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westend chippie

21 Sep

london 7.21pm 16C sunny friday 2018

i went to soho at about lunch time for a freebie. some company called chipnation is giving free fries from 12pm-2pm. it sells only fries. and halloumi cheese fries. and sells sauces. i was walking to the virgin lounge when i saw my friends sitting outside a cafe. they had allready eaten the chips. being amongst the first few. i invited them to join me in the virgin lounge as my guests, and there we chatted. i said it is amazing to have a place just selling chips. if a fish and chips shop cannot survive in soho, how do you think they can? the rent alone on that shop must be very high. well good luck to them. perhaps the operation is very easy to set up. so it might be worth a gamble. traditionally people buy chips at the fish and chips shop and you can get loads of chips for about £1.70. i just remembered the montague pyke pub, sells chips too , and fish. so there are places to buy chips if  u want it badly enough.

i am thinking it will appeal to those beer drinkers, after the pub closes they might want a snack and instead of getting a cheap indian takeway, which there are plenty of in the old days but nowadays they have been priced out in the westend, they could just get this bag of chips. so it might work. after all a small pack of fries, which was the amount they gave out today, will cost less than £3. and be quite nice to munch away whilst waiting for the bus or tube to get you home. haha.

they might get some stiff competition from the macdonalds just down the road. with a voucher which u can get from the metro newspaper, you can get a macD hamburger plus fries for £1.99.





free fries

26 Jun

london 3.04pm 22.3C sunny monday 2017

monday is a lot of fun now that primeburger is giving out freebies. today it is free chips, and include their loaded chips, with cheese and bacon. quite a meal in itself actually. the sun is really out in full force, but yet, the weather website says it is only 22.3C. funny that, i would have thought it is warmer. in fact, i am dressed only in a t-shirt and football shorts. and glad of the airconditioning on the top deck of the new style doubledecker bus. 


quite a lot of chips. but then so it should be, it costs £4.50 normally. i wonder what next week’s freebie will be. milk shake maybe.