans are not as go getting as those africans whose parents are foreign born because home grown afro americans do not feel superior. theirs is a slave history and thus there is nothing there for them to feel superior.  that explains why the home grown afro-americans do so badly. and to prevent people from saying she is racists,she cites the mormons, and jews, as examples of  non racial groups that have done well because they have the 3 factors in their favour. 

She may well have got it right too in her analysis of why immigrant children of some groups , chinese, koreans, indians(not all of them just those who belong to the higher castes), iranians(who think they are descended from persia), nigerians (igbos) , lebanese, cubans (the first batch of immigrants)do so well. But entropy sets in and after the 4th generation, they(collectively) all lose their hunger for money and prestige. 

its a jungle out there

18 May

I always say the urban environment we live in is like a jungle , instead of predatory animals lying in ambush to kill and eat prey, we have shops and businesses waiting to take cash from us.

The latest whiz is the contact less cards. They allow payment without even needing to swipe the cards on a reader. The oyster card is an example, but now they even have a Barclay card that u can use on the buses.

You might think that is a great idea, but it seems they extend the range of these cards in stores (like Marks and spencers) so that even cards that are in your purse, near the reader can have the money taken from them, and without need to tap in your pin number.

The article reports it happening to some customers in M&S store.

I am not affected as I don’t have these contact less credit cards.correction 21.5.13 i have them, except i dont know which ones are contactless, but since i never carry them around with me, it does not affect me.

Some people don’t check their statements so may never realise it is happening to them.

Another way they try to screw money out of you is in the check out till in supermarkets. The amount may not be the same as advertised. This may be due to the till not being adjusted for the new price, or the goods are placed in the wrong shelf, (either by staff or by careless/lazy customers who return the goods to the wrong place) and what u thought is the price turns out not to be.

I always take this as the fun of living in a city or town. It keeps you on your toes to avoid such things, and makes life a bit more exciting. Haha.

Once, I put two oyster cards in the same card carrier, and placed it against the reader on the bus and found that the reader had taken the fare money from both the cards. So that made me realise never to put the spare oyster cards together.

(oyster cards are the name of the contact less cards used by tfl, transport for London, to pay for fares in the tubes, buses and trains. They are cheaper than using cash)

added. heard a bbc report saying be careful when u put your wallet with other credit cards and oyster card to the bus or tube reader, as it can take the money from all the credit cards in the wallet which allow contactless payments.

No wonder i have noticed no one put their oyster card or freedom card in the wallet and present that. Instead people take out the card and present it and i used to think that is quite inefficient.

I myself put it in a airline toiletry pouch round my neck. i use it as a wallet, but i have no credit card in there. 

You soon learn by trial and error what the pitfalls are.

I was watching this tv program, idiot abroad, about ricky gervaise playing a trick on karl Pilkington, sending him abroad and putting him through awful touristy ordeals.

This one showed him in china, and some of his observations are really spot on, showing all the awfulness of visiting a place just for the sake of it.

One thing he said while standing on the great wall of china, quoting from a guide book that that section he was on was refurbished in the 80s and he said what is the point of coming here to look at something that had been built in modern times, or something like that… and I thought very true really.

A lot of old things have been refurbished because old things do crumble away, not to mention all those footfalls by tourists hasten their crumbling even more. Haha. And if u think they should have left the wall alone, and not try to improve it, u might change your mind when u do see the original state of it. Karl was sent to walk the wall, and we are shown the bits of the wall that is crumbling away, and believe me when I say it was very unimpressive. Haha.

Gervaise wants us to laugh at karl not appreciating travelling , and telling us they want to show him that travelling improves the mind, but I think the program really shows the opposite. That travelling is pointless really if u force it on someone who is not interested. U end up making him really upset at all the weird things these foreigners get up to. And come away convinced that they are all mad. Its all very well seeing their culture, but it is never going to make u like doing some of the extreme things they do and eating the things they do.

It looks like they are bullying karl.

It might even make him go away thinking these foreigners are a bunch of mad people . That is to say, it might make him more intolerant of their culture and habits.

Normally this program is on sky tv, and I don’t subscribe to sky tv. But this one was shown on pick tv, which sometimes show selected sky programs for free.

I think seeing it once or twice is enough for me. It is not much fun for me to see the poor guy being subjected to these awful experiences. Too much like bullying. though I suspect it is all acted out, and karl is simply following a script. Though those bits showing him enduring all the things cooked up for him does not looked acted. 



23 Jan

i wonder whether the girls are also at it, rent a girlfriend for a boy to bring home to meet the parents. it is all good commerce haha.

Seeing there are more boys than girls i would think the girl- for -hire scenario is more likely.

i wonder if there are many gays in china who have to hide their sexuality from the parents and so have to hire someone to bring home to parents for the cny reunion.

some of them marry lesbians or straight women to hide their sexuality from the parents.

and it is a puzzle to me why the girls find it hard to find a boy to marry. one would have thought with so few girls around, they would have their pick of boys. but i guess money is important . No girl want to marry a poor boy.

I have a thought . Since parents just want grandchildren, why dont the gays marry a surrogate mother and get a child? that way they can fulfill the desire of their parents for a son, whilst being free to live their gay livestyle without any nagging from the parents.

I guess it wont happen it is too simple a solution. added. not only a simple solution, it is a very expensive one. haha. the surrogate mother is not going to do it for a pittance, that is for sure. so this solution is only available for rich people, and even then it is a partial solution, as no rich person will want to marry the surrogate mother, and the parents will not be willing to accept a bastard child.

So it looks like i have discovered why this solution  is not going to be simple or popular. ah well, back to the drawing board. haha.

I am just glad i dont have that problem. it just goes to show if they just be honest and tell their parents about their being gay it would make life so much easier for them. it wont make life easy for their parents as their hopes for a son is dashed forever, but u cant tell, they might be willing to accept a surrogate birth, if the son uses his own sperm. of course, it might be a daughter and that is another kettle of fish to contend with, seeing daughters are not popular amongst the chinese parents.

Ah we humans, we do like to make life complicated dont we?

Death Noodle

snakeSince China’s gradual opening up to the world post-Mao, a whole generation of youngsters have grown up free from the life or death choices that faced their forebears. These Little Emperors – the result of China’s controversial one-child policy – have had it pretty bloody good when you consider their parents’ and grandparents’ generations faced the horrors of the Great Famine, the Cultural Revolution and flared trousers. They may be blinged up with iPhones, Gucci handbags and Burberry scarves but one thing the girls at least still can’t get their hands on these days is a fella.

Now, it’s not quite clear why this might be, given that the one-child policy and a cultural predilection for a son and heir has led to a gender imbalance in China which could mean 40 million more men than women by 2020. Maybe the women need to try a bit harder, put some…

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